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Chapter 781 - White Tiger Courtyard, Great Elder

Compared to two months ago, their cultivation was much stronger.

qiu wandao said excitedly: "So what if we destroy it? The Young Master really did not lie to us."

qiu wandao could feel that the power in his body was much stronger than before, and they could feel that it was pouring into their bodies.

It was as though he could break through at any time.

This feeling.

Too awesome!

If his cultivation were to recover, he would become stronger, and his longevity would recover as well.

It was as if they were alive again.

He had been reborn!

It was Long Fei who had allowed them to be reborn.

… ….

In the courtyard of logistics department.

Zheng Qingsong ran in and laughed: "He reported his name, hahaha! "The name was reported!"

"We were the last to report our names. We're only a few minutes away from the deadline. It scared me to death." Zheng Qingsong's face was filled with excitement as he walked to Long Fei's side and said, "Young Master Long, you're really too handsome today."

"He's so handsome that he dropped to the ground, hahaha..."

Long Fei's arrogance had subdued every single one of them.

The unyielding and unyielding aura that came from Long Fei's body made them deeply feel that this was the way of the world;

Han Xueji said: "My man is indeed different, of course he's handsome, and I still need you to say it."

While speaking, she grabbed Long Fei's arm, and her chest even rubbed against Long Fei's arm, throwing out a flirtatious glance, which was incomparably enticing.

She just liked to tease Long Fei.

Long Fei was already used to it and said: "Report your name. We still have three months to prepare. Xiong Feng will definitely not let this matter rest."

"You all have to be careful."


Long Fei took out the 'Ten Thousand Poison Dual Blade' from the Space Ring and handed it over to Dao Feng: "senior fellow apprentice Dao Feng, this is what I prepared for you."

"You are a dual wielder, so it should be able to help you improve your fighting strength a lot."

Dao Feng looked at the two blades in Long Fei's hands, his eyes immediately became excited, and did not dare to receive it, "This is a immortal stage divine equipment level item, it's too valuable."

The first thing he did was to attack the immortal stage divine equipment.

wang qingshan and the others were all shocked.

Looking at the two blades in Long Fei's hands, he felt even more admiration.

Who would give a immortal stage divine equipment to someone else?

Long Fei said: "If I let you take it, then take it. You are the captain of the Arrogant Dragon Squad, so the thing in your hand cannot be too shabby. Also …"

"I'll leave Xiong Feng to you, if he enters the stage, you must trample him under your feet. This is your mission, and also the condition for you to wield my two blades."

"It's not for free."

Long Fei knew clearly in his heart that Dao Feng wanted to step on Xiong Feng more than anyone else.

He wanted revenge.

He really wanted revenge. If he could defeat Xiong Feng in the Ranking Tournament, it would be a cleanse of his shame.

Thus …

Long Fei did not move against him.

Dao Feng's eyes became excited, he accepted the two blades heavily, and said: "Thank you!"

Long Fei laughed: "There is no such thing as' thank you 'between brothers, as long as we can win this Ranking Tournament, even if we can't, as long as we can push our rank against the blood skeleton to within the fifth place, then we can still fight against the blood skeleton!"

"This time, I'll be able to get this blade from outside. But don't worry, before the ranking tournament, I'll definitely tailor a weapon for each of you." Long Fei said while looking at them.

The things that happened in the plaza today made Long Fei want to bring the Arrogant Dragon Squad back even more.

He wanted to trample the blood skeleton Battle Team down even more.

It wasn't enough to rely on himself, but the team battle depended on the entire team.

Long Fei was unable to help them in terms of cultivation. The only thing he could help was material things, so he used his own Striking Attribute to get the weapons and divine weapons that they needed.

Everyone looked at Long Fei and nodded heavily.

Long Fei smiled slightly, and said: "You should hurry up and cultivate during these three months."

… ….

White Tiger college of martial arts training.

Xiong Feng kneeled on the ground.

Behind him were eight crippled blood skeleton disciples.

"You trash, you can't even do something so small, what's the use of you?" A middle-aged man shouted.

Xiong Feng lowered his head, not daring to refute.

The middle-aged man looked at the injured disciples and said, "To offend someone you shouldn't have provoked, but it just happened to provoke that madman qiu wandao. Now it's over."

"If qiu wandao goes crazy, our entire White Tiger college of martial arts training will not be at peace."

qiu wandao was a madman.

If he knew that it was a disciple of the White Tiger college of martial arts training that was monitoring him, he, the Great Clan Elder of the White Tiger Courtyard, would definitely not be at peace. He did not dare challenge qiu wandao.

His cultivation was no match for them.

Xiong Feng lowered his head, and said: "Great Clan Elder, wasn't qiu wandao crippled by an expert of the Pan Family? How did his cultivation recover again? "

The middle-aged man frowned.

He was very clear that qiu wandao had been crippled.


He was a member of the Pan Clan. How could he not be aware of this?

The middle-aged man slowed his voice and asked, "Did you really see it clearly?"

One of the slightly injured disciples said, "We can clearly see that before we can even get close to them, ten meters away, we were hit by the aura from their bodies. That aura is too powerful."

"Ten meters?"

The middle-aged man was shocked, but he didn't believe it because it was impossible.

It was impossible for the people from the Pan Clan to lie to him.

Even if he did not cripple qiu wandao, he would have at least heavily injured him, and he would not be able to recover in a short period of time, and even if he did, he would not be able to use Peak Realm s. If his 10m qi could injure a disciple of the Berserker Immortal Peak Realm, then his cultivation would at least reach Golden Immortal Peak Realm, and even if he was not injured, he would not be able to reach that level.

He didn't believe it.

However …

qiu wandao must have recovered quite a bit of his strength.

And then …

The middle-aged man coldly said, "From now on, don't you dare provoke that Long family kid again, and don't go to the col."

Xiong Feng was unwilling to accept this, but he was also unwilling to renege. "Great Clan Elder, when will boss come out from seclusion?"

The middle-aged man smiled and said, "They're almost there!"

"Before they come out of seclusion, all of you better calm down."

"Especially you, Xiong Feng, don't you dare cause trouble again. The blood skeleton Battle Team needs a good reputation, otherwise they won't be acknowledged by everyone. This time's Academy Tournament will be different. " The middle-aged man did not continue. Although he did not announce it, but through the Pan Family, he already knew that the disciples who had performed outstandingly in the Academy Tournament would be called to the outer space palace for cultivation.

It was a perfect opportunity.

A chance to soar into the sky!

"Alright, take them out for treatment. I need to go out for a bit."

The middle-aged man walked out of the courtyard.

He then transformed into a ball of light and flew down the God Emperor Mountain, flying towards god emperor city.

He wanted to report the matter of qiu wandao recovering his cultivation.

qiu wandao's existence was a hidden danger, and a hidden danger to him. If he could get rid of him, it would be even better.

He couldn't.


The experts of the Pan Family could do it!

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