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Because Chen Xiang had obtained that Divine Deity, he had also grasped the God-killing sword; this was the foundation of using the God Murdering Sword Techniques.

The Divine Deity gained from killing the yellow-clothed man was also not a small gain. This was the Upper True God's Divine Deity, and that Upper True God was still from the Supreme Divine Palace.

The Divine Deity that Chen Xiang had placed in the Divine Sense Sea was not completely refined yet, so he could not immediately devour this piece of Divine Deity. Now, he did not plan to continue devouring the Divine Deity either, because the rate at which he absorbed it was very slow and the amount of divine power he obtained was very little as well.

"According to the map, I still have a long way to go. I don't know how many more battles I'll have to fight." Chen Xiang looked at the map that appeared in his mind and sighed.

Yue'er squatted on his shoulder and remained on alert. Now she had to be alert, if Chen Xiang entered the trap, she would let him return to the original location and start over again. At that time, the enemies they would meet would become stronger.

"Don't continue walking. We'll take a detour around that mountain. There's a trap in front." Yue Er suddenly said.

In front of Chen Xiang was a flat desert, and on the other side was a large stone mountain, it was tall and steep, if not for Yue'er's words, he would have followed the best route in his mind and wouldn't have climbed over the mountain.

Yue'er could sense the traps set up here, so Chen Xiang listened to her and walked towards the group of mountains.

It was because those mountains were extremely strange. The higher he climbed, the heavier his body would be, especially when he reached the top of the mountain, it would be extremely difficult to even take a step forward, and when he was going down the mountain, he would even be knocked down the mountain by an extremely strong pressure.

"Damn." Chen Xiang turned his head to look at the barren mountain. He did not want to climb it a second time.

"After all, this is a trial. After passing it, you will be able to enter the Supreme Divine Palace." Yue'er laughed: "You have to work harder, not just anyone can enter the Supreme Divine Palace, you have also seen how powerful that fellow who grew up in the Supreme Divine Palace is, he is so young, there are even more outstanding people in the Supreme Divine Palace than him, maybe even in his teens."

Chen Xiang nodded his head, even in the Gods Realm, to be able to reach the Upper True God at the age of twenty was already very heaven defying.

"Six Realms Divine Palace, Supreme Divine Palace, and one of them is called the Divine Palace." Chen Xiang was already very tired after going over that mountain range. Right now, he was walking very slowly, which was equivalent to resting.

"There is also a shrine called Beast Divine Palace." I escaped from there. I grew up in the Beast Divine Palace since I was young, so I have always been curious about the outside world, thus I ran out here. I have been running for a long time already, and they did not come to find me, it is truly disappointing. "

When Chen Xiang heard Yue'er talking about Beast Divine Palace, he had indeed already guessed that Yue'er came from there. Other than that, he also thought of something else, which was that group of powerful beasts that were killed at that time, which should be related to this Beast Divine Palace.

"Yue'er, have you heard of the Azure Dragon, White Tiger, Vermillion Bird, and Black Tortoise?" After Chen Xiang came to the Gods Realm and learned about the matters of the Divine Palace, he had been wondering why there were no beast-like Divine Temples.

Now there was a Beast Divine Palace, and one that could be compared with the Six Realms Divine Palace s and Supreme Divine Palace s.

Yue'er replied, "Of course I have. It's just that they have all died, and they are the Four Protectors of the Beast Divine Palace during the Supreme God Stage. They are extremely powerful, but what happened after that … When the Beast Divine Palace s were attacked, they died the earliest. "

Right now, the three great halls do not allow disciples to leave as they wish, especially the experts of the God level. If not, the three great halls will have to fight again.

Chen Xiang couldn't help but think if he could still come out after entering the Supreme Divine Palace in the future. The reason why the outside world didn't understand the Supreme Divine Palace at all was because these three divine halls normally didn't have anyone coming out.

However, since he had already entered the trial, even if he did not want to enter the Supreme Divine Palace in the future, he had to pass this trial first.

The road was still very long, and as he walked, he refined that Divine Deity. After he climbed over that mountain, he began his journey of avoiding the traps.

With Yue'er's help, he knew where the traps were located. However, if he wanted to avoid the traps, he would have to walk a difficult path.

In the blink of an eye, two years had passed. On the way, Chen Xiang did not encounter any battles, but on the way, he found it hard to travel, and what made him feel good was that he managed to buy him a lot of time to cultivate. He had already stepped into the realm of Upper True God.

"This trial still consumes so much time, but it's good too, it can help me become a Upper True God, next I will need to reach the realm of a profound God."

If he only relied on one Divine Deity, it would be impossible for him to break through to Upper True God. He had refined the yellow clothed man's Divine Deity into a pellet, and only after consuming it would he be promoted to this stage.

This was also because his cultivation speed was too fast, causing his foundation to be unstable. Thus, he had to cultivate Heavenly Alchemy frequently to make up for it.

Chen Xiang took a few months to stabilize his foundation. Fortunately, this part of the journey was filled with trials of avoiding traps, so it was considered very easy. He did not need to fight.

It had been almost three years since he entered this trial. Long Xueyi had eaten the divine fruit of nine wonders and he had been sleeping soundly all this time. Therefore, Chen Xiang had only spoken to Yue'er about this these past few days.

"Yeah, it's not a trap this time. There's someone in front." Yue Er suddenly said.

"Is it finally here?" Chen Xiang was not afraid of battles anymore, because he was already a Upper True God, and everything that appeared in this stage was the strength of a Upper True God.

Sure enough, on the sand dune in front of him stood an old man wearing grey clothes. This old man was skinny, his entire face was covered in wrinkles, but his eyes were extremely bright, causing Chen Xiang to immediately be on guard. The old man who could appear here, was definitely not as weak as he seemed.

Chen Xiang took out the God Slaughtering Sword. Over the past two years, he had already become familiar with the God Murdering Sword Techniques's technique and could unleash it at any time.

"Young man, don't be in such a hurry to make a move. Do I look that scary?" The old man saw Chen Xiang's vigilance and asked with a smile.

"This is the Sovereign's Trial. I have to be vigilant." Chen Xiang said coldly.

The old man nodded, "That's right. If not, you wouldn't have been able to get here. I am indeed in charge of stopping you, but if you promise me one thing, not only will I not stop you, I will even give you some benefits."

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