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There were tens of millions of demons in front of them, all of them multi-colored and moving up and down like a colorful ocean. Moreover, there were even dozens of crevices in the sea, and layers upon layers of them were piled up, killing quite a few monsters.

None of the demons attacked. They stood still, as if waiting for orders.

The heads of the condensed crystal demons had strength comparable to the profound God, which was considered rather strong, but they did not have intelligence or perception, which meant, if there were some that had consciousness, they would be extremely strong.

"Charge." Second Senior Martial Brother shouted loudly and rushed in first. A long sword in his hand flew out and in an instant, a pink monster with a condensed head appeared in front of the bed.

The place where the giant monster was penetrated spewed out pink liquid like a fountain, sprinkling it all over the place. The scariest thing was, when this liquid was sprinkled on the other monsters, the other monsters could absorb it. After absorbing the liquid, it seemed to be evolving.

"Use a raging fire to burn it." When the Second Senior Martial Brother saw this, he immediately shouted out loudly. The godly sword in the air let out a wave of flames. The tip of the sword was pointed at the ground as it rapidly rotated, creating a fiery tornado. It created an extremely intense divine flame.

Upon encountering the flames, the pink flesh on its body was burnt to ashes. At the same time, the Second Senior Martial Brother continued to release waves of godly power from a distance, turning the godly power into blades and swords. The godly power brought about a strong wind as it blew over, enveloping the evolving demons in its surroundings.

The God Power that turned into countless blades and swords penetrated the bodies of the monsters, and even released divine flames that burned inside their bodies.

Not long after, a large area of flames started to burn within the group of demons and monsters.

Everyone saw that the flames were effective and had already formed their own battle plans. However, just as they charged over, a few gigantic mountainous blue monsters in the distance opened their mouths and sprayed out a blue liquid onto the flames, instantly extinguishing the Demon Slaying God's Flame released by Super profound God like Second Senior Brother.

Furthermore, it was completely extinguished. The flames from before instantly disappeared, and after the nearby monsters had absorbed the blue liquid, their bodies quickly turned blue. This way, the monsters would no longer be afraid of fire.

"What a terrifying adaptability. It seems it won't be easy to exterminate them all. Everyone be careful." The Ninth Junior Sister said solemnly. Her body had already floated towards a giant blue monster as she waved her hands, causing snow to fall from the sky. The cold wind whistled as it swept through the group of demons.

"Break!" With a soft shout, the frozen demon suddenly shattered into fragments of ice.

"As expected of one of the few powerful female wargods, her strength isn't just for show" Xiao Chou exclaimed: "He killed so many monsters in one go, and a few of them are of the kind with gemstones growing from their heads."

Just as everyone was admiring the strength of the Ninth Junior Martial Sister, the broken pieces of ice suddenly melted. The broken limbs of the monsters inside turned into multicolored liquid, melting the shattered pieces of ice, causing the sticky liquid on the ground to still radiate light.

Everyone stopped their steps because the colorful liquid was squirming. After gathering together, it actually moved as if it had a life of its own.

The flow of the demonic liquid suddenly became more intense. It piled up and was as big as a palace.

Soon, a colossal creature appeared in front of everyone. It was a colossal creature with a body of various colors, and its hundreds of sun-like eyes radiated scorching rays of light. In the blink of an eye, it shot out rays of scorching light.

"Just what is going on with these demons? They actually came back to life, and they can even be fused together. The stronger they get, the more powerful they become. This is the first time we've encountered such a powerful demon." The smiling fifth brother took a few steps back, "Eldest Senior Brother, quickly tell us the trick to deal with these demons, otherwise, if this continues, these demons will fight all the way to the city gate."

The monsters hadn't attacked yet, so they just stood there. Even if it was the giant monster, its eyes were only emitting hot light and it didn't take the initiative to attack.

"Using Demon Slaying Palm or Demon Slaying Palm, as well as all kinds of Devil-killing magic kungfu s, you have to destroy all of the demonic aura in one go. Otherwise, as long as the demonic aura is still present, these demons can be reborn." Ren Tianyong said.

"Eldest senior brother, where are you?"

"Inside the spatial crack, I am fighting a demon. You do not need to come in, as long as you are in charge of blocking this demon from approaching Divine City."

didn't even know how to use Devil-killing magic kungfu, he hadn't gotten it yet. After all, he had only been in the sect for a day, so he never thought that something like this would happen.

"Use your full strength." Second senior brother had a solemn look on his face. He took a deep breath and suddenly struck out with his palm. A strong golden light appeared and a gigantic golden palm pressed down rapidly like the sky.

Bang! Chen Xiang only just saw the huge palm before the huge palm landed on the ground and slapped the huge monster that had just merged with it.

Dazzling golden light suddenly gushed out, and the aftermath of a wave surged through the horde of tens of millions of demons. The Little Demons that were near the Demon Slaying Palm all turned into dust the instant the giant palm descended.

"This is the power of the Super profound God, and this guy doesn't seem to have used up all his strength." Chen Xiang opened his stinging eyes. The Second Senior Brother had already disappeared, and all the profound God s were no longer where they were before. He actually rushed into the group of demons, using the Devil-killing magic kungfu that he was most proficient in, to kill the monsters with condensed crystals on their foreheads, as if he was harvesting straws.

When several profound God s attacked together, the scene was extremely shocking, especially the various Devil-killing magic kungfu, it dazzled everyone.

The destructive power of the Devil-killing magic kungfu was extremely great for these demons. After everyone saw it, they all rushed into the demons and started to fight.

"Master, you haven't learned the Devil-killing magic kungfu yet. You must be careful later, it would be best if you follow us closely." Xiao Chou said. In the past, whenever he saw Chen Xiang, he always wanted to have a good fight with him. He always wanted to surpass him.

When he saw Chen Xiang this time, he did not have that kind of thought, but he obviously believed that with Chen Xiang's current cultivation, he was still not able to compete with him. He wanted to wait until Chen Xiang's cultivation was close to his.

Chen Xiang nodded his head, he had been observing the monsters that were crystallized on their foreheads the entire time. The crystals were clearly formed after many years of accumulation, and to make the demons become stronger, was evidently no ordinary thing.

"No one actually wants those condensed crystals." When Chen Xiang saw the monsters that were killed, and how many crystals fell from the sky, he was secretly happy. He anxiously used his spatial energy to retrieve the treasures in his hands.

The Devil-killing magic kungfu was extremely powerful, especially when used by the profound God s, it was extremely powerful. One palm would be able to destroy the demons into ashes, but the crystals were completely undamaged.

"Brat, why aren't you taking care of these monsters. There should be a lot of demonic energy contained in them, and they can't be exchanged for divine money." The second senior brother discovered that someone was using a very brilliant method to pick up the crystals that had fallen from the ground.

I just joined the Devil-killing Divine Palace today, so I haven't had the time to learn the Devil-killing magic kungfu yet. Therefore, my power is limited. Chen Xiang quickly explained.

The Second Senior Brother said: "Then we should stay in the Devil-killing Divine Palace. It's too dangerous for you to come here. Hurry and go back." As he said that, he pointed his finger towards the sky, and a ray of gold light shot out from his fingertip, forming a gigantic net that enveloped a monster that was about to attack Chen Xiang.

"Hurry back, don't die here." After saying that, the second senior brother went to another place to deal with those powerful monsters.

Chen Xiang and Tai Qiang, these two fellows, fought very hard. The Devil-killing magic kungfu that they had mastered was also not bad, and they quickly killed the Little Demons in the surroundings, then continued to attack the cracks in front of them.

Devil-killing Divine Palace's Devil Slayer Team were very fierce, they slaughtered a large number of demons in one go, but there were still a lot of demons coming out of the cracks like a flood. Furthermore, the demons that came out now started attacking people, spitting out the liquid that emitted light from their mouths. This liquid was very dangerous, as long as they touched it, they would receive different kinds of injuries, such as burns, frostbite, poison, or muscles melting, and so on.

"How long are we going to stand in the way? This will go on forever." Chen Xiang picked up hundreds of those crystals. He had a Space Domain protecting him and those monsters with retarded intelligence were unable to attack him. Instead, they directly passed through his body.

"Brat, why are you still picking up those things here?" This was already the second time she had met Chen Xiang.

In more than two hours, Chen Xiang was met by a few War Gods, who all told him to leave.

"I'm sorry, we've come to Ninth Martial Uncle's territory again. It's said that how long will we have to resist? If we don't block those cracks, we won't be able to continue like this." Chen Xiang quickly changed the topic.

"I'm not sure about that. I can only wait for Master to come." The Ninth Junior Sister appeared behind Chen Xiang in a flash, grabbed him by his collar and said: "You were lucky, and are still fine even now, you should leave this battlefield quickly. You don't understand the Devil-killing magic kungfu, staying here will be very dangerous."

Just as the Ninth Junior Sister was about to throw Chen Xiang out, Chen Xiang stepped forward and used a bit of his spatial energy to struggle free from the Ninth Junior Sister and slid far away.

Chen Xiang laughed. "Don't worry about me, I'm fine even now, because these demons won't be able to harm me."

Suddenly, a monster in the distance spurted out a mouthful of liquid, and flew towards Chen Xiang like an arrow.

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