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"The Six Realms mirrors has already consciously absorbed the six divine powers and is repairing itself. Let alone this little demon, even if Master were to come, it would not be easy to take away." The red-haired old man was very calm. Although he was very angry in his heart, when he thought about how the Younger Nine Girl would not be able to escape, and how he would definitely be captured and fiercely retaliated, he felt a lot more at ease.

Chen Xiang did not listen to his nonsense. After rushing into the house, he saw a black hexagonal mirror floating above a pool that was flickering with white light.

That pool of sparkling white light should be the six streams of divine power.

Chen Xiang floated over, he grabbed onto the Six Realms mirrors with both of his hands, but he could not move it even an inch.

He became extremely anxious and asked Long Xueyi, "What do we do? This thing is not easy to take away. The red-haired Old Demon's master is coming over, it must be a god."

"Quick, drip some blood." Long Xueyi said anxiously: "It's not ordinary blood, this blood was forced out from your Supreme god bone."

Chen Xiang immediately did as he was told and immediately forced out a drop of blood from the inside of his skeleton. This drop of blood was not red in color, but rather silvery white, and contained a very dense amount of energy.

After the drop of God's Bone landed on the Six Realms mirrors, a silver white light flashed explosively. Seeing this kind of light, Chen Xiang was shocked, because this light was the same as the Protector God's light emitted by the Chaos Fire Token, it was even stronger than the Protector God's light.

"Quickly use the Devouring magic kungfu, help Six Realms mirrors absorb the six divine powers." Long Xueyi said again, all of these things suddenly appeared in her mind.

After Chen Xiang sensed the connection between him and the Six Realms mirrors, he was ecstatic. At the same time, he channeled his Devouring magic kungfu and quickly absorbed the six streams of Divine Powers.

When absorbing, it was not completely used to repair the Six Realms mirrors, but to store a large amount of the Six Paths of Divine Powers into the Six Realms mirrors, and then wait for the Six Realms mirrors to absorb the stored Divine Powers in order to repair itself.

Chen Xiang had to admit that this Six Realms mirrors was indeed very mysterious, and was not an ordinary divine tool. With his assistance, the speed at which the Six Realms mirrors was absorbing the six divine powers was extremely shocking, like swallowing the ocean, and he could clearly feel its speed.

"Have you taken it out yet? If you can't, then hurry up and leave. The Highest Devil God is coming." The Younger Nine Girl outside shouted anxiously. She did not plan to abandon Chen Xiang and run away by herself, this made Chen Xiang feel very touched.

Chen Xiang shouted, "Give me some more time."

The red-haired old demon laughed savagely. "Stop struggling. Just obediently wait for Master's arrival. By then, you'll know what it means to rather die than to live."

Just as he finished laughing, Chen Xiang teleported in front of him. He had already succeeded, the Six Realms mirrors had already fused into his body, even the red-haired old demon could not see it.

"Don't you want to kill him?" Chen Xiang asked, the red-haired old demon had already been tormented by the Younger Nine Girl to the point of being insatiable, but he did not die.

"It's very difficult to kill, he has the Highest Devil God's spirit energy to protect his body, his bones are very firm and hard to break, his divine soul are even more so tightly protected …"

Just as Younger Nine Girl finished speaking, Chen Xiang took out his God Slaughtering Sword and sliced the grinning red hair into eight pieces, then sprinkled a large amount of God-eclipse powder towards the head.

"It's actually the Supreme Divine Sword … And there's also the God-eclipse powder, ah … " Chen Xiang had already activated Soul Absorbing Devil Spell and Devouring magic kungfu on him, taking away his Divine Deity in large numbers, then used his spatial energy to seal it up and keep it in the ring.

Chen Xiang never thought that things would go so smoothly. He had done this before, he never thought that it would be so easy to deal with the red-haired old demon.

When Younger Nine Girl saw this scene, he was shocked and anxiously shouted, "It's too late, Highest Devil God is here!"

A majestic and vast power suddenly appeared. The entire Infernal Realm suddenly trembled. The Infernal guards outside were so intimidated by this pressure that they were unable to stand up and they all knelt on the ground.

"I can make it." Chen Xiang anxiously took out the formation plate that the Penalty Heavenly God had given him, pulled the Younger Nine Girl to his side, then opened the formation plate. In the blink of an eye, he left hell, and arrived in the forest garden where the Penalty Heavenly God was.

Chen Xiang heaved a long sigh, he was not worried about bringing trouble to the Penalty Heavenly God, he was sure that the Penalty Heavenly God knew the origins of the Six Realms mirrors, and maybe even knew that some Highest Devil God would have a way to deal with this Six Realms mirrors.

"This is the Punishment Hall." Younger Nine Girl asked in a deep voice, "Was it Penalty Heavenly God who teleported you to hell?"

"We'll talk about it in the future. Hide yourself first..." Just as Chen Xiang finished speaking, the Penalty Heavenly God appeared.

"There's no need to hide." Penalty Heavenly God looked at Younger Nine Girl, he seemed to know a few things.

Younger Nine Girl snorted, because she knew Chen Xiang had deceived her.

Penalty Heavenly God pointed to a stone chair to the side and indicated for Younger Nine Girl to sit down: "I was the one who sent him to get the Six Realms mirrors. You have been waiting in hell for Hell Devil Emperor to find the Six Realms mirrors, but you did not know that Hell Devil Emperor had already found the Six Realms mirrors."

Chen Xiang curled his lips: "With such a powerful red-haired old demon watching us, and you still telling me to go, I was almost killed by that guy … And that whatever Highest Devil God is also here. "

Penalty Heavenly God said: "Aren't you back now, and have taken away the Six Realms mirrors."

Chen Xiang had already obtained it, but he wanted to buy it himself. That Six Realms mirrors was no ordinary divine tool, he lied: "I didn't get it, so it's not easy to take that thing away."

Penalty Heavenly God sneered: "Don't lie to me, Highest Devil God's anger has already reached all divine palaces, and only when the Six Realms mirrors is taken away would he act like this."

Younger Nine Girl glared at Chen Xiang. "You actually got it, hand it over."

Chen Xiang stuck out his tongue: "No, this is mine."

With Penalty Heavenly God here, he was not afraid of her.

I miscalculated, I really did not know that the red-haired old demon was guarding there, moreover he could call Highest Devil God over at any time, and almost caused your death, luckily you were lucky.

Penalty Heavenly God arrived in front of Chen Xiang and extended his hand out, saying, "The Six Realms mirrors is yours, I just wanted to take a look."

Chen Xiang was helpless, he could only take it out. It was only a silver hexagonal mirror, there was nothing special about it.

After looking at it for a bit, Penalty Heavenly God gave it back to Chen Xiang, "As long as you don't fall into the hands of Hell Devil Emperor and Highest Devil God, you can keep it safe."

Younger Nine Girl gritted his teeth: "This is mine, I spent so much time on this Six Realms mirrors, in the end, I actually let you kid, quickly give it to me."

Penalty Heavenly God pressed his hand on Younger Nine Girl's shoulder: "You don't have a Supreme god bone, and are unable to control it, so it is useless for you to come here. Right now, the Six Realms mirrors has not been repaired, and he needs Chen Xiang's help to continue repairing it.

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