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Chen Xiang had the Holy Devil-suppressing seal in his possession, and also received the majority of the Devil-suppressing Heavenly Venerable's inheritance, but he did not want to take over the Devil-suppressing Divine Palace. In his eyes, this was equivalent to a mess, the Devil-suppressing Divine Palace was not the one that was created at the beginning, and had long deviated from the original intention of establishing the Devil-suppressing Heavenly Venerable.

However, he felt that it might be Lv Qilian who would take over in the future. After all, this was something that her father had left for her, and she had learned even more Devil-suppressing kungfu.

When this news spread out, it immediately caused a huge uproar. Very soon, it reached the ears of Di Tian, who was a gathering of experts.

Chen Xiang was the master of that dragon vein, and right now, the dragon vein was being fought over by many great powers. Now that Chen Xiang had appeared, and he even easily killed a Divine Palace Protectors, it could be seen that his strength had increased by a lot, causing the great powers to feel some pressure.

Because of Di Tian's reappearance, the other nine days were relatively desolate. Many great powers all moved to Di Tian, who possessed the Holy Spirit Qi, and occupied their own territories there, taking over some of the large and small sects that were originally on top of Di Tian.

Chen Xiang headed towards the original Hundreds of Flowers Immortal Country and came to the Hundred Flowers Mountain Range, searching for the mountain peak that the Grandma Lv lived in. He wanted to find Bai Ziqian and tell her about Bai Youyou's current situation, but that mountain range was no longer there and had been destroyed by someone.

"Could it be that Grandma Lv also went to Di Tian?" Chen Xiang looked at the endless sky. He knew that Di Tian was right above him, but he was too far away from here, so he couldn't see him with the naked eye.

"Go to Di Tian." Long Xueyi said: "It's so lively over there, how can I leave you behind. Besides, it's about time for me to complete my mission."

Chen Xiang came to a hundred flower palace and stepped into the Transmission array.

"You need to find the Imperial Dragon Race for revenge." Chen Xiang was one of the few Bai Long. Her mission was to take revenge on the Imperial Dragon Race, and she had grown up extremely fast following Chen Xiang over the years.

"That's right. Maybe your sister is already waiting for me." Long Xueyi said.

"Youlan as well." Chen Xiang suddenly became a little worried, "I also have a grudge with the Imperial Dragon Race. Why don't I go with you guys?"

"No need, Youlan and I are just going to teach the Imperial Dragon Race a lesson first so they can prepare themselves. Don't worry, I won't let anything happen to Youlan." Long Xueyi said: "You still don't believe in my strength?"

When the Transmission array opened, Chen Xiang and a few other people were teleported to Di Tian. Those people all had the strength of Immortal King, after collecting the Spiritual crystal, they immediately rushed to Di Tian to take a look at Di Tian's eyes.

The place he had come to through the Transmission array was a relatively ancient city and was not newly constructed. However, to have such a large scale Transmission array, it must have been taken over by a powerful force. He asked around and found out that this was the Flower Emperor's Di Tian.

"From the Hundreds of Flowers Immortal Country to Di Tian, you have come to the territory of the Hundreds of Flowers Palace. Looks like the Hundreds of Flowers Palace has occupied quite a lot of land. They should be the Demon Realm of Di Tian. Sister Lian has already taken control of this place." Chen Xiang walked onto the street and saw a group of people walking past.

Long Xueyi said: "We will separate for now, this is a place that you are familiar with, and you are also a Immortal-becoming realm now, I do not need to worry about you."

Chen Xiang laughed and scolded: "So it turns out that in your eyes, I have always been a child. Speaking of that, I'm actually worried about you."

Long Xueyi and Chen Xiang had interacted with each other for so long, and the two of them had even dual cultivated with the Gods join method before, so their relationship could already be considered to be rather deep since they were husband and wife. Now that they suddenly had to leave each other's side for a period of time, they couldn't bear to part with it, and they were also extremely worried about the other party.

"I'll be back at one o'clock. You have so many delicious things here, how can I bear to leave you?" Long Xueyi laughed and suddenly left the ring. He turned into a wisp of smoke and floated away.

There was no one inside the Serene Jade Ring now. Looking at Long Xueyi who had disappeared into the distance, Chen Xiang suddenly felt lonely.

"Only myself." Chen Xiang looked at the majestic palace at the end of the street.

Chen Xiang was currently using his own appearance to walk amongst Di Tian. He was very confident in his current strength, he didn't need to change his appearance to look like anyone else.

It had been a long time since he left Di Tian, but many of the older generation still recognized him. Looking at his face, they initially felt that it was hard to believe, because right now, Chen Xiang did not have any kind of aura nor any kind of might.

After knowing that it was Chen Xiang, everyone immediately opened up a path, causing the people on both sides of the street to be in discussion. They did not know why Chen Xiang wanted to go to Hundreds of Flowers Palace.

There were many reasons why Chen Xiang went to the Hundreds of Flowers Palace. One of them was to find the location of the Grandma Lv, so he could quickly find Bai Ziqian. The other reason was that he wanted to find Lv Qilian and find out where the Alive Slain Method was.

When Chen Xiang arrived at the main door of the Hundreds of Flowers Palace, he immediately walked in. The guards did not stop him, probably because they had received Lv Qilian's orders.

When he appeared on the main street, the news had already spread to the Hundreds of Flowers Palace. Not long after Chen Xiang entered the Hundreds of Flowers Palace, he saw Little Lizhi and Lv Qinlian walking out.

Lv Qinlian was Lv Qilian's younger sister, so the two of them had a very good relationship. The Little Demon Empress had long since gone to Di Tian to lay a good foundation, so after Di Tian returned to his position, the Hundreds of Flowers Palace moved up very easily.

In the beginning, because of Lv Qinlian's battle with a powerful Evil Snake King, she was poisoned by the strange poison and was severely injured. In the end, she could not allow her own Demon Charming Association to retreat, and secretly developed all over again.

Although Lv Qinlian was a Spirit Demon who had transformed into a lotus flower, she did not have a trace of Spirit Demon Qi on her body. She was elegant, sweet, gentle and lovely, with an aura that was not from the mortal world.

Little Lizhi, who was beside Lv Qinlian, had a cold face as usual. She did not have a smile and had a head full of short hair that fell to her shoulders.

"Sister Lian, I missed you so much." When Chen Xiang saw Lv Qinlian, she quickly walked forward and hugged Lv Qinlian, allowing her delicate body to stick close to him. Especially Lv Qinlian's well-developed chest, which was squeezed tightly onto his body.

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