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When Hell Devil Emperor and his group of divine gods arrived, their imposing manner was like an enormous wave that pushed forward. Chen Xiang currently stood at the bottom of a ten thousand meter high wave.

"Infernal domain." Hell Devil Emperor turned into a black shadow and flashed. Chen Xiang and the ice dragon were enveloped in a light black transparent domain.

No wonder he could stay with Devil-killing Divine Palace for such a long time. In the past, Devil-killing Heavenly God had a godly technique to suppress the power of demons, so he was basically not Devil-killing Heavenly God's opponent. But now, he could actually fight with the Devil-killing Heavenly God at the same level.

"Chen Xiang, die." The Unwearying Fighting Dan God roared and flew forward, already flying in front of the Hell Devil Emperor.

Hell Devil Emperor shouted coldly, "Come back."

But Unwearying Fighting Dan God did not care about him, he continued to fly forward, with Hell Devil Emperor extending his hand, a black shadow flashed out from his arm and hit Unwearying Fighting Dan God's body, sticking onto him and pulling him back.

"You can't kill him yet."

Evil aura surged from Hell Devil Emperor's body. Although the Unwearying Fighting Dan God that he brought back was furious, he did not dare to say anything else. This was because Hell Devil Emperor's strength had already deeply intimidated him.

"Hand over the Six Realms mirrors." The Hell Devil Emperor arrived in front of Chen Xiang in a flash, and did not attack him.

The ice dragon and Goddess Palace Leader had ended their battle. The ice dragon stood behind Chen Xiang, and the Goddess Palace Leader stood behind the Hell Devil Emperor, staring angrily at Chen Xiang. Because Chen Xiang had hidden those goddesses that she had brought with him, she couldn't let Chen Xiang die either.

The Hell Devil Emperor's Infernal Domain was extremely overbearing, causing the God of Fortune and the other powerful gods to feel uneasy. This was because they were currently in someone else's domain and were unable to break through.

Hell Devil Emperor's eyes brimmed with black aura as he exerted mental pressure on Chen Xiang.

The other gods now understood why the Hell Devil Emperor could not let Chen Xiang die. This Six Realms mirrors was extremely important to them, and all the gods present knew it.

"No, not even if I die." Chen Xiang replied very calmly.

But when he punched towards's nose, he felt that it was soft. In that moment just now, Chen Xiang used the change in the tenacity and softness inside the Seven devil-slain kungfu to make his head go soft, so he did not receive any injuries at all, and Hell Devil Emperor only used the power of his flesh.

"Seven devil-slain kungfu." Hell Devil Emperor was furious the moment he saw the Seven devil-slain kungfu, because he had lost many times to it.

Hell Devil Emperor retracted his fist and with a flash of black light, he punched towards Chen Xiang's nose once again. This time, Chen Xiang's head turned into a ball of mist and his fist directly rushed over, while Chen Xiang's body also instantly turned into mist and flew to the side before merging together once again.

This was the Cloud and Cloud Constellation of the Heavenly Body. It allowed the body to turn into a cloud to avoid attacks.

Chen Xiang stood there motionlessly as he was being punched by the Hell Devil Emperor. The Hell Devil Emperor had punched him twice in a row but Chen Xiang was completely fine.

"You are about to die, don't make unnecessary struggles. If you hand over the Six Realms mirrors and listen to my orders, hand over the God Murdering Sword Techniques and the Heavenly Alchemy, and I can guarantee that you will live well in the future." Hell Devil Emperor took a deep breath and said.

Chen Xiang was indeed an extraordinary person. If he couldn't kill him, it would be best to subdue him.

Chen Xiang said: "Even if I die, I won't give it to you. This thing definitely cannot fall into your hands."

The Six Realms mirrors was extremely important, and Chen Xiang knew that the Hell Devil Emperor would not kill him.

"Then I'll call until you give me one." Hell Devil Emperor roared in anger, his patience was limited, his fists had already turned blood-red, the veins on them were extremely sinister looking, releasing a purple light, waves after waves of Evil Qi surged forth, filling the entire Underworld Domain with a terrifying Demonic Suppression.

An ice sword appeared in the ice dragon's hand, and just as it was about to attack, the God of Fortune hurriedly flew over, "You should just be an honest mount."

The ice dragon got angry and began to fight with the God of Fortune again.

"Hmph." Hell Devil Emperor suddenly flashed over, her two fists that were filled with red fiends created a bloody afterimage of her fist, and swept towards Chen Xiang like a gale.

Chen Xiang remained calm as he circulated the Fierce Sun Heavenly Elephant of the Heavenly spirit kunfu, causing his body to become scorching hot and stiff, causing the evil energy that was invading his body to be cleansed under the intense sunlight.

This move had an effect, Hell Devil Emperor's attack actually did not harm Chen Xiang.

Chen Xiang did not plan to fight back at all, as long as he was not seriously injured, although the situation was very serious, he had to delay as long as he could, so that he could refine the Star God Pellet, and at that time, both he and Long Xueyi could recover a certain amount of energy.

"Aren't you afraid that I'll summon the Nine Heaven Devil Palace?" After Chen Xiang endured this attack, he said with a cold smile.

is the only one who has a Nine Divine Kings, and you have fused with a few other Chaos Fire Token, so the Chaos Fire Token is already ineffective. It should have been used by Feng Yujie, but the Nine Heaven Devil Palace will never appear again. Hell Devil Emperor said with complete confidence.

Chen Xiang now understood why these group of God Realm warriors had been so afraid, but had now quickly caught up. It was because they had met the Hell Devil Emperor on the way, but after hearing his words, they dispelled their misgivings towards him and turned back.

"I'll give it a try right now. If what you say is true, then with all of you accompanying me into that damn place, even if I die, I'll still laugh." Chen Xiang immediately took out all of the Chaos Fire Token.

The Hell Devil Emperor did not stop him and laughed wildly: "The matter regarding the Chaos Fire Token was told to me by the Highest Devil God. Back then, when we were manufacturing the Chaos Fire Token, he also gave me some advice.

The God of Fortune and the others believed what the Hell Devil Emperor said, because they already knew that there was a god behind the Hell Devil Emperor, and this was something they knew.

Chen Xiang had already secretly sent a sound transmission to the ice dragon, telling him to prepare to leave. He believed that he could summon out the Nine Heaven Devil Palace, and he had only just learned of the fact that only Supreme god bone with the Nine Divine Kings could summon out the Nine Heaven Devil Palace.

The ice dragon didn't plan to leave, and he also planned to take a look at the Nine Heaven Devil Palace s. Because Chen Xiang had helped him a lot, he wanted to accompany Chen Xiang to the end.

Chen Xiang forced out a few drops of blood and poured them into the remaining Chaos Fire Token.

The protective Sovereign light of the Chaos Fire Token was extremely strong, but these gods had long prepared to block it. They all knew that it was this protective Sovereign light that Chen Xiang used to successfully kill enemies who were many times stronger than him.

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