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The reason why Chen Xiang did not start refining Zhongpin Dan was because he was looking for a solution to the problem that caused all the Pill Gods to feel a headache! It was that all the Zhongpin Dan needed to add a lot of Shangpin holy Dan as support when they were refining!

The majority of Zhongpin Dan's pill formulas were like that, while the supporting Shangpin holy Dan only had a stable effect, its medicinal strength would not be merged into the divine pellet, which also meant that even if the Shangpin holy Dan did not refine it, the quality of the divine pellet would not change.

However, without Shangpin holy Dan, it would be hard to maintain stability in the furnace. This was mainly because when the Zhongpin medicine was being burnt, it needed to consume some energy in order to be docile and not be irritable! Therefore, when they were in the ancient times, the Pill God had thought of this method. When refining Zhongpin Dan, they would add in Shangpin holy Dan and let the Zhongpin medicine melt to the Zhongpin medicine to swallow.

"I'll go into seclusion for a few days to see if I can succeed!" Chen Xiang said: "Give me two sets of Regeneration Dan s' medicinal ingredients!"

Feng Yujie handed over the ingredients to Chen Xiang, his face was slightly flushed, and he said: "There aren't many spirit pearls left, we need to take some time to get more!"

Chen Xiang laughed sinisterly, and quickly entered the basement!

He did not start to refine pills, but took out the divine soul that Zhu Xiangyuan had just delivered. He was still an Inferior Divine God, he only had two divine soul s.

Chen Xiang's first life ability was that the Chuangzao fire would be of great help to him in refining pills, and his second life ability was the Celestial Phenomenon Art. This was what he got from cultivating the Heavenly spirit kunfu, it allowed him to have a strong defense.

And after that, he would cultivate the third divine soul and condense the third Divine Deity. At that time, he would also have the third life ability!

Right now, he was training in the Heavenly Alchemy. He planned to use the Heavenly Alchemy to cultivate the third and third Divine Deity, which would affect his third life and abilities.

"It's exactly because Xiao Chou has this kind of thing that he can advance by leaps and bounds! I will fuse with this divine soul first, and when the time comes I will cultivate the third Divine Deity, and then I will become a God! " When Chen Xiang thought about the ten Divine Deity s that were required to become the Supreme God, he felt that he still had a long way to go, so he had to speed up a little.

The divine soul that Zhu Xiangyuan had refined, was placed inside the Divine Sense Sea, and had actually easily fused with him. Now, he only needed to cultivate a little, to make himself more compatible with the divine soul, and after that, he only needed a long time of seclusion to condense the third Divine Deity.

"Regeneration Dan!" Chen Xiang took out a portion of Regeneration Dan's medicinal ingredients. This was only medicinal ingredients, there were no Shangpin holy Dan s.

Feng Yujie had told him before that even if he used the Heavenly Alchemy, if he did not join the Shangpin holy Dan s inside, it would be very difficult to maintain the stability of the pill furnace.

Feng Yujie had taught her the Heavenly Alchemy, so she definitely did not have as much understanding towards it as Chen Xiang, so when she was refining pills, more or less, she still had the method to refine pills from before. That was why she did not understand and change the way she used the Heavenly Alchemy, and it would take a long time to comprehend and change the way Chen Xiang did.

Feng Yujie had already told Chen Xiang the timing of the appearance of these few Spirit blood s. Therefore, Chen Xiang did not need to test them a little, he could directly burn these few Zhongpin medicine to a certain degree!

"It appeared! Sister Feng, you seem to know a lot about the Regeneration Dan's divine medicine!" When Chen Xiang saw the Spirit blood inside the few divine medicines, he immediately captured all of them and then merged them all together.

It seemed like it would succeed, but in the instant the fusion occurred, the things that Chen Xiang expected did not happen. Instead, they were all separated.

"This is bad!" Chen Xiang immediately opened the lid on the pill furnace, releasing a few more berserk Medicine aura from the furnace bit by bit.

"Zhongpin medicine are really different. They could have fused together, but why are Spirit blood suddenly rejecting each other and even breaking apart!" Chen Xiang sank into deep thought.

He had never encountered such a situation before. He had used the Original source refining, so Spirit blood were extremely important to him. If the Spirit blood were to shatter, it meant that he would fail.

Feng Yujie had said before, that if the Shangpin holy Dan s had smelted and added in the energy after the Holy Pellet was refined, it would allow the Zhongpin medicine s to swallow the energy, allowing them to integrate with the Spirit blood s bit by bit smoothly. During this process, he would also need to continuously refine a large number of Shangpin holy Dan s, and also have to evenly distribute the energy that the Holy Pellet produced.

If Chen Xiang wanted to solve this problem, he had to first understand why Zhongpin medicine would reject each other and even self-destruct when they fused with each other.

He only had one portion of Regeneration Dan s' medicinal ingredients in his hands, while Feng Yujie only had one portion of medicinal ingredients to duplicate.

He took a deep breath and placed the divine medicines on top of a jade plate. Then, he used his spiritual eye to carefully observe them.

Thus, he continued to read. It took him three whole days before he had a clue.

"It should be like this. These Zhongpin medicine have all developed a stronger spirit, and they also have gathered a bit of energy inside the divine medicine. It's similar to Divine Deity and things like that! If the energy within the few divine medicines was too different, they would not be able to fuse together and the Spirit blood would also reject each other! And when I forcefully gathered the Spirit blood together, it would cause it to shatter. "

Chen Xiang frowned as he thought about it: "There is a huge difference in the energy hidden within the Zhongpin medicine, and the strength of the energy depends on the strength of the Spirit blood! If I were to forcefully merge them together, it would cause the weak Spirit blood to explode! That's why it happened before. "

This was just like him using an egg to touch a rock. The difference between the two was too great, so they couldn't fuse together! As for the Shangpin holy Dan, it would have the effect of protecting the weak divine medicine with an energy shield. Once the weak divine medicine had reached a certain level of balance, it would fuse together without causing a weak explosion, and after successful fusion, it would then disperse the energy that the Shangpin holy Dan had turned into.

"If I use the Original source refining, I can only start from the original Spirit blood! As long as we strengthen the Spirit blood, it won't explode when we fuse with it! "

Chen Xiang had already found a way to solve it, but he still hadn't found the way to use the Strong Spirit blood!

"There should be something inside the Heavenly Alchemy. When I first comprehended the Original source refining, I saw something related to it, but I didn't pay it much attention at that time!" When Chen Xiang thought of this, he couldn't help but exclaim in his heart about how profound the Heavenly Alchemy was.

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