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Chen Xiang felt that it was strange, the person who fell down did not look weak, why was he not floating in mid air? His body was already strong, even though he was smashed down from such a high altitude, he was only unconscious and did not become a mess.

"Senior, why can't we fly up? How long will it take to walk up there?" Chen Xiang asked.

"Only Special god beast can fly, flying up to a transformed form of a Divine Beast like us is simply courting death." The old man flipped the fallen man over and shook his head, "This guy will probably be lying on the ground for a month or so."

Chen Xiang did not get a satisfactory answer, "If we fly up, wouldn't it be faster to reach the shrine at the top?

The old man laughed, "Legend has it that the one who built this staircase took this staircase for everyone, so he made this rule. Otherwise, his Heaven Stairway would have been built in vain."

Chen Xiang laughed: "Senior, normally, how long does it take to walk up there?"

"The faster you are, the more you will reach the top in a day, while the slower you will need two or three days." The old man raised his head and looked at the sky. "It might be a little cold up there. Take care to guard against the cold when you go up there. The cold air is still very strong."

"If you come down, can you just jump down?" Chen Xiang laughed: "Then it will be faster."

The old man pointed at the man on the ground and smiled, "Of course it will be faster, but that's the way it will be. If we're unlucky and the others get their clothes off and steal everything away, then they'll be completely unlucky."

Chen Xiang greeted the old man and then went up the Sky Stairway.

The Heaven Stairway was extremely steep and was created by circling the gigantic mountain. Chen Xiang tried it out and realized that he could use teleportation without incident, hence he continued to use it. After more than two hours, he was already close to the peak.

At this moment, the clouds and mist in the sky had completely dispersed. He looked at the ground and saw that everything on it was extremely small, and he could not see the group of people walking about.

It was just as the old man had said. It was very cold here, and there was a strong and strange chill in the air. To him, this was not a problem.

"Looks like it's not easy for ordinary people to come to Beast Divine Palace." If Chen Xiang did not use his spatial energy to come up, he would have definitely vomited after running this Heaven Stairway.

From high up in the sky, one could see the occasional flying beast flying straight up before finally entering the giant palace at the top.

The Beast Divine Palace at the top of the mountain was equivalent to a huge city. There were many powerful Divine Beasts at the Beast God Realm inside the city, which was one of the reasons why Beast Gods were suppressed back then.

Amongst them, the dragon race was the most severely suppressed, and there were no longer any dragons left in the Beast Divine Palace.

There was not much distance between him and the Beast Divine Palace at the top of the mountain. Soon, Chen Xiang arrived at the peak.

Although the Beast Divine Palace was very big, not just anyone could enter there. Chen Xiang was also aware of this matter, and wanted to enter the Beast Divine Palace.

However, he had a way to get in. This palace was like a city, and the center of the temple was surrounded by shops and streets. If he wanted to get in, he would need to show his identity card.

The Beast Divine Palace was open to the other two shrines as well as to some sects here. He went to a small hut outside the gate and handed over his identity plate by the window.

"This Beast Divine Palace is so complicated, looks like it's not easy to find Yue Er." Walking on the wide street, Chen Xiang saw many birds and beasts.

The most eye-catching person in front of him was a black-armored giant ape. It was like a small moving mountain as it walked quickly on the wide street.

Behind him was a golden python that crawled forward, but when it passed by him, that thick snake body was actually taller than him by a lot. Seeing the golden scales that were giving off a golden light, Chen Xiang could not help but take in a deep breath.

This city was built for this kind of unshapeless and powerful behemoth, so the people and beasts walking on the streets were used to it. In any case, people would avoid these behemoths when they saw them.

The management of the city was very strict. Although there were all kinds of giant strange beasts walking around, there were very few conflicts. All the strange beasts here possessed intelligence. Although they could not change their shape, they possessed extremely high intelligence.

"How can I find Yue Er?" This was the problem Chen Xiang was facing. As soon as he entered the city, he had seen over a hundred cats, most of them jumping on the rooftops on both sides of the road.

"They are coming up to the main hall. One thousand Shen Yuan stone and there are twenty more seats." Chen Xiang suddenly heard a low and rough voice from behind him. He turned his head to look and almost cried out in fright.

There was a white crocodile behind him, its head as big as a small house. Its body was very long, and its four thick and powerful legs could support its gigantic body covered in white scales.

There was a row of seats on the back of the giant white crocodile, and there were dozens of people sitting on it. Although the giant white crocodile walked very fast and twisted its body, its back was very stable.

Chen Xiang thought about it and walked over to ask: "How do I give it to you?"

The Giant Alligator's huge round pearl moved, looked at Chen Xiang, and emitted a faint white light, looking somewhat scary.

"Throw it into my mouth." The crocodile's mouth was wide open, revealing its teeth that shone with a cold light like a gigantic sharp sword.

Chen Xiang took out a thousand Shen Yuan stone and threw it over, piling up into a pile. The Giant Alligator ate the Shen Yuan stone and said: "You can come up now."

Chen Xiang jumped up lightly and landed on the back of the Giant Alligator, praising the magic of Beast Divine Palace in his heart.

He quickly discovered that these God Beasts that could not transform into human forms were very intelligent. He even saw a few that could fly and run around with their people. These were all Shen Yuan stone s.

The giant alligator he rode was extremely gentle. Its surname did not match its frightening and domineering appearance.

"Human child, this is your first time coming to the Beast God Mountain, right?" the Giant Alligator asked. At this time, Chen Xiang was the only one on the Giant Alligator's back.

On the road, many people had already come down. Their goal was not the great hall, but rather, to see what they wanted to buy before leaving.

"Yeah, it's amazing. I really want to stay here forever." Chen Xiang chuckled: "Being able to get along with a big guy like you, is truly an interesting thing. If I meet a big guy like you outside, either he goes after me or I go after him, or we fight each other to the death."

The Giant Alligator let out a loud "boom" laugh, "That's right, but such a thing wouldn't happen on the Beast God Mountain. The purpose that the Beast Divine Palace had set up back then was exactly as such."

"Actually, even if we're not fighting with humans outside, we would be fighting with the same kind of people. This is a very normal thing, so we can accept humans here." The White crocodile said.

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