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Although it looked no different from an ordinary dagger, the scene just now had shocked Chen Xiang. If not for the fact that profoundwu diamond armour had appeared quickly, he felt that after the dagger had pierced into his body, it would have released a strong demonic energy that wreaked havoc in his body, destroying his dantian and destroying his Divine Sense Sea. This demonic energy was simply too terrifying.

"That was close. That strike just now, even a Immortal Monarch would have died." Chen Xiang said with fear still lingering in his heart, after that he picked up the dagger, other than it being slightly heavier, it looked really no different from an ordinary dagger, only that its shape was somewhat old and rough.

"This thing must have been used by a powerful warrior from the Devil Cultivator, it has been refined using his own demonic energy for many years, even a Divine Craftsman would not be able to create it in a short period of time, so which powerful Devil Cultivator is it?" After Bai Youyou finished speaking, she began to think deeply, recalling some of the ancient secrets she had told him.

"This treasure chest was left behind when Di Tian was finished. It should be the experts of that period of time. We will definitely not know how many experts there were during that period of time, maybe Duan Chong or the White Tiger will know about it." Su Meiyao said.

"Among the ten kings of the Nine Heavens, could there be a Demon Emperor? Perhaps that dagger was left behind by the Demon Emperor?" Long Xueyi guessed: "I think only Devil Cultivator of that level can make a normal dagger this powerful."

Chen Xiang held the dagger and poured it into the Innate Qi, only to see it once again emit a red glow, but it was extremely weak. However, when the red glow appeared on the dagger, Chen Xiang felt that the dagger was extremely powerful, he swiped at the stone wall lightly, and an invisible Qi flew out, which actually left a deep scratch.

"Amazing, he might really be a Demon Emperor. I wonder if the Demon Emperor is among the Nine Emperor Ten Kings." Bai Youyou was the Devil Cultivator, so she was very curious about the Demon Emperor and felt that there should be one.

Chen Xiang said: "Go and ask the White Tiger, I have some things to do with him, this dagger is a good item, in the future when I meet the Devil Cultivator, I will use this to scare them."

Chen Xiang was very satisfied with the last treasure chest. In order to obtain the map and the dagger, he had no choice but to find the White Tiger.

The place where the White Tiger profound Realm was located was at the edge of the Chen Martial Continent. However, ordinary people would not be able to enter even if they knew that there was a profound Realm there.

Chen Xiang had a White Tiger Divine Weapon, so when he came here, as long as he sensed the profound Realm and released his power, he would be able to open a door.

As Chen Xiang entered, he appeared in a sea of flowers. Standing on top of a small hill, he greedily breathed in the fragrant air that was accompanied by the flower fragrance, and looked at the large expanse of flowers in the distance.

After passing through the beautiful green plains, he entered a forest. Tall and straight trees lined up neatly in an orderly manner. All kinds of bird calls made this forest bustling with activity, bringing endless life.

Someone had entered. It didn't take long for the patriarch of the White Tiger Fighting Race, Bai Zhan, to arrive. He knew that Chen Xiang was here, so he wasn't too nervous.

"I really want to stay here for a while." After Chen Xiang saw Bai Zhan, he sighed.

"Anytime." Bai Zhan treated Chen Xiang as if he were of the same generation, because he knew that Chen Xiang had obtained the White Tiger Divine Weapon and the members of the White Tiger Fighting Race knew very well that it would only be obtained by defeating the White Tiger.

The White Tiger had already changed its residence. It was no longer on the large tree from before, but inside a simple and unadorned small courtyard. He was not surprised that Chen Xiang had arrived.

The White Tiger wore a white robe. Although he had extremely strong strength, he did not make anyone feel any pressure. On his face was an amiable smile. At that moment, he was sitting next to a pond and he was actually fishing.

"A big white cat that likes to eat fish, that's how boring it is." Long Xueyi snorted.

Chen Xiang came to the White Tiger's side and also sat down by the pond. He was already very familiar with the White Tiger and was like friends with it, so he did not need to be courteous.

"You actually didn't come to save me. You are my Dragon Subduing School's Great Elder." Chen Xiang joked.

You are a dignified Leader, you don't even need me, the Great Clan Elder, to help you. Look, aren't you out now, and this is pretty good as well.

If the White Tiger went to save Chen Xiang, the Fire Divine Palace might just disappear right away. After the sound of the wind blowing, they could come out and cause some more trouble.

Chen Xiang recalled how, in order to escape, he couldn't help but let out a long sigh: "At that time, I almost couldn't get out, it was really difficult for me to break free from that seal."

The White Tiger changed its hand to the fishing rod and said with a smile, "But you're still not out yet."

Chen Xiang laid down and looked at the dark blue sky within the White Tiger profound Realm. He especially yearned for the tranquility here, but he knew that he was not fit to live such a peaceful life.

"Did you take revenge on the Fire Divine Palace?" The White Tiger looked at Chen Xiang and asked.

"Of course they did, they destroyed one of their Immortal Kings, what made them most distressed was the fact that the Ice Emperor was completely destroyed by me, but they didn't know that I did it, they still thought that I was sealed." Chen Xiang laughed proudly.

"Ice Emperor, this guy is still alive." The White Tiger frowned and pulled up the fishing rod, then threw the fishing hook out. He also felt very surprised when he heard about the matter with the Ice Emperor, and he had even been completely killed by Chen Xiang.

"Fire Divine Palace wants to revive the Ice Emperor, but it just so happens that I know their plan. After I came out of that damned seal, the first thing I did was to send that Ice Emperor on his way."

Fire Divine Palace is currently half dead, if I were to revive the Ice Emperor, it would definitely be able to provide them with a lot of power. Back then, Qi Shi had a great battle with them, but they were not killed completely, and at their level, it would be difficult for them to die entirely. I never thought that you would actually kill them, how did you do that?

"If I say it out loud, you won't despise me, right?" This was a big secret of Chen Xiang's, but he could confess it to the White Tiger as it would allow him to obtain more of the secrets of the past from the White Tiger.

The White Tiger thought for a bit. It knew that Chen Xiang had many wicked tricks, but no matter how it thought about it, it just could not understand how Chen Xiang had completely killed the Ice Emperor. Even the Ten Heavens Supreme Lord would not be able to do that, otherwise the Ice Emperor and the Fire Emperor would not be able to live past this era.

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