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These three old men were even more powerful than the old man Wang. They were able to quickly discover that they were being plotted against, and immediately circulated all the energy in their bodies to resist the Drunk god powder's poison. However, after the crossbow arrows had pierced into their bodies, the gathered Drunk god powder s burst out, their spreading speed was extremely fast, in a blink of an eye, they had reached their four limbs, and in a short period of time, their entire bodies were anesthetized.

Long Huishan seized the opportunity to avoid any unforeseen events, and wielding the light blade, he came to the side of the three elders.

"Super Old poison, drunk god! Who was it …? "What is it..."

Long Huishan did not allow him to waste any more words. With one slash, three heads fell off.

"They didn't bring anything with them. It seems like they are worried that they won't be able to go back!" Long Huishan used his blade to pick at the corpses of the elders, but he did not find any Storage magic treasure s.

"Let me clean it up. Go far away!" Chen Xiang walked over. He was worried that when he was burning the corpses, the Drunk god magical poison would float out.

Only after Long Huishan left the area did Chen Xiang set fire to the corpses of the three people. He originally planned to take out the three people's Heaven Pills, but the Heaven Pills were destroyed due to the intoxicating poison.

"This woman should be at the late stage of Immortal Monarch, or even at the peak of Immortal Monarch. Even if you don't kill those three old fellows, giving her some time would be enough to kill those three old turtles." Long Xueyi said.

"Immortal Monarch?"

This was the first time Chen Xiang had heard this name, so he continued to rush forward. Just like before, Chen Xiang continued to separate with her.

"After transcending the nine Nirvana Tribulations, one would become a Worldly Immortal, also known as Immortal. Demons are called Devil Immortals, while Demons are Demon Immortals!" Above them will be Celestial Immortals, Celestial Demons, and Celestial Demons. There are many people at this stage. Long Xueyi said.

"sister Meiyao, Sister You You You, how strong were you in the past?" Chen Xiang was extremely curious, because they needed the Holy level's medicinal pellets in order to recover their peak strength.

Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou did not answer, but Long Xueyi guessed, "It should at least be a mid or late stage Immortal King! The Immortal cultivation realms were divided into four levels: the front, middle, back, and peak. Under normal circumstances, the strength of each small level was far different. "If it's you and me, you can't use common sense!"

"The strength of a late stage Immortal King? Isn't that close to the strength of Ten Heavens Supreme Lord? " Chen Xiang said in shock.

"Far from it." Long Xueyi said.

"Then what about Lv Qinlian? She is the Demon Empress, so she should have the strength of the Immortal King! " Chen Xiang asked again.

"She should be a Little Immortal King, but she isn't that type of attack. She specializes in poison, so she doesn't look that powerful." but it's also very powerful. It's poison, you know. "

As he got closer and closer to the Dragon Cave, Chen Xiang guessed that if Long Huishan talked about the Ice Dragon Inheritance, she would probably become a Immortal King. With this person as a backer, he wouldn't need to worry about any unspoken rules anymore.

In front of him was a huge iceberg. The cold wind blew and the nearby forest was covered in frost. After leaving the forest, the cold wind became stronger. When it blew across his face, it felt as if he was being cut by a blade.

Even up to here, Chen Xiang still maintained a distance from Long Huishan.

The facts proved that this was true, because just as Long Huishan walked out of the forest and headed towards a gigantic cave, a man in a red robe suddenly appeared. This man looked pretty delicate and pretty, and was similar to Long Huishan.

"My dear sister, you are truly amazing! The three elders were all killed by you, and not to mention so fast. From the looks of it, you seemed to be very relaxed back then! "But now …"

The red robed man had an evil smile on his face and his voice sounded weird. When Long Huishan saw him, his face turned ugly.

"You … Why are you here? Weren't you already sealed by my father? " Long Huishan anxiously took a few steps back, but suddenly there was a burst of red Qi around her, causing her to be unable to move.

Chen Xiang could already tell from her expression that this red robed man was very powerful.

He took out the Death-haunting arrow, and just as he was about to attack, the red robed man suddenly flashed and slapped Long Huishan's lower abdomen. Long Huishan let out a miserable cry as he fell onto the ground.

The red robed man grabbed onto Long Huishan's long hair and laughed sinisterly: "Your blood must taste good, but I will let you live for a while longer, you better hand over the Ice dragon sword, otherwise I won't let you die happily."

"Death-haunting arrow is useless, this guy has a powerful aura. Judging from his strength, he should be at the peak of Immortal Monarch!" Long Xueyi said.

"The Ice dragon sword is not in my hands!" Long Huishan said in pain. Not only was the red robed man's strength strong, his methods were also strange. Chen Xiang could not understand why he could knock Long Huishan down with a single palm.

"Humph, that kid isn't with you, he must have died on the way, the Ice dragon sword is definitely in your hands!" The red-robed man's knee fiercely smashed into Long Huishan's abdomen, bringing with it a burst of red Dragon Power, but the blood that Long Huishan spat out, was actually all sucked away by the red-clothed man.

Chen Xiang's eyes lit up. He had thought of a brilliant plan, but it was extremely risky!

Although he was hiding at the side, he was not discovered, and Long Huishan did not say that he was nearby either. Furthermore, Long Huishan had a face full of despair, clearly hoping that Yun Che would not come out and save him, because that would only harm him.

Chen Xiang took out all the Drunk god powder s, and quickly refined the Drunk god powder into a gaseous state. After he was done, he absorbed the large amount of intoxicating poisonous gas into his body, and then took out the Ice dragon sword s, and poured them into the Ice dragon sword!

"Long An, even if I die, I won't hand over the Ice dragon sword to you. Just give up on this thought of yours. If you kill me, you won't get anything!"

"Let's see how long you can last!" Long An struck towards Long Huishan's abdomen again, and some red, evil Dragon Power were even injected into it. One could tell at a glance that it was that kind of thing that caused Long Huishan to be in extreme pain.

"Stop! The Ice dragon sword is with me!" Chen Xiang suddenly rushed out.

Long Huishan glared at Chen Xiang and sent a sound transmission to Chen Xiang: "Why did you come out? You absolutely cannot let the Ice dragon sword fall into his hands. You and I have no chance of winning against him! "

Chen Xiang did not respond to Long Huishan. When he saw that Long An was going to attack him, he immediately shouted: "If you dare touch me, I will kill myself, and my Storage magic treasure will disappear with me!"

"You want to use the Ice dragon sword to exchange for this woman?" Long An looked at Chen Xiang with disdain. In his eyes, Chen Xiang was just a little bug that he could squash at any time.

"That's right, let him go, I will hand the Ice dragon sword to you!" Chen Xiang said.

"How do I know if you have a Ice dragon sword?" Long An sneered. "This woman has some ability. I don't want her to have the chance to counterattack me."

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