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This stone tower could absorb the energy from the deep sea. For example, this kind of place that could build a city on the surface of the sea usually had a very powerful energy source at the bottom, for example, the Heavenly Sea City was built at the bottom in order to absorb the energy more directly.

Chen Xiang entered the stone tower. There were a lot of people inside, but this was the teleportation station for many different cities in Sacred Water Heavenly Realm. It was not strange for there to be a lot of people.

Therefore, on the first floor of the stone tower, there were no Transmission array s, only many small shops. There was a dense flow of people here, and the shops were also very expensive.

Chen Xiang was at the stairs on the second floor when he suddenly saw a portrait depicting a beautiful and charming woman.

"Warm Moon." Chen Xiang shouted in his heart, and then he looked carefully at the words beside the portrait, it was actually a bounty.

"Five hundred million Holy stone is not low either." Long Xueyi said: "And directly taking her life as well. Just what did this little girl Warm Moon come to the Sacred Water Heavenly Realm for?"

There was no reason on the bounty, it just said that as long as he could prove that he killed the woman in the portrait, he could come to Hou Clan to collect the 500 million jin Holy stone.

To be able to post such a bounty in such an eye-catching location, it required quite a few Holy stone. To be able to place a bounty on so many Holy stone, it must not be a simple task.

"Why is the Hou Clan giving rewards to the Warm Moon girl?" Chen Xiang planned to not go to the Life Forest for the time being. He had to find out, what Dongfang Xinyue did here, to actually make the Hou Clan bid 500 million to buy her life.

"As expected of your slave, she's like you, being hunted all day long." Long Xueyi chuckled: "The bounty is still in here, and the price is so high, which means that Warm Moon girls are not easy to deal with."

"Yes, but if she hides, it will be even harder to find her." Chen Xiang looked at the bounty, and his eyes suddenly lit up: "That's right, Hou Clan used a 500 million jin Holy stone to bounty on her, it means that she is already rather famous. I will bounty her with an even higher price, then leave a secret mark on the bounty, telling her that it was I who posted it, so she will come find me herself."

After Chen Xiang thought about it, he looked around at his surroundings. He realized that there was a "Water Instant Tower's management office", the stone tower that was concentrated with Transmission array s was called the Water Instant Tower.

"If I want to post a notice here, I should be going there to get it." Chen Xiang made Long Xueyi take out a piece of paper and draw a portrait of Dongfang Xinyue. The reward offered was to capture her alive while the contact person was Shen Dafei.

"Make it a bit more, it'll stick to the whole city, right?"

With the help of and the pearl, he quickly made hundreds of them.

Chen Xiang entered the Water Instantaneous Tower management system and saw a few old people inside.

"May I ask how many Holy stone are requested by the notice?" Chen Xiang walked in and asked directly.

"Where should I place it?" An old man looked at Chen Xiang, and continued to busy himself with his work, as he organized and posted all the orders.

"The most expensive and most conspicuous place, the Holy stone is not a problem." Chen Xiang said.

This was a big client. Anyone who could say something like this would be asking for a reward, and it was something very urgent.

Such a fellow, if he didn't kill him now, it would be a waste not to do so.

The old man immediately revealed a smile on his face: If you want to let people know quickly, we have a set of dishes here, not only will it be posted in the Flowing Water Tower, it will also be posted in a conspicuous place in the entire Floating City, in four hours. We expect it to be completed in three days, and we expect it to have the desired effect.

"How many Holy stone?" Chen Xiang asked: "This is exactly what I need."

"A hundred thousand kilograms of Holy stone will last for a day. If you publish it ten days in a row, we will only accept you as much as eight hundred thousand kilograms of Holy stone. If there is no effect, we will return it all to you. The old man said.

"That should be enough." Chen Xiang took out the Bounty Token that Long Xueyi had made and gave it to the old man.

Seeing Chen Xiang take out the bounty for the 800 million jin Holy stone, the old man secretly chided himself for being a little more cunning just now and gave Chen Xiang a discount.

"Yes, yes, but... That is to say, you need to prove that you have 800 million kilograms of Holy stone. Otherwise, if we were to pursue the matter further, our Flowing Water Tower will be implicated as well. " The old man said.

The few elders in the office were all very curious about Dongfang Xinyue's background. Previously, the Hou Clan had already offered 500 million, but this time, someone had offered 800 million to capture her alive.

Chen Xiang took out a Storage bag and passed it to the old man: "Check it, this is my Holy stone."

The few old men used their divine intents to check the mountain of Holy stone inside the Storage bag. There was a total of one billion jin of them, which were all earned by Chen Xiang when he was selling the Liuyuan azure Dan previously.

These few old men were all very uncomfortable. They hated themselves for not offering an exorbitant price. With this many Holy stone s, even if they killed tens of millions of his Holy stone s, they would not bargain.

"There are eight hundred thousand kilograms of Holy stone here. Ten days first." Chen Xiang took out a stack of papers and asked, "How many do you need?"

"One thousand. If you don't have that many, we will help you seal them. These are all in the eight hundred thousand jin range." The old man took the stack of papers from Chen Xiang's hand.

Chen Xiang was secretly shocked, he actually wanted to post a thousand of these, he felt that his eight hundred thousand kilograms of Holy stone were worth it.

"This is my contact number. I'll be in the city for the next ten days. If anyone comes looking for you, send me a message." Chen Xiang gave a piece of Communication jade Symbol paper to the old man.

"Can you tell me where the Hou Clan is?" Chen Xiang asked again.

"You don't know about Hou Clan." He could tell that the Hou Clan was very famous here.

"I don't know."

The old man had a strange look in his eyes. If he didn't know about Hou Clan, then he was most likely from outside. Moreover, Chen Xiang had so many Holy stone, if it was inside Sacred Water Heavenly Realm, he must have heard of Hou Clan.

"This Hou Clan is one of the three water hegemons of the Sacred Water Heavenly Realm, and the place they are mainly controlling is the Life Forest. There is no need to talk about their overall strength, it's extremely strong, they are also distributed here, and our Floating City is controlled by one of the three water hegemons, so our relationship with the Hou Clan is pretty good." The old man said.

Chen Xiang nodded: "So that's how it is. I don't know how I can meet with their Hou Clan, I want to know if their goal is the same as mine."

The old man laughed: "There is no need for you to go find them, as long as we release this, they will quickly come to find you. You must have just arrived here, if you have a place to stay, there is a Floating Life Inn beside the Flowing Water Tower, you can go and rest there, at that time I will have the people from Hou Clan look for you there."

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