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Chen Xiang made a trip to the profound Cold Ancient Realm. Although he did not enter any very dangerous depths, he had profited greatly, and the profoundbing he obtained was probably the sum of the hard work of many great forces over many years. There was a total of 3,700 pieces, so he was not in a hurry to open them.

He returned to the Northern Demon City, and then with that appearance, he came to the Sky Demon Pavilion. The charming demoness there welcomed him enthusiastically, yet Lv Qinlian still hadn't returned.

When he had previously been heading towards that underground palace, he had heard that Lv Qinlian had been plagued by some troublesome matters. He was very curious about what had caused Lv Qinlian, the Demon Empress, to go there for such a long time.

Chen Xiang was a distinguished guest here. He had called for the female owner of the Sky Demon Pavilion, a mature and attractive demoness.

"Where did your Big Sister go? Why hasn't she come back yet?" Chen Xiang was in a hurry to go to Demon Charming Association to help Lv Qinlian look at the profoundbing.

"She went to take care of things. She should have mentioned to you that the Sparite vein of our Demon Charming Association was taken away by someone else." The woman replied very gently.

"Where is that mine? I'll go find her and maybe I can help her. She's already so strong, and she's been working on it for so long. The ones who took over your mine shouldn't be weak, right?" Chen Xiang said.

"Yes, that group of people are very strong. Even now, we still don't know where they came from. Young master, I can tell you where Big Sis is now. If you have something urgent, you can go look for her."

Some of the Spirit Demons here called Lv Qinlian king while some even called her elder sister. In short, Lv Qinlian did not have much prestige in the Demon Charming Association, even if it was outsiders. Furthermore, Lv Qinlian's personality was very gentle, and he looked very amiable and approachable. Hence, the Spirit Demons in the Demon Charming Association got along well with her.

After Chen Xiang found out the location from the shopkeeper, he immediately rushed over. He wanted to ask Lv Qinlian if he knew about the Ice Emperor, and he also wanted to see who the guy who dared to provoke the Demon Charming Association was, to actually be able to stall Lv Qinlian for so long.

The Sparite vein was inside the Demon Realm, but it was very close to the Human Realm and belonged to the border region of the Demon Realm. After Chen Xiang stepped into the Demon Realm, he passed by a large expanse of ice mountains that were covered in ice and snow, and he saw a rolling black cloud in the distance above him.

Although they had seen it from afar, they could tell that the battle was extremely intense.

Lv Qinlian was controlled by the Demon Charming Association, and she had already transferred most of the Heaven Realm's power to Di Tian. Although she was called the Demon Empress, there were even more people who called her the Poison King on Di Tian.

Therefore, Chen Xiang was extremely shocked. Furthermore, he guessed that the person who was fighting Lv Qinlian should be able to suppress Lv Qinlian's poison, and have the same strength as him, otherwise it wouldn't be like this.

This caused Chen Xiang to be secretly worried in his heart. He originally thought that other than the White Tiger and Lv Qinlian, there was no one else with great strength that could compare to Lv Qinlian in Di Tian, but now such a strong guy suddenly appeared. Furthermore, it seems that he was stronger than Lv Qinlian.

Previously, Chen Xiang had mentioned to the owner of the Sky Demon Pavilion that the person who suddenly appeared to seize the Demon Charming Association's Sparite vein had a mysterious background. Thinking of this, Chen Xiang became even more worried.

No wonder this power dared to take over Demon Charming Association's Sparite vein. So it turns out that they had a powerful Ranker supporting them, and they seemed to be doing it on purpose to steal it, and provoke the Demon Charming Association. Could it be that it was to lure Lv Qinlian out?

could already see that there were many seductive spirit beasts in Demon Charming Association holding onto weapons and fighting with a group of people who were unable to tell whether they were male or female. The people who were fighting with the group of spirit beasts in Demon Charming Association were also demons, but they were extremely beautiful, with a slim figure and long hair that covered their shoulders, making them difficult to distinguish between males and females.

"These guys all have the smell of snakes. Don't tell me they're all snake demons, and from their aura, they seem to be ancient foreign species? It's said that these snakes can change their surname to either female or male, depending on the situation so that they can continue their reproduction and maintain the orthodoxy of their bloodline." Long Xueyi said in surprise.

With just a few steps, Chen Xiang rushed into the battlefield. He formed a palm blade with his hand, using Holy Spirit Qi, he arrived behind a fighting Devil Snake, aimed his attack at the monster's back, and slashed out with his blade.

Chen Xiang used the Devil-suppressing holy power on top of its lightning speed and slashed down, causing the snake demon's throat to shatter. At the same time, the female spirit who was fighting the snake demon also pierced through the snake demon's chest.

"Where's Sister Lian? Is she fighting with a very powerful guy?" Chen Xiang hurriedly asked the spirit demon lady.

These are all Evil Snake Demons, they came from Evil Snake Mountain, I don't know why such a force suddenly appeared. In short, every two or three days, these fellows would come out to provoke us. She recognized Chen Xiang, a VIP from the Sky Demon Pavilion. Now that she had come to help, she was naturally very happy, and this VIP was also very strong.

"Evil Snake Demon, don't you all know how to use poison? Why don't you use poison to deal with them?"

Chen Xiang punched a serpent demon that was charging towards her from the side. Three thunderous booms sounded and released three layers of Devil Subduing Method power, causing the snake demon's head to explode into pieces. The female spirit was completely shocked, because the Devil-suppressing holy power and Devil Subduing Method that Chen Xiang used was extremely terrifying.

"These guys aren't afraid of poison. Even our Big Sister can't kill these little Devil Snakes with her most powerful poison. We just need to use the normal method to fight these Devil Snakes." Many of her sisters were injured, she hoped that Chen Xiang could help the other Spirit Demon beings.

After Chen Xiang asked about the details of the situation, he immediately went to help the Spirit Demon beings who were trapped in the bitter battle. Although these Spirit Demons normally used poison, under the situation where they did not use poison, their fighting strength was still extremely strong.

The sudden addition of Chen Xiang into the battle made the serpent demons furious, because he had killed one of them with one move. The Devil Subduing Method that he used, was the very terrifying power of these serpent demons, it not only easily dispelled the evil energy in their bodies, it also had the mystical ability to fight against demons, and it could cause huge injuries to them. If combined with the Devil-suppressing holy power, as well as the profound meaning of the word "suppress" by the Holy Devil-suppressing seal, Chen Xiang could kill a serpent demon with one slap.

He had initially wanted to suppress the Demon Charming Association's female Goblin, then kill them all, or capture some of them back alive. However, he did not expect that such a perverted person like Chen Xiang would suddenly appear, and cause the group of Snake Demons's plans to be disrupted.

Clear thunderclaps sounded out one after another, and the Devil Snakes were also relatively fewer in number. At this time, the Evil Woman's aura also became stronger, and since they had more of them, the situation quickly reversed, and the Devil Snakes were completely suppressed by the Evil Woman.

Although these female demons were all cute and dainty, when they attacked, they were not as slow as they used to be. The long swords danced in the air and blood splattered everywhere. Broken limbs were scattered all over the ground.

Very quickly, this group of little Devil Snakes were completely annihilated, and not far away, there were even stronger Snake Demon and the Evil Woman fighting, there were only a few of them, and those Devil Snakes knew that the little Devil Snakes that they brought with them were exterminated, and they became furious, immediately calling over a sturdy Devil Snake which was roughly at the Nirvana tribulation level.

This Devil Snake was different from the other beautiful Devil Snakes. This Devil Snake had a distinct male body, a fierce-looking face, a set of stiff black armor, and a huge black blade in his hand. He wildly rushed forward, trampling the corpses of the Devil Snakes into a pile of meat paste.

Chen Xiang stood in front of the group of female demons who were terrified by the application, and said in a deep voice, "Leave this guy to me, do your best to find a safe place to hide. If you two are safe, your Big Sis can fight with more peace."

Lv Qinlian was close to these female demons, so she was sure that she was extremely anxious right now. This was the first time they had met such a fellow who was not afraid of poison.

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