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In this Divine City, there were many experts who went to the Super God Restricted Area to search for treasures every day. They would gather here to prepare and gather sufficient medicinal pellets and to find out where there would be a genius in there. Most of them would use their divine money to buy useful information.

Teams of them could be seen everywhere, and it was more likely that they would enter together to survive.

The reason why Chen Xiang and Long Xueyi entered the Divine City was obviously not to make preparations, but to check if there were any hidden records left behind by Lv Qilian and the others, and to inquire whether they had come here before.

They walked around the Divine City and asked a few waiters in the hotels but didn't find anything related to Lv Qilian and the others.

"Strange, could it be that they are not selling pills? Where did they go? Or did they already have enough money? Now, they can hide somewhere and refine a divine pill to raise their strength." Chen Xiang looked at the table full of sumptuous dishes, but he did not have much appetite.

Long Xueyi was also nibbling on his food. She and Chen Xiang had asked around in the city for at least half a day and found out that the shop that sold Purple profound Dan s and other famous sacred pills had been closed for a long time. After the shop closed, those famous sacred pills had all disappeared, causing many people to feel extremely regretful.

In other words, after Lv Qilian and the others left, they had not sold any more Holy Pellets, which made Chen Xiang think that they were hiding somewhere.

Of course, at this time, the had also spread news of him. As soon as he came back, he crippled Li Zhonghan, infuriated the Feng Shen and then went to the Devil-killing Divine City to refine the black clouds. After that, the Devil-killing Heavenly God made his move on Feng Shen.

Chen Xiang and Long Xueyi did not manage to learn anything about Lv Qilian and the others, but they did know that an important matter was that the War God Shrine had sent a group of experts into the Super God Restricted Area.

"We should be full. We need to hurry up and catch up with the War God Shrine. From the information we gathered, the woman they were hunting was most likely Bai Ziqian or Lv Qinlian." Chen Xiang said to Long Xueyi as he nodded his head. After eating the last dish, he sucked his finger.

Chen Xiang understood that the woman being hunted was not very strong. It was most probably because of what the profound God s did, but the War God Shrine had sent out their Sky God level s and a group of profound God s.

"Don't you want to enter the ring?" Chen Xiang asked.

Long Xueyi held onto Chen Xiang's arm, and laughed: "No need, I want to see from the outside, my current strength is not weak at all."

Chen Xiang also wanted to chat and laugh with Long Xueyi, since Long Xueyi had sufficient strength now, he didn't need to worry about anything.

"Let's go." Chen Xiang pulled Long Xueyi and disappeared from the in a flash, appearing on a patch of black land that was steaming hot.

The area was surrounded by volcanoes that were emitting thick smoke. There were quite a few cracks in the pitch-black ground, and one could clearly see those cracks emitting a red light.

"This is the safest entrance." Long Xueyi looked around. The lava here made her feel hot.

"En, I don't care about random teleportation right now, we should just follow a safe route first, just in case we teleport to a place where we can't escape." Chen Xiang saw a group of people riding on Frisbee in front of him and confirmed that this was the safe entrance.

Back then, Bai Ziqian, Bai Youyou and Su Meiyao had left together, but Lv Qinlian was going with Little Lizhi. Chen Xiang thought that the one who used the poison was very likely Bai Ziqian, because Lv Qinlian and Little Lizhi would be together with him.

Although it was surrounded by volcanoes, it was indeed a safe entrance. After Chen Xiang and Long Xueyi carefully passed through, they saw a fiery-red haze shrouding the land in front of them.

"After passing through this red fog, you will be able to see the Super God Restricted Area. As long as you follow this warm stream, you will be able to pass through safely." Chen Xiang pointed ahead, as he and Long Xueyi saw many people get off the flying discs and enter on foot.

A dense red haze covered the world. There was an unending amount of thunder and lightning, causing it to be filled with endless danger. According to the guide for entering Super God Restricted Area, as long as one followed the warm flow of the volcanoes, one would be able to enter the Super God Restricted Area safe and sound.

With a relaxed expression, Long Xueyi held hands with Chen Xiang and stepped into the red haze. Even though blood-red lightning constantly flashed inside and eerie howls came from inside, Chen Xiang did not sense any danger inside, as it was indeed very safe.

"This Super God Restricted Area is also a place to escape. Many people who have offended the Great Shrine would try their best to drill into this place. Although it is very dangerous inside, it is better than being hunted outside." Long Xueyi looked around: "This place is still covered by the red fog like before, I wonder what changes are going on inside."

Only now did Chen Xiang remember that Long Xueyi was once a powerful Divine Beast in the Beast Divine Palace, she might even be someone else from the Great God level.

"Xue Yi, do you know about the matters concerning the Beast Divine Palace? You should be from the Beast Divine Palace." Chen Xiang said: "Yue'er told me this. She was the one who ran out of Beast Divine Palace."

Yes, back then only Beast Divine Palace gathered a large amount of powerful beasts, but they were all taken care of in the end, hah. Long Xueyi shook his head: "Regarding this matter, I only have a fragmented memory. It gives me a headache just thinking about it."

Chen Xiang laughed, and caressed her head: "Then don't even think about it, I will help you retrieve your incomplete memories very soon."

The area that the mist covered was very wide, and was like a barrier that separated Super God Restricted Area. Chen Xiang wanted to try to use his spatial teleportation, but he was affected by an unstable, strange power, which was why he did not try.

It was reasonable to say that after he used the Six Realms' Power, his use of the spatial laws would become even stronger. But right now, he was still unable to use it in this red fog.

This Super God Restricted Area was initially a place of chaotic battles between gods, and after the war, they were enveloped by a mysterious power, causing the place to be extremely dangerous and mysterious. Moreover, there were a lot of Armour of Inherent Equipment left behind by strong Gods scattered everywhere, there were also a lot of geniuses and treasures, causing a lot of people to come here to participate in the Treasure Seeking Trials.

Three days later, Chen Xiang and Long Xueyi finally cleared the blood red fog, and a cold current suddenly attacked them, causing them, who possessed a powerful physique, to shiver.

"What a terrifying cold power." Long Xueyi said as his brows furrowed, "How can this be? Super God Restricted Area has become a world of ice and snow. This place was extremely beautiful in the past, it shouldn't have been like this even after the battle."

Chen Xiang could not help but shiver. With the Supreme god bone s in this state, wouldn't it be even worse if his other bodies were weaker? He and Long Xueyi had already seen many people lying on the ground, frozen in front of them.

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