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A small wound had been inflicted on the bottom of this Silver Primordius's foot, and its skin had been slightly torn.

As for the ground beneath its feet, it revealed a small hole. It was as if someone had used a sharp weapon to poke a small hole from below.

The silver primordial chaos stared at the ground below them, its face filled with terror. It seemed as though it was unable to sense where the Heartworm was.

After pausing in midair for quite a while, this Silver Primordius once again descended to the ground.

However, it only lasted for a short while before this Silver Wooden Primordius looked as if it had been burned in the butt, and started flying in the air in a panic. Another wound had appeared on its other foot, slightly more serious than the one on the other foot.

This time, it didn't dare to fall to the ground no matter what. It floated in the air and looked at Han Weiwei for help.

"Wei Suo, I don't want to fight anymore." Han Weiwei cried out in depression. Although she had a special connection with the Primordius Silver Cult, and knew that the injuries of the Primordius Silver Cow weren't too serious, it was clear that the Primordius Silver Cow was only capable of dealing with Wei Suo's Heart Devouring Bug.

A cloud of yellow gas rose up, and Wei Suo's Heart Devouring Bug emerged from the ground once more.

"What's going on? Why does this Heart Devouring Bug of yours know a technique and can drill through the ground again? Is this too shameless?" Han Weiwei cried out the moment she saw the Heart Devouring Bug. Originally, she had wanted to use her Primordius Nuwa to bully Wei Suo's Heart Devouring Bug. No matter what, even if it was a baby beast of a rank 8 beast, it would definitely be stronger than a rank 5 or 6 beast. However, her Primordius Silver Cult was actually bullied by Wei Suo's Heart Devouring Bug. This was simply too depressing.

"Wahahaha!" Hearing Han Weiwei's words, Wei Suo laughed vulgarly. "I was wondering why there wasn't any reaction after I advanced. So it was because of the ability to escape into the ground."

"Isn't it just breaking through the ground? That's it! "Han Weiwei shouted at Wei Suo with a depressed look." There are so many earth type demon beasts that can escape. Even a rank 3 earth beetle can escape. Is there a need to be so happy? "

"It's not the same." Wei Suo looked at Han Weiwei complacently. "Just now, my Heart Devouring Bug attacked your Transmutation Silver Net with its spiritual sense, but it didn't seem to be affected at all. The spiritual sense of this level eight ancient demon beast is definitely not inferior to that of an ordinary first level Jindan Stage cultivator." With its divine sense and sensing ability, it was unable to determine where this Heart Devouring Bug was underground. This heart devouring bug's earth escape technique is different from ordinary earth escape techniques, so it should have a divine ability to conceal its own aura. "This way, even if it's a cultivator with a cultivation level higher than the fourth or fifth level of the Fragmentation Realm, or even an Aurous Core stage cultivator, they should be able to get very close without being noticed."

"So what? Don't tell me that when cultivators are facing the enemy, they will stand on the ground and wait for your Heart Devouring Bug to pierce the soles of their feet?" Han Weiwei curled her lips in disdain.

"Of course, we might not be able to defeat them in the wild. But if it was in the city, it would be different. " Wei Suo let out a meaningful chuckle, "Besides, right now, this Heart Devouring Bug's bone spurs have already pierced through the scales of the Primordius Nuwa. Ordinary spirit rank defensive magic treasures wouldn't be able to withstand it, and when the time comes, a foot would be pierced through."

"…" Han Weiwei was speechless when she saw the wretched look on Wei Suo's face. In a city like Ling Yue City that was not allowed to fly, if this Heart Devouring Bug was used as a sneak attack, it would be able to pierce one or two holes in the sole of one's foot. Moreover, even if it was a high level cultivator, if one were to be pierced by one or two holes, although it would not be fatal, it would definitely affect the casting of the technique.

However, Wei Suo still muttered, "If there was a bloody hole in the sole of my foot, my first reaction would be to jump up like your Primordius Silver Nuwa and see what's going on beneath my feet. When the time comes, I will just use my door plate flying sword to smash downwards. Like this, the moment he jumped, my flying sword smacked him back. He estimated that at most, he would be able to call out 'Yo your sister' and it would be nearly over. "It's here!"

"Your sister!" Hearing Wei Suo's words, Han Weiwei immediately rolled her eyes. She felt her heels turn cold.

"From what I see, the power of your Transmutation Silver Wooden Technique should be around the level of a low-grade Dao rank magic treasure. Its power should be equivalent to that of a cultivator at at at least the fourth level of the Perception Realm or above." "Continue to let it consume the beast core. When we go to the Seven Stars City to cause trouble with Dong Yao Resort, if its strength increases again, it might be of great use to us."

"When my Little Silver becomes stronger, I'll fight with you, this Heart Devouring Bug. I won't believe that my Little Silver can't beat you, this Heart Devouring Bug. I'm going to go train. " Originally, Han Weiwei came here to show off her Primordius Silver Cow, thinking that his Primordius Silver Cow would definitely beat up Wei Suo's Heart Devouring Worm. But now, after being poked twice by Wei Suo's Heart Devouring Worm, the depressed Han Weiwei was a bit bored.

Seeing Han Weiwei pouting with a displeased look, Wei Suo couldn't help but slightly smile.

After that, he did not rush to leave the room. Instead, he reached out and slapped one of his storage pouches. A black light flashed and a tall skeleton appeared in front of him.

This tall skeleton was impressively the skeleton of the Silver Primordius. However, compared to before, this originally silver and gold skeleton faintly glowed with a green light, while a thick black radiance rolled within the skeleton. Its empty eyes were also filled with black light, giving off a very strange feeling.


With a flash of his eyes, his Heart Devouring Bug suddenly shot a large amount of white water blade at the four-armed skeleton.

At the same time, the skeleton's body emitted a black brilliance, as if it suddenly came to life. Its four arms were extended forward, and four black pillars of light shot out.

"Pah!" Pow! Pow! "Pah!"

The white water knives that the Heart Devouring Bug sent out were all shattered by the four black pillars of light.

Seeing this scene, a trace of satisfaction appeared on Wei Suo's face.

Then, as if it had completed its mission, the Heart Devouring Bug crawled into the jade basin and went to the side. On the other hand, Wei Suo's hands did not stop moving as he took out a pill bottle from his storage pouch.

With his true essence wrapped around it, more than a dozen drops of black liquid shot into the skeleton's mouth.

The skeleton seemed to be eating something as its mouth filled with fangs that chattered strangely. At the same time, the black light within its body surged out with a roar, and the black light in its eyes began to fluctuate between strength and weakness.

Wei Suo raised both his hands and flicked his fingers. A green light talisman appeared in front of him without stopping. It then condensed into green flames and a green skull before hitting the skeleton's body.

Only after more than four hours had passed did Wei Suo stop casting the spell. The aura on this skeleton's body and the black light within its body seemed to have grown even stronger.

After looking around in satisfaction for a moment, Wei Suo put away the skeleton.

"Dragon Qi as a guide, Heavenly Dragon Myriad Apertures, Eternal Stars, temper the Dharma Body!"

After that, Wei Suo's body floated up into the air, took on the shape of a dragon, and started to practice the Celestial Dragon Stellar Body Tempering Art again.

A day later, Zhen Chongming and Zhu Shaojian returned to the cave with their simple-minded duo.

Then, Wei Suo went out to retrieve the items he had ordered two days ago. Then, he gave the Earth Stove Room to Zhen Chongming to start concocting the Heaven Restoration Pills one after another.

In the following days, Wei Suo left the task of nurturing the Immortal Vanquishing Vine that had already grown within the mountain valley to the Zhuxiao Chuai Imperial City, while he spent every single day paying his respects to Lord Abyssal Bone Lord, nurturing the Immortal Vanishing Vine behind the mountain, and training in the Celestial Dragon Star Tempering Body Tempering Art.

Thirty days later, the number of Immortal Vanquishing Vines at the exit of the cave abode, Wei Suo, had already reached 32. These thirty-two stalks were relatively short, and were nourished with enough beast flesh and blood every day. The other twenty-something Immortal Vanquishing Vine had already been nurtured to a length of over a hundred zhang.

In the front of the valley, the Immortal-Exterminating Vine was growing at a very astonishing rate. Basically, with the green crystal, each Immortal-Exterminating Vine could grow at least fifty to sixty feet in a night, and there was no need to bury all three green crystals in one place. A single green crystal was more than enough.

Under Wei Suo's instructions, the Zhuxiao Ch'iang River focused on nurturing five Immortal-Destroying Vines.

After considering it for a moment, Wei Suo knew that with the current might of the Immortal Vanquishing Vine, it would require at least four to five vines before it could pose a threat to Aurous Core stage cultivators.

As long as the Aurous Core stage cultivators were unable to break free from the five Immortal Vanquishing Vines and were pulled down, the rest of the Immortal Vanquishing Vines would all rush over. Then, even if they had a few Dao level magic treasures, they wouldn't be able to withstand them.

Right now, the length of these five Immortal Vanquishing Vines were all over 420 feet. They had already snaked their way past the top of the mountain and were almost able to protect the sky behind the mountain.

… ….

On this day, a faint roar came from Wei Suo's cave abode. This roar was extremely terrifying and loud, as if a demon king had finally succeeded in breaking out of his seal.

However, a moment later, the voice disappeared again.

After about an hour, he saw Wei Suo, Ji Ya, Han Weiwei, as well as Zhen Chongming and Zhu Xiaoqiao, all wrapped in the Yi wood Qi stimulated by the Cyan Emperor Gourd, flying out of Little Ye Mountain. After that, Wei Suo urged the Li Huo Ship to move, and they flew towards the Spirit Yue City.

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