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Long Fei raised his spear and stood proudly.

A dot of cold light aimed straight at the abyss.

Luo Yuan was stunned, the smile on his face froze.

"Kill me? Do you want to die? "

"Let me take a look. Peak of the fifth level?" You dare to kill me with such a cultivation? Are you joking? "

"It's only the funniest joke this sovereign has ever heard." Luo Yuan looked at Long Fei with disbelief, as if he was watching a joke.

Long Fei was speechless.

"Joke? Then, what do you think is not a joke? " Long Fei asked with a cold and detached expression.

"Of course it is to obediently destroy one's soul and allow this emperor to possess one's body."

"As the successor of this Emperor, you should have already known that this day had come."

"Why do you struggle with indifference?" Luo Yuan said with disdain, extremely proud and aloof.

Long Fei took a deep breath.

He felt extremely helpless.

This kind of bandit logic, in the end, was to have Long Fei coordinate with him to act cool.

Is it just possible?

Long Fei came here to destroy the entire Meteor world. If he didn't, how would he get out?

Only by exterminating Fallen Abyss, would Long Fei be able to leave this place and proceed with his next plan.

Just do it.

"Your thoughts are very rich, but unfortunately, reality is very hard to come by."

"I'm afraid that you've been suppressed in this desolate land for too long. Your brain must be playing around with me."

"To give you possession? Even Long Batian was being suppressed by me and was unable to struggle free, yet you, a lackey of Long Batian, dares to be so arrogant? " Long Fei said as he pointed out the spear in his hand.

The long spear was like a rainbow, revealing its sharpness.

Under Long Fei's control, a spear image instantly tore through the sky.

Luo Yuan was caught off guard as his expression suddenly changed.

At this moment, his body underwent an indescribable change.

Originally, his body was not his real body. Instead, it was forcefully condensed by some sort of power.

When Long Fei made his move, in his fury, his entire body became illusory.

The facial features of Luo Yuan's illusory face gathered together, looking incomparably terrifying.

"He actually dares to attack?" "It's the opposite of you."

"Fallen Abyss Nine Strike!"

"First spear, Heaven Breaker!"

The ancient long spear once again swept out from Luo Yuan's hand.

As the spear swept out, the heaven and earth shook.

The wild power of the charge was completely revealed in this spear strike. Wherever it went, all things would cease to exist and be annihilated.

Rumble …

The two streaks of light collided in midair.

The void rumbled.

The power of the stars that had been frozen was instantly released by the spear of Fallen Land.

In the blink of an eye, it directly gathered within Luo Yuan's body.

The spear grew even more ruthless.

Kcha! *

A shattering sound could be heard.

Long Fei felt his palm go numb.

What was even more terrifying was that after the collision, the World Shattering Spear in his hand began to crack.

"F * ck, so fierce!"

Long Fei decisively gave up.


The moment Long Fei loosened his grip, the entire spear instantly turned into dust, and not even a complete shape was left behind.


"With merely this bit of strength, you want to attack this Emperor? You are truly looking to die." Luo Yuan said, his voice filled with disdain and ridicule.

Long Fei took a step back.

Looking at the fresh blood on his palm, the hostility in his eyes increased.

He knew how strong his fleshly body strength was.

He had completely swept away the existence of this place where ten thousand worlds intersected. But now, a single clash with Luo Yuan had actually broken through his defense.

How strong was Fallen Land?

For a moment, in Long Fei's heart, he looked at Luo Yuan and became cautious.

It was also at this moment that a dazzling golden light suddenly erupted from Great Emperor Luoyuan's body.

Light of the BOSS.

Long Fei's heart trembled, he immediately looked over:

"Great Emperor of the Fallen Land: Ancient boss."


"Damage: 10 stars"

The BOSS's attributes were completely displayed in front of Long Fei, but it was completely useless.

Not a single piece of useful information.

Their health, in particular, was a string of question marks.

This caused Long Fei to curse incessantly in his heart.

Because Fallen Land did not have a physical body … …

Without a physical body, where would the blood come from?

Moreover, this was definitely not a doppelganger.

"Goddammit, he's not a doppelganger. He doesn't have any HP. Could he be immortal?" Long Fei's expression changed.

But to make Long Fei retreat, was even more impossible.

He did not have this habit.

Moreover, this existence that was also related to Long Batian, Long Fei would definitely not stay.

No matter how strong he was, Long Fei had to kill him.

Otherwise, it might lead to something else.

"Who cares about your existence. As long as it's a Boss, we'll be able to kill it."

With that thought, Long Fei's eyes became firm, and he suddenly attacked again.


The Chaos battle sword flashed and slashed out.

Regardless of whether it was useful or not, just one word was enough!

It was also at this moment that a hint of shock appeared on the face of Great Emperor Luoyuan.

"The battle sword of the Lord of Chaos? Kid, who exactly are you? "

The expression on Great Emperor Luoyuan's face changed.

Because the master of the Primal Chaos was an existence that existed at the same time as Long Batian.

In fact, in the ancient lands, even the thirteen of them would have to be courteous to the Lord of Primal Chaos.

He wasn't a match at all.

However, Long Fei didn't care at all.

Boom! *

The spear and sword clashed in the void.

An incomparable amount of primal chaos energy erupted and began to wreak havoc.

Sword intent, Spear Intent, mixed with Chaotic Force, filled the entire space in an instant.

Crazy to the point of exploding.

Rumble …

Rumble …

Rumble rumble rumble!

The entire space began to collapse under the impact of the Chaotic Force. It was constantly being destroyed and the entire space was about to disappear into nothingness.

But Long Fei didn't move at all.

Although this power was extremely strong, the strength of his body wasn't something to fear.

"Hmph. That's true. I was just sensing my power, but you went out of your control."

"So it was the Lord of Chaos who intervened?" "It looks like you haven't refined my power." The silhouette of the Great Emperor of the Fallen Land appeared once again.

In the center of the endless berserk of energy, he once again raised his spear and pointed it at Long Fei.

Long Fei was startled, the look in his eyes was extremely unsatisfied.

Because this sword did not cause any damage to Fallen Land at all, not even the slightest bit.

This was because there was no change in the numbers above his head.

"Motherf * cker, looks like I can only use God of Boundary's blade." Long Fei thought.

No matter if it was a spear or a sword, they were both not the methods that Long Fei used.

He didn't even use a skill. It was just a casual attack, so it was normal that he didn't deal any damage.

Originally, Long Fei had defined Luo Yuan's cultivation as strong. But at most, only an ordinary God of Boundary would be stronger.

That was why he had nothing to fear.

However, after exchanging blows with Luo Yuan consecutively, Long Fei had no choice but to admit that Luo Yuan's cultivation had probably reached a terrifying level.

Otherwise, it wouldn't have been defined by the system as an ancient boss.

With that thought, Long Fei immediately gave up on the Primal Chaos War Sword. As he raised his head, the edge of the God of Boundary appeared in his hand:

"Your strength? How awesome do you think you are? Does laozi have to fight over it to refine it? "

"I don't care at all." And, you don't have to worry about that either. I've already killed the Lord of Chaos, and he doesn't have the qualifications to take advantage of me. "

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