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After the New Imperial Heaven World stabilized, many powerhouses started flying towards the Heaven Realm. Although most of them hoped that their powers would become stronger in the New Imperial Heaven World, so that when the Heaven Realm and Di Tian were on good terms, they would have a certain amount of strength.

Chen Xiang was also doing his best to raise his strength. He was about to cultivate the ninth embryo very quickly, and it had taken him over thirty years to reach this stage, and the further he got, the harder it was to cultivate. He thought that he would be able to achieve it in at most ten years, but as he cultivated, every little bit of improvement was extremely difficult.

This was when he had a large amount of pills. If he did not have the pills, Philosophic stone, or the powerful martial arts he mentioned, he could not imagine how long it would take.

"My divine power is still unable to condense into God wind." Chen Xiang was a little disappointed, because the breakthrough was just around the corner, but the improvement of the divine way was not very fast.

"Just think about it, it took me a lot of effort to cultivate it." Long Xueyi said. In this period of time, she had frequently trained in Gods join method with Chen Xiang, causing their relationship to become extremely close, and their relationship to deepen.

Chen Xiang ate four Hunyuan Dan s, which he had just refined.

"Just a little bit more. The ninth core is about to appear, and the nine Nirvana Tribulations are about to arrive. I wonder how powerful it will be." Chen Xiang was very much looking forward to the Ninth Nirvana Tribulation. Most of his Nirvana Doom were abnormal and very powerful, but to him, it was a cruel test that had great benefits.

"Don't fall into a trap. Even though you won't lose your soul after failing your tribulation, you still have to start over from the beginning. Just think about how painful it will be." Long Xueyi said in a stern voice.

"Got it."

"They haven't reacted yet." Chen Xiang had waited for many years, but Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou had never woken up. Every time he thought about this, he was extremely worried.

"No, I'm still the same." Long Xueyi had also answered many times, she had thought that Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou would wake up soon, but dozens of years had passed and even she was starting to worry, she didn't know what to do.

"The final tribulation is here. Don't lose your mind, you have to get through it." Long Xueyi said in a stern voice.

Refining four Hunyuan Dan took Chen Xiang ten days, and he was extremely careful in doing so while the core embryo of the ninth day pellet had already formed.

"Did you come?" When Chen Xiang opened his eyes, he felt that the Innate Qi inside the Ninth Heaven Pill had undergone a tremendous change and had become extremely strong. Although the Ninth Heaven Pill had only produced an embryo, it seemed to have fused with the rest of the Heaven Pills.

Chen Xiang was currently in an underground stone room, but his surroundings had gradually become a vast expanse of whiteness. He did not know if this was an illusion or if he had entered a bizarre space.

"You shouldn't have stepped into this realm. This means that you must die in my hands." Chen Xiang turned around to take a look, and was shocked.

The one who spoke was the White Tiger.

"Senior White Tiger, why are you here?" Chen Xiang called out to Long Xueyi a few times in his heart, but Long Xueyi did not reply.

"It must be an illusion." Chen Xiang thought: "It should be some sort of mental attack method, it won't be difficult for me."

The ordinary looking face of the White Tiger suddenly turned dark and cold. An incomparably powerful killing intent surged out from its body. At the same time, a black mist appeared around its body. One could tell with a glance that this was the power of the Law of Darkness.

Chen Xiang's face turned solemn, he was not sure if this was an illusion or not, and he had never heard of such a thing happening during a transition tribulation.

This is not an illusion. I am the person in charge of this land. If a person like you continues to grow stronger, it will only destroy this land.

Hearing the White Tiger's words, Chen Xiang laughed coldly: "Stop fooling around. Although you don't know what the situation is, you're definitely not a White Tiger, don't think you can trick me."

Chen Xiang's mind was firm, he was not easily bewitched by his opponent. He took out his Green dragon demon-slain broadsword and used his strongest strength to greet it, and with one slash, he chopped the white tiger in front of him into a cloud of black Qi.

"You can't kill me, I control the law of darkness." The White Tiger laughed coldly and struck its palm forward, releasing a ball of black energy that enveloped Chen Xiang.

Chen Xiang's body trembled, he released the Devil-suppressing holy power, the Holy Light instantly purifying the darkness.

"With your little strength, you still want to pretend to be the White Tiger? Come on, if it really was the White Tiger, I would have died long ago. Without that strength, what are you pretending to be a powerful expert for?" Chen Xiang laughed. He had already confirmed that the person in front of him was not the real White Tiger.

He guessed that he had read from his memories that the White Tiger was the strongest existence that he had come into contact with before, and now, he was going to get the White Tiger out. However, the White Tiger's strength was way beyond Chen Xiang's, so even if it was an illusion, it was unable to simulate its true strength, because Chen Xiang had never seen the White Tiger's true strength.

"Is the ninth tribulation just a mental tribulation?" Chen Xiang released all of his God Power and punched the beautiful White Tiger's body, dispersing it.

After exterminating the White Tiger, the white space disappeared, followed by a series of explosions. Chen Xiang felt that he was struck by a powerful force, causing the Qi in his body to be destroyed.

Even if his internal organs were injured, as long as he was still alive, it would not affect him much. If it was anyone else, without Body of Heavenly Sage, their previous attack would have been completely destroyed.

The stone room that Chen Xiang was in was completely destroyed by that power, and a large part of the ground had collapsed as well. When he rushed out from the ground, all he saw was a pitch-black sky, shrouded by a thick layer of black clouds.

"First, mind attacks to confuse me, stall for time, then the Robbery power will brew and attack me while I'm unprepared. Hmph, the Nine Nirvana Tribulation is indeed powerful, you actually know how to play tricks." Chen Xiang thought.

Even though the Robbery power that had attacked Chen Xiang just now was powerful, even though it had caused some damage to Chen Xiang, he had already recovered from it. He had previously fused a large amount of the things in his dantian, causing his abilities in all aspects to increase greatly.

"Come." Chen Xiang stood at the summit of a mountain and watched as a gigantic red palm emerged from the dense dark clouds and smashed down ruthlessly. That wave of destructive energy was enough to destroy a mountain range.

However, when it came down, it was disintegrated by Chen Xiang's punch.

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