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Chen Xiang said snappily: "Senior Sister, I thought you were unhappy and wanted to comfort you. But now you're actually laughing at me."

Wang Jinshi laughed tenderly: "My mood is much better now. To be honest, if I am able to go to all divine palaces with Master tomorrow, I think I would be very excited."

Chen Xiang nodded his head, he was the same way. Going to the all divine palaces to spar with the other experts in the shrine, and to meet the other War Gods, what was more important was that the Devil-killing Heavenly God was bringing a large amount of killing intent, because he wanted to declare war on the Hell Divine Palace at that time.

Xiao Chou and Tai Qiang had already gotten their favorite middle grade Divine Weapon, they were very grateful to Chen Xiang, they originally thought they would need the strength of the profound God to obtain it.

"How are you preparing? We're leaving tomorrow." Chen Xiang chuckled: "You are in my group, so don't drag me down when the time comes."

Xiao Chou smiled indifferently: "I'm actually worried that you will drag us down with you, Master."

Chen Xiang slapped Xiao Chou's head, and scolded him: "You can't get rid of your arrogant problem, you already have some strength, and you dare underestimate me, Master."

Tai Qiang chuckled: "Brother Shen, there is no need to doubt your strength, if not, you would not have been able to obtain so many black crystals. If you can get these divine weapons for us, we are already prepared and look forward to the competition in all divine palaces."

Xiao Chou and Tai Qiang were both very confident. Chen Xiang nodded, "Then let's have a good rest and recuperate. Maybe tomorrow will be the day of the competition when we get to all divine palaces."

and the others were all looking forward to the competition that would take place between the disciples that were going to all divine palaces and the other halls.

The next morning, Chen Xiang and the others rushed to Devil-killing Divine Palace early. Ren Tianyong and the other five wargods were already here, they had been living in Devil-killing Divine Palace since the beginning. Seeing that Chen Xiang, Xiao Chou and Tai Qiang were all energetic, their eyes filled with a confident light, the Devil-killing Heavenly God nodded in satisfaction.

When the time comes, some old fellows will suggest the rules of the competition. Of course, there will be battles only, and that competition is very dangerous, it might even cost you your life. At that time, just don't try to be brave and show off. Devil-killing Heavenly God warned with a serious expression.

Chen Xiang and the others nodded.

"Let's go." Devil-killing Heavenly God took out an array disc for everyone to stand on. After that, he opened it and arrived at a plaza filled with Transmission array s of all sizes.

"This is the Divine City, the largest city in the Gods Realm. If you came in yourselves, you would have to pay a huge sum of money." The Devil-killing Heavenly God said to Chen Xiang and the others.

"Only Gods who have the qualification to become a Martial Immortal can freely enter and exit this Great Divine City." Tai Qiang nodded his head: "Looks like we have to take advantage of this for a few days."

The Devil-killing Heavenly God laughed: "If you win, then just go and play."

Everyone already knew the punishment for losing the competition, but Devil-killing Heavenly God suddenly changed his punishment, laughing sinisterly: If one of you guys loses, then all of you will receive your punishments.

Everyone's heart jumped, they focused on Chen Xiang, Xiao Chou and the rest.

"Little brats, don't drag us down." Yuan Baibing was a little worried, he looked at the fatty and said: "Fatty Ol 'Five, is your bald disciple good? He looks a little weak."

The fat fifth brother laughed: "My disciple isn't that great, if you don't want him to lose the competition, you should give him some good equipment, even if you want to lend it to him for a period of time."

Ren Tianyong laughed: "Ol 'Two, don't be stingy now, that kind of punishment is no joke. After running around the city, you still call yourself an idiot."

Amongst the group of people, only Chen Xiang was relatively calm: "That kind of punishment is nothing to me, I'm not famous anyway."

Chen Xiang and the other two little brats were not famous, but the five War Gods were. No matter how thick-skinned they were, they wouldn't be able to stand it anymore and be made a joke by others in the future.

The all divine palaces was very grand, there were hundreds of gigantic towers standing in the middle of the gigantic Divine City, all of these towers were constructed by the various shrines here, all of them had representatives stationed here, all of them had businesses with the various shrines in the Divine City.

"This is the shrine our Devil-killing Divine Palace built in the Divine City. Why is it that it is so low compared to other people's shrine." Xiao Chou compared the other giant towers with his own, and said with a bit of disappointment.

"What's the point of being so tall? Others are so tall, but we are short as well, so many people would place their attention on us, the ones they love the most, when they come here. This will attract attention." Devil-killing Heavenly God spoke in a righteous tone: "You brats are too inexperienced, you don't even know how to recruit disciples."

After entering the shrine, everyone greeted the hall master and went to the tallest and largest tower in the middle, which was the all divine palaces.

"These shrines were built so tall, they should be empty, right?" Chen Xiang looked around at the giant towers that towered into the clouds and felt that there were not many people in these towers.

"That's not it, for example the all divine palaces in the middle has many strange things, and the competition will also be held inside." The Devil-killing Heavenly God curled his lips and said, "Back then, when we constructed this all divine palaces, our various divine halls used up a lot of energy. It was not as simple as just a shell."

Chen Xiang had some understanding of the uses of the all divine palaces s, but he didn't understand why they would put in so much effort to build such a shrine.

From the first level to the eighteenth level, every level contains all kinds of dangers. Furthermore, every level is equivalent to a dangerous place, which is very magical, and the War God trial is also inside. If you pass through the eighteen levels, then you are a qualified god of heaven, and you can create your own divine hall. " Ren Tianyong explained the use of the all divine palaces.

Forget about War Gods, even the profound God was a very distant matter to Chen Xiang.

"This all divine palaces should be the God of Fortune's territory, most of the businesses here are his, this guy specifically created godly money, all day long he used it to buy many precious things, so he's very strong, and his four disciples are also very powerful." Yuan Baibing's face was filled with jealousy, they had risked their lives to earn some divine money, but the God of Fortune and his disciples were all made directly.

Chen Xiang had stayed in the Divine Prison before, so he knew how the God's money worked. Besides being able to buy things, the God's money could also be used to refine treasures, which could increase speed and quality.

Ren Tianyong and the others followed the Devil-killing Heavenly God into the all divine palaces, arriving at a very large venue. This should be a gigantic beast battle arena, where there was a bright and beautiful sunlight, making it hard to imagine if this was the all divine palaces's place.

A lot of people were already seated on the round and huge beast battle arena, and many of the spectators were split into different regions. Devil-killing Heavenly God led Chen Xiang and the others to the region that was designated by the Devil-killing Divine Palace.

"The Devil-killing Divine Palace is here, and there are so few of them. Hey, haven't those divine gods disciples come? Only Ren Tianyong and the rest, don't tell me they don't plan to compete anymore."

"We still haven't started yet. Perhaps we'll be there in a bit. I wonder if the first batch or the second batch will come. Although the second batch is also very powerful, the first batch is quite mysterious."

"Devil-killing Divine Palace suffered a big loss at Devil Yang Valley. Out of the ten War Gods that Ren Tianyong and the others had, there are only five left. The number of squads has also decreased by half."

"Devil-killing Heavenly God can still sit, or is he afraid of Hell Devil Emperor?"


Seeing that the Devil-killing Heavenly God had arrived, the disciples of the other shrines started to discuss among themselves.

There were a total of three hundred people in the Sacred Palace. If all of them were to come, this place would also be very lively because there would be a hundred or so people in the Sacred Palace.

Chen Xiang had also heard that the Devil-killing Divine Palace had the least number of people in the Three Hundred Temples, and was also the poorest one.

"Old Senior Brother, are they not here yet?" Yuan Baibing asked in a low voice: "Master, the four disciples of the God of Fortune are all very strong, if they don't come, then even if we win it would be useless."

Devil-killing Heavenly God smiled slightly: "Calm down, of course they will come, you don't have to worry, at that time, all of you have to work hard, if you lose, the punishment for your juniors will be even heavier, if you were to be hated by those fellows, you will definitely be abused by them in the future."

The expressions of Ren Tianyong and the others changed.

"Master, you're too vicious. To be hated by our old fellow disciples is quite tragic." The fat five could not laugh anymore, he looked at Xiao Chou: "Chief Guang, no matter what the competition is, you cannot lose."

Chen Xiang asked: "Main Heavenly God, did any of the old senior brothers learn Seven devil-slain kungfu?" When he asked, Ren Tianyong and the other War Gods became curious.

Devil-killing Heavenly God sighed helplessly, "If you can't learn it, then I will regret it my entire life until now. Other than me, no one else can use the Seven devil-slain kungfu one and a half moves, it's all up to you now."

Tai Qiang and Xiao Chou both knew that Chen Xiang had the Seven devil-slain kungfu, but Chen Xiang had instructed them not to say it.

"Even they won't be able to learn it. Master, passing the Seven devil-slain kungfu to this brat is really too much." The fat fifth brother looked at Chen Xiang with sympathy.

The Devil-killing Heavenly God snorted, "You have studied for thousands or even tens of thousands of years. Even though you have yet to learn it, in the end, all of your studies in the Devil-killing magic kungfu and cultivation were not smooth sailing, what do you know?"

At this time, Wang Jinshi called out softly, "The God of Fortune is here, there's also his four disciples and four God of Wealth."

Everyone immediately looked over, and Chen Xiang saw Yang Yan and his father following behind Brilliant God.

Currently, the God of Fortune was the overlord of the Gods Realm. He held a large amount of wealth, had great strength, and was rumored to be powerful. It was said that any one of the God of Fortune's four disciples could shake up a few mid-sized Deities Templar.

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