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The profoundbing's showcase hall was very big. The Gold dragon ice had already been broken down, and there were no treasures inside, causing those who wanted to buy the profoundbing to give up on the idea of taking the risk.

Clearly, the other profoundbing were more or less the same. Although everyone knew about this, it was all because of the psychological effects of the, so whenever they saw some of the more peculiar looking profoundbing, they all thought that it was possible that there were treasures inside.

In this place, perhaps only Chen Xiang could see whether or not there were treasures inside the profoundbing, but he did not have much hope for them. He felt that it would be very difficult to find treasures within the profoundbing, especially this kind of high quality profoundbing, he was just curious how these profoundbing were formed.

Chen Xiang did not believe that these profoundbing were naturally formed. He felt that these profoundbing were all created on purpose and were discovered by people many years later.

There were a lot of people in the exhibition hall, but there were many big shots or strong people gathered here, they had a lot of Spar and there was nowhere for them to spend them, so naturally they wanted to try their luck here, because some treasures were priceless treasures, no matter how many Spar you had, they would not be willing to sell them to you.

"Brother, my tone of voice just now was a bit presumptuous, please forgive me." A black clothed man walked to Chen Xiang's side and cupped his hands.

Chen Xiang never thought that he would actually take the initiative to apologize to him. But from the way things were going, although this man was a little aggressive on the inside, he was extremely upright. Although he had lost the bet, but he was very straightforward and also admitted defeat.

"I'm fine... I wonder what your name is? " Chen Xiang waved his hand at him and said.

"My name is Bi Xian, where's Brother?" The black clothed man laughed and said, it was obvious that he wanted to become friends with Chen Xiang.

Chen Xiang also wanted to know the location of the Gold dragon ice and smiled apologetically: "Cai Gui."

Bi Xian was a little shorter than Chen Xiang, but he had a tall and sturdy physique. Even though he was not handsome, he looked extremely charismatic, with a sharp horn on his face and a sense of steadiness, but the things that he had done before, were clearly too impulsive. He understood now, and decided to become friends with Chen Xiang.

The two did not have any conflicts, and they were not narrow-minded people either, so they soon started talking.

Chen Xiang felt that this Bi Xian was not simple. Although he looked like someone who had endured the six Nirvana Tribulations, Chen Xiang could feel that he was looking at flowers through the fog.

"Brother Bi, how did you get that Gold dragon ice? It might not be easy to get hold of it." After Chen Xiang and Bi Xian talked about a lot of things, they suddenly sent a sound transmission to Bi Xian and went straight to the point.

Bi Xian was also not surprised. He replied with a sound transmission: "I got it from the profound Cold Ancient Realm. This Gold dragon ice was buried very deeply …. Actually, there is a secret which only very powerful forces know about. "

"What secret." Chen Xiang had always been curious about the origins of these unique profoundbing.

"Some of the deeper parts of the profound Cold Ancient Realm have hidden rivers, and most of these unique profoundbing are submerged in these rivers. Although many of the powerful forces know about them, they cannot bring them up … Because those underground rivers are exceptionally cold, and even the powerful immortals can turn into profoundbing. "

Chen Xiang was secretly surprised. There was actually this kind of underground river in the profound Cold Ancient Realm, he thought that it should be the reason behind the profound Cold Ancient Realm's appearance. Those profoundbing were probably formed this way too, he planned to take a look at those underground rivers.

"Brother Bi, could it be that your Gold dragon ice was obtained from there? It seems that you are not a simple person." Chen Xiang looked at a three-headed, tiger-shaped profoundbing, and secretly whispered to Bi Xian.

"I didn't get it, it was just a coincidence. When I met the gushing river, the Gold dragon ice gushed out from the hole dug by someone else, but this situation is very rare, I was lucky."

Chen Xiang did not believe that Bi Xian was lucky, but this was a secret to other people getting rich. He was not too familiar with Bi Xian right now, so he would naturally not pursue the details to prevent others from feeling disgusted, but he already had a way to get Bi Xian to bring him to search for those underground rivers.

"Big Brother Cai, why are you so sure that there are no treasures in my Gold dragon ice? Don't say that you're just lucky, I can see that you were quite confident back then, and weren't those lucky gamblers." Bi Xian asked, he only planned to befriend Chen Xiang because he had thought of this point.

Chen Xiang would definitely not say that he was able to tell that there was something inside the profoundbing, so he replied: "It's just a little family heirloom secretary, but not every profoundbing is fine, especially those very ordinary profoundbing, I can't really tell, but if it's these high quality profoundbing, I can easily see through them, but not all of them, then I'll be able to see through the Gold dragon ice with a single glance."

Hearing Chen Xiang's words, Bi Xian was extremely excited.

"I never thought that there would be someone as amazing as Big Brother Cai, who can see if there are any treasures inside the profoundbing. Although not all profoundbing can see it, this is pretty impressive." Bi Xian exclaimed in shock and secretly sighed in his heart. The only thing he had done in his bet with Chen Xiang was to lose a piece of profoundbing.

With regards to this, it allowed him to have a much better impression of Chen Xiang, and also gave him the chance to meet someone like Chen Xiang.

"Big Brother Cai, since you have such a family heirloom secret technique, why don't we cooperate and use the profoundbing to make a fortune?" Bi Xian whispered to Chen Xiang.

Chen Xiang knew that it wouldn't be long before he would be able to follow Bi Xian to the profound Cold Ancient Realm to look for the place where the hidden river gushed out.

"Brother Bi, I do not lack Spar, I just want more high quality profoundbing, because I feel that these broken profoundbing can be used for a high price." Chen Xiang said.

Bi Xian was shocked, it was not as if no one had done this before, but he knew that this "Big Brother Cai" in front of him had a secret technique, he might be able to use these profoundbing s to create some powerful objects.

Chen Xiang released a little bit of sweetness to lure Bi Xian. If nothing unexpected happened, after the profoundbing ends, he should be able to follow Bi Xian to the profound Cold Ancient Realm.

Inside the showcase, not all the profoundbing were unique profoundbing of high quality, and there were also many so called "inferior profoundbing", which were all ordinary. It was precisely from these inferior profoundbing that Chen Xiang had produced this kind of impressive thing called Philosophic stone.

Chen Xiang and Bi Xian walked over to those inferior profoundbing s who had lost their luster in the showroom. Chen Xiang noticed a round yellow profoundbing, and when he looked over, the Chaos Divine Eye seemed to be able to see something from inside.

"There seems to be something inside this piece of profoundbing. I never thought that I would be able to see if there was anything inside this inferior profoundbing. This is my first time seeing it." Chen Xiang sent a sound transmission to Bi Xian. In order for Bi Xian to believe in his secret technique, he had to prove it.

Bi Xian was immediately overjoyed, "Can you see what treasure is inside?"

"No, I can only see if there's anything inside. Treasures or something are hard to see." Chen Xiang was telling the truth.

"How much is this profoundbing worth?" Chen Xiang asked.

An old man in charge walked over and said: "These are not for sale, these are all gifts. Only by purchasing the designated profoundbing s can you obtain these gifts, this is not a place to sell inferior profoundbing s."

Chen Xiang nodded his head: "So that's how it is. Didn't I say it before, how can we sell low quality profoundbing here?"

He looked at Bi Xian and asked with a smile: "I didn't buy anything from your Gold dragon ice just now."

Ever since the bet just now, Chen Xiang and Chen Xiang had been noticed by everyone here. The fact that they could become friends made many people quite surprised.

"That's because someone else prepared the gift, and someone else didn't." He knew that the two of them were old men. One of them could take out a Gold dragon ice and the other could throw out more than a trillion Spar in one breath; these were not people he could afford to offend.

Chen Xiang laughed: "Oh, I don't know what kind of profoundbing I have to buy to be able to obtain this oval shaped profoundbing, but I am actually a person who likes to take small advantages of others."

Chen Xiang was not so stupid as to directly say that he wanted to buy the oval shaped profoundbing.

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