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Duan Sanchang brought Chen Xiang to the place where he was staying, it was a very cheap house. Duan Sanchang also told Chen Xiang that he often came to the vicinity of the Flying Immortal School to investigate the condition of the Flying Immortal School's ancestral grave, so that he could easily make a move.

"Brat, what are you doing here?" Did he want to destroy it? I advise you not to. Flying Immortal School and Blue Blood Race have teamed up, and there are still many distinguished guests present. You won't have the chance. "It's better if you come with me to steal the tomb. After my investigation, the vigilance towards the ancestral tomb has relaxed a lot. The old man guarding the tomb has been arranged to go to protect the wedding." Duan Sanchang said. He had long wanted to pull Chen Xiang into the Duan Clan and nurture him into an outstanding grave robber.

"I'm going to save someone! That Lan Lan is an elder of my Dragon Subduing School, she forced me to marry her. As her Leader, I cannot sit idly by. " Chen Xiang's voice was stern.

"What?" That means you were the one who saved the Nine Lives Demon Cat in City of the King? Kill the City Lord? " Duan Sanchang asked in surprise.

"Nine Lives Demon Cat? You are talking about Yan Yanran, she is also an elder of my Dragon Subduing School, what do you think? "

Duan Sanchang could not calm himself down, and said: "This Nine Lives Demon Cat does not have a small background, many people have their eyes on her. It is said that it was given to the son of the City Lord, but because of how Lan Lan feels, the son of the City Lord does not dare to be too unyielding."

"Nine Lives Demon Cat?" Chen Xiang knew that Yan Yanran was just like a cat when it fought. His movements were agile and had strong claws.

"She was actually a mutated beast. It is said that she had nine lives and her body resembled that of a cat's. Brother Shen, you've picked up a treasure! Oh right, how did you get into a fight with Lan Lan and the cat demon? I said you were already someone with a wife, but you're still so dishonest. " Duan Sanchang was very jealous.

Chen Xiang rolled her eyes at him: "Don't spout nonsense, Yanran is my good friend. Lan Lan is equivalent to my sister! It was only after they joined me that I thought of the name Dragon Subduing School. "

"There are only two days left before our wedding. What do you plan to do?" Duan Sanchang asked.

"What, only two days? Didn't you say that there are still seven or eight days left? " Chen Xiang was shocked.

"They were worried that an accident might happen, so they moved ahead."

Chen Xiang stood up and said: "I want to go in now, what about you?"

"Naturally, I'm going to dig their tomb. If possible, you'd better help me create a big commotion. If the person guarding the tomb is lured away, it'll be easier for me to take action." Duan Sanchang laughed: "Then Yao Shumei and Mu Jialan from Peach Blossom Imperial Land came to find me. This mother and daughter pair have been looking for you for a long time, it seems like they want to befriend you … Hehe, this is a mother and daughter pair of flowers. "

"Cough cough, can you not think of me as so evil! If you meet them, tell them and I'll talk to them sometime. "

After Chen Xiang and Duan Sanchang finished talking, he asked Long Xueyi to use the Heaven tour method to look for Lan Lan inside the Flying Immortal School. Duan Sanchang and Chen Xiang said their goodbyes as he had to make some preparations for robbing the tomb.

Waiting until the night, Chen Xiang turned into a butterfly and flew into the deep forest.

Although it was already late at night, the deep forest was still heavily guarded. This Flying Immortal School was an ancient power with a lot of disciples, the entire Flying Immortal Mountain was guarded by a large number of Flying Immortal School disciples.

The spirit energy in the forest was extremely dense, and it was normal for there to be a few small birds flying here and there.

The Flying Immortal School was built on top of a mountain and from afar, it looked like a grand Heavenly Palace floating in the clouds.

There were tens of thousands of buildings and countless courtyards within this huge palace. It was as if the stars could be picked at any time in the night sky. The moonlight shone on the buildings and the immortal atmosphere intensified.

At this time, the Flying Immortal School's gate was completely red, and there were many disciples working nervously, still busy with preparations for the grand marriage.

"She is inside a five story tall building. However, this building is sealed by a very strong Spirit Formation. It is difficult to enter, and it is also very difficult to exit." Long Xueyi said.

Lan Lan had a innate ability to make herself invisible. If she did not have a protective barrier, escaping would not be a problem at all, and when she was invisible, it would be difficult for others to detect her.

So even after the wedding, she would still be imprisoned, that's why Yan Yanran begged Chen Xiang to save Lan Lan.

Lan Lan stood in front of the window and pouted his lips slightly. She was still a fifteen or sixteen year old girl, cute and beautiful, wearing a blue dress. Her watery big eyes were shining with a blue glow. She was currently in a bad mood. She rolled the ends of her hair with her fingers and raised her head to look at the beautiful full moon. She wished that she could fly up there so that Flying Immortal School and the rest could never find her.

Chen Xiang flew into the Flying Immortal School, and turned into the appearance of a bird. On a big tree outside the tower, he observed the situation of the tower, and when he saw Lan Lan's appearance, he could not help but feel his heart ache.

Reaching here, Chen Xiang already had a plan, which was to find the Flying Immortal School's youngest son, Wu Jingsheng! Then, he changed into Wu Jingsheng's appearance and brought him away.

"If you don't see her, hurry up and get lost!" Lan Lan turned his head towards the door and shouted: "If you piss me off, I'll let you guys see my death. If my grandfather comes out of seclusion and finds out what happened to me, even if my grandfather risked his life, he would still annihilate your Flying Immortal School."

Her grandfather's position in the Blue Blood Race was not low, he was strong, and if she committed suicide, that old fellow would definitely go crazy after he came out from closed door cultivation.

"Hmph, in two days I'm going to pay my respects. If you don't behave yourself, I'll kill that cat demon. Think about it clearly." A voice came from outside the door, Chen Xiang guessed that it was Wu Jingsheng.

Lan Lan didn't know that Yan Yanran had been saved by Chen Xiang, and that she was practically isolated from the world, yet the Flying Immortal School was still using this matter to threaten her. The relationship between Lan Lan and Lan Lan was really good, if not she wouldn't be threatened like that.

This tower had five floors. Lan Lan was on the third floor, and the two floors below and above were filled with many experts. The entire tower was also covered by a powerful barrier, and two elders guarded the entrance of the tower.

Wu Jingsheng came out, it was a man who looked too drunk, his face was pale. As the son of the Flying Immortal School, he had a good face, he had come alone.

Chen Xiang memorized Wu Jingsheng's appearance and every single action he took. Only after he walked a distance away did he turn into Wu Jingsheng and walk back into the tower.

"Little gongzi, why are you back? Are you in a hurry to eat that little girl? " An old man saw that Wu Jingsheng had returned and laughed. Then, she opened the barrier and let Chen Xiang in.

"I'm going to screw her up in the next two days so she won't look like she's going to make a fool of herself." Chen Xiang said, he walked in, went up the stairs and arrived at the third floor, behind him followed an old man.

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