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Speaking of Mei Emperor, Chen Xiang thought of Feng Yujie in Divine Feather School.

"Do you know Feng Yujie? She is very mysterious, and even more powerful than the Mei Emperor." Chen Xiang said.

Oh, you know Feng Yujie too. Qi Shi was a little surprised, he could not think of how Chen Xiang got to know him. In his impression, Feng Yujie should not have known about it casually, and had even revealed so many secrets of his.

"She's a pill saint. I entrusted her to help me concoct the sacred pill, so we got to know each other from then on." Chen Xiang curled his lips: "This woman is very mischievous."

"Great Lion, this means that you know her." Long Xueyi asked.

We met her when we were travelling here a long time ago. She was indeed a very powerful woman, and she was very temperamental and unpredictable, and felt that she was deliberately concealing her true nature, not wanting others to see through her. At that time, she was already a pill saint, and we also went to her to refine a sacred pill, so her fee was very high. Qi Shi nodded.

"This woman has a lot to do with the Mei Emperor." Jiang Sheng said: "Back then when she dragged us to search for the Mei Emperor, it was at that time that I met her."

As he thought about the past, Jiang Sheng sighed endlessly. What happened with the Mei Emperor was probably the most difficult memory to erase in his heart.

"Since you know her, why don't you stay in the Sacred Region for a while longer? Her strength is not bad, dealing with Thunder Emperor and the others won't be a problem." Qi Shi said: "I will go to Super Old Sacred City to look for her. She won't see me."

"I didn't want to trouble her. She also had many troubles in the Sacred Domain. I wasn't desperate at that time." Chen Xiang laughed, "Are you sure you want to go see the Vermillion Bird?"

"Okay, I'll go find her alone." The White Tiger said, "I'll be leaving first. It's best not to go that quickly."

The White Tiger turned into a cloud of black gas and disappeared.

Qi Shi laughed: "He's afraid that we'll see him make a fool of himself."

"Are the two of you going to meet the Vermillion Bird?" Long Xueyi asked.

"I won't be going. I want to walk around the Life Forest. Maybe I can find some secrets here." Jiang Sheng laughed: "I heard that there are a lot of good materials here, I plan to refine a Divine Weapon soon."

Qi Shi shook his head: "I'm not going either, that shrew is not to be trifled with."

Qi Shi and Jiang Sheng originally wanted to go see the Vermillion Bird, but knowing that the Vermillion Bird wanted to condense its Divine Deity gave them a huge blow. The Vermillion Bird after its rebirth was actually much stronger than them, which made them very uncomfortable.

Just like that, Qi Shi and Jiang Sheng left. Long Xueyi returned to the Serene Jade Ring, and according to Dongfang Xinyue's guidance, he headed towards the location of the Vermillion Bird.

Chen Xiang left the tree hole in the big tree and flew into the forest filled with the gigantic Violet Leaf Trees. He flew towards that gust of cold wind, because he was going towards the second barrier outside the Life Forest, the Cold Wind Forest.

"Those monkeys again." Chen Xiang suddenly heard that roar, and anxiously looked back, only to see that in the forest, countless purple monkeys were quickly jumping from tree to tree, and through the vines, they moved between the trees at an extremely fast speed.

If there were a few hundred of these purple monkeys, Chen Xiang would not have thought much, since this was a very ancient Life Forest, but there were at least ten thousand of them heading towards him, covering a large area of the forest behind him. When they quickly rushed over, they rushed over like a purple tide, which was very scary.

"Not for you." Long Xueyi said: "Their speed isn't considered too fast. It seems like they are rushing to a place and not chasing after a target."

Chen Xiang anxiously used his spatial energy and hid himself within the chaotic space to avoid this group of Purple Monkeys. These monkeys were all Holy Beasts, with tens of thousands of them attacking at the same time, it was extremely terrifying, Chen Xiang did not want to get entangled with these monkeys.

This was also one of the scarier parts of Purple Leaf Forest. Saint Beasts were all small in size and were hard to deal with when they were strong.

Dongfang Xinyue said, "This is just a small team, the entire beast herd here is usually around a hundred thousand. The monkey king leading this group of purple monkeys should be a human Saint or even an Emperor level expert.

"Why are they so powerful? How did they all grow up?" Chen Xiang came out of the chaotic space, and couldn't help but exclaim as he looked at the purple colored clouds that were gradually disappearing in the distance.

"Before, I said that the beasts that were born here all have a special purple energy. They can grow by eating the purple leaves here, and the purple leaves grow very quickly here. This place is also very big, so for the beasts here, there are almost endless amounts of purple energy."

Chen Xiang wanted to go and see where the group of Purple Monkeys were headed to, so he followed closely behind them.

"With their endless reproduction, there will be a day when this Purple Leaf Forest will not be able to contain so many Holy Beasts." Long Xueyi said.

Although the beasts here can rely on eating the purple leaves to grow quickly, large scale battles will still occur between different races. The Vermilion Bird Ancestor told me before that to the beasts here, this is their feast because during the battle, those who die will be eaten.

Hearing Dongfang Xinyue say that, a large group of small sized Holy Beasts started to fight in Chen Xiang's mind, tearing and devouring the bloody scene in front of him, he suspected that the group of purple monkeys was going to enjoy the so-called "grand feast".

After Chen Xiang followed behind the troop of monkeys for most of the day, he noticed that there were two other groups of monkeys approaching and then gathering together. At this time, the number of purple holy monkeys had already reached a hundred thousand.

If such a large number of Holy Beasts were placed in the Nine Heaven World, the damage they would cause would be unimaginable. Even a place like the Saint realm would probably have a headache.

"Will these Holy Beasts leave this Purple Leaf Forest? Just a single beast race of this Purple Leaf Forest has so many Holy Beasts. It seems like this Sacred Water Heavenly Realm isn't weak at all." Chen Xiang lamented.

"No, those strange purple leaves are something that they rely on to survive on. If they don't have this purple leaf to eat, they will die quickly, so the beasts in Purple Leaf Forest cannot go anywhere else, they can only rule over this place."

Just as Dongfang Xinyue finished speaking, a low and deep shout came from the front. One could tell that there was a large group of purple holy beasts there.

"It's a group of purple wild boars. They're not too big, but they look really powerful." Long Xueyi said.

Chen Xiang flew to the top of the forest and watched the battle below. He was already able to see the purple wild boars with purple skin and the two fangs at their mouths that were glowing with a purple light. It was obvious that they were good materials for smithing.

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