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Yao Shumei flew out from the mountain range, and when she saw Chen Xiang, who was not far away, using his unparalleled divine powers to deal with the Sky Demons, she was extremely surprised, her beautiful face was filled with surprise and joy. The Devil-suppressing holy power that Chen Xiang cultivated was what these Sky Demons feared the most, when Chen Xiang used this kind of power to deal with the Sky Demons, it was like crushing ants.

"Thank you very much for coming," Yao Shumei came to Wu Kaiming's side and said gratefully.

"No need to thank me. Junior Master should be compensating your Peach Blossom Imperial Land," Wu Kaiming laughed, "Looks like we don't have to fight anymore. We can just stay here and watch."

The Great Clan Elder of the Peach Blossom Imperial Land and some other elders with decent strength could not come back, so it was easy to guess that Chen Xiang was involved, which was why Wu Kaiming said that.

"The Great Clan Elder colluded with outsiders and wanted the Peach Blossom Imperial Land to walk onto a path that our ancestors opposed. Although their deaths caused great losses for the Peach Blossom Imperial Land, it also prevented the Peach Blossom Imperial Land from falling into danger for the time being," Yao Shumei sighed helplessly.

The Zhenyuan granule s in Chen Xiang's body started to light up one by one, the five Beast statue s in his dantian seemed to be connected to many rivers. The Innate Qi crazily rushed inside, creating many Zhenyuan granule s that could hold Innate Qi s.

"It's not fast enough yet," Chen Xiang felt that the refining speed in his dantian couldn't keep up with the speed at which the Innate Qi was being absorbed.

It made him suddenly feel as if he was watching the movement of countless stars under a clear night sky. The movement of countless stars in his mind right now was exactly the way the movement of the stars in the sky was going through, the movement of countless stars at the same time, creating a profound formation, allowing the energy to react in a variety of ways, sometimes forming a line in the middle of a star, which was also a Spirit grain.

This Star Shift Diagram contained the charm of a natural Great Way of the Buddha. Chen Xiang quickly immersed himself in it, and let the Zhenyuan granule in his dantian, which was one of the five Beast statue, be arranged according to the vast sea of stars in the Diagram.

This was a very rare opportunity, and he definitely would not let it go so easily. He had just obtained the Celestial Slain Method, and was able to comprehend a few of its main points, and this made him extremely excited.

It gave off an indescribable feeling, as if this Tai Chi Dragon Formation was birthed from the earth. At the same time, all the devil clouds in the sky were sucked down, and a clear night sky suddenly appeared. Countless stars shined on the ground, but when the star energy entered the ground, it was all absorbed by the Tai Chi Dragon Formation.

"What is my Junior Master doing?" Wu Kaiming was startled, he suddenly felt that Chen Xiang in front of him was very illusionary, as if he had merged with the world, and the Tai Chi Dragon Formation became even bigger, extending to the feet of all the Sky Demons around them.

In just an instant, all the Sky Demons had fallen into the Tai Chi Dragon Formation, while Chen Xiang's body was frantically refining the Innate Qi, some of the expelled waste gas gushed out of his body, and let out waves of whooshing sounds.

"This... He seems to be absorbing the energy of the heaven and earth, using the earth to absorb it, it's too terrifying, "Wu Kaiming groaned.

Yao Shumei saw that Chen Xiang was absorbing the spirit energy around him without end, and couldn't help but become worried, because their Peach Blossom Imperial Land was stationed here, and there was a piece of Sparite vein below them.

"Wait, he doesn't seem to be absorbing spirit energy," Wu Kaiming suddenly raised his head to look at the sky and saw the gigantic meteors descending.

"Quickly take away your Peach Blossom Imperial Land's disciples, Junior Master has gone mad," Wu Kaiming suddenly saw a huge white star falling from the sky, and shouted out.

Yao Shumei was so shocked that his face turned pale. This kind of power could only be obtained by using Heaven Earth Killing Method s to bring down stars in the Star Domain.

At this moment, Chen Xiang was only using his strong divine power and the power of the stars that was shining down to absorb a star that was close to the ground.

Yao Shumei immediately brought all the disciples away from the mountain range. Fortunately, the white star was not easily taken down, as it seemed to be resisting Chen Xiang's power.

In the distance, a group of people watched with wide eyes as a gigantic white star that could destroy a continent slowly descended. The force generated caused the ground to crack and crack.

Not long ago, when Chen Xiang was in Pill City, her strength was only at the same level as hers. When she met these heavenly girls, she had to retreat, but now, she felt that holding on for ten moves was already very good.

Only Ten Heavens Supreme Lord had mastered the heaven defying art of devouring stars back then. Being able to see it with their own eyes now had scared a large number of people silly.

Chen Xiang's eyes shone with a white light, he raised his head and looked at the gigantic white star, roaring angrily, he waved his fist and smashed at it, the vast Dragon Power rushed out and turned into a gigantic dragon fist, smashing onto the white star.


The mountain-like dragon fist smashed onto the white star, creating a huge wave of energy. The mountain for miles was flattened, and only the mountain range where the Peach Blossom Imperial Land was at was still intact.

The white star was not destroyed by one punch, but seeing this, Chen Xiang threw out another punch.

Boom, boom, boom!

Chen Xiang had also used the ninth level of Devil Subduing Method to execute his punches, increasing the number of Dragon Power disciples by several times. That kind of power, was as though he wanted to smash the heavens, and with every punch, he caused everyone to be shocked.

However, he could only grind some of the dust off the white star. The mountain range where Peach Blossom Imperial Land was previously at was also destroyed by the waves of Qi, becoming flat ground.

The strength that Chen Xiang was currently displaying far surpassed his own level, because this was no longer his strength anymore. He was borrowing the strength of the earth's power to blast apart this star, smash it into pieces, and then engulf it.

After a thousand consecutive punches, a few cracks suddenly appeared on the surface of the white star. The intense light rays from the Myriad Tao were like countless sharp swords, seemingly wanting to pierce through time and shoot out from those cracks.


An explosive sound shook the entire galaxy, splitting the earth as if the entire Heaven Thunder Purgatory was about to be torn apart by the sound, shaking everyone's soul.

The stars that emitted the blinding white light suddenly split apart, exploding into pieces of small stones, and all fell into the Tai Chi Dragon Formation on the ground. They transformed into an incomparably majestic Innate Qi, and poured into Chen Xiang's body.

Chen Xiang felt that if he were to experience a major change in cultivation method, it would no longer be like the path that Huang Jintian had taught him before, it was also because he had suddenly comprehended the Celestial Slain Method. In order to let him succeed in his transformation, the Ground killing, God slain method and Celestial Slain Method suddenly gave birth to a strange power, he took down a star from the sky, and even used the power of the earth to destroy the star.

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