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"Is there still time? Aren't you going to go back and take a look?" Su Meiyao could tell that Chen Xiang already had an idea in the area of refining Heaven level Pills, but he didn't know how he was going to achieve his goal.

"With the Little Naughty Dragon staring at the Hall Master, as long as the Hall Master doesn't take action, I do not need to worry." Chen Xiang took out a piece of root. This was one of the main ingredients to refine Hunyuan fruit s, the root of the Hunyuan fruit tree.

Su Meiyao sighed, she knew that he was the type of person who was immersed in refining pills, everything else would be difficult to disturb, and she had the same experience in the past, she would be indifferent to anything.

"Fire Divine Palace has another Immortal King, you should be aware of this point, don't just focus on this hall master." Su Meiyao warned him, she did not want Chen Xiang to delay matters. Although Chen Xiang's strength was greatly different from the Immortal King's, only Chen Xiang had a way to deal with the Immortal King.

Chen Xiang thought, the Immortal King who was hidden was a big problem.

"The Immortal King acted on his own accord, and the Immortal King acted on his own, so he acted on his own, and ended up like that. The Palace Lord did not want the hidden Immortal King to be destroyed like that, and the experts of the Fire Divine Palace were few as well, so it was not a good thing for the Palace Lord."

From this, he was able to obtain the latest news from the Chen Martial Continent. The ones in charge of gathering information in the Dragon Subduing School were Lan Lan and Yan Yanran, and as such, the people in charge of various parts of the Di Tian City were left behind secret signals for him.

Only after he was done with these matters, would Chen Xiang be able to refine the pellets with ease. He had to hurry up and refine the Heaven level Pellet so that he could get past the eight Nirvana Tribulations, and at the same time, use the Heaven level Pellets to recruit a group of secret disciples.

Su Meiyao said: "This Hunyuan tree root is much more difficult to deal with than the Hunyuan fruit. Although the roots aren't as sturdy as the Hunyuan fruit, the inside was extremely complicated. When I was refining the Hunyuan Dan, most of the reasons for failure were because I was unable to control the complex changes to the roots."

Sometimes it was cold, sometimes it was hot, and every time it changed, the temperature would be different. Sometimes it was very hot, and when it steamed the air, it was like a fire coal, but sometimes it was warm and comfortable. When it was cold, it could freeze a basin of water into ice, and when it was hot, it could be used to boil the water.

"This Hunyuan tree root is indeed a miraculous medicine. A cold and a hot one, represents a yin and a yang. I have the Yin and yang god blood, so maybe I can control the changes happening to it."

Chen Xiang opened up his palm, letting the piece of tree root rest on his palm. Then, like before, he released flames to burn the piece of tree root.

He did not know what he was doing, and the root was not tasty, so Long Xueyi did not feel the pinch, but he did not understand the meaning behind Chen Xiang's actions.

Long Xueyi and Su Meiyao had both asked Chen Xiang before, but Chen Xiang didn't explain it clearly to them.

Just like how he treated the Hunyuan fruit before, Chen Xiang sat there without moving, staring at the burning Hunyuan tree root in his hands.

It lasted longer than the previous Hunyuan fruit, and this Hunyuan tree root also changed a bit. It was originally pitch-black, but now it had turned snow-white.

Chen Xiang's expression was calm, but his eyes revealed excitement, as if he had successfully completed something.

"Little Scoundrel, there's an old woman looking for the Fire Divine Palace's Hall Master. They're outside the sealing formation right now, at the place where you were previously sealed." Long Xueyi suddenly transmitted to Chen Xiang, because it was an extremely urgent matter: "That old lady is not weak, and from the looks of it, she should be on equal footing with the Palace Mistress, she should be that hidden Immortal King."

Chen Xiang frowned, the burning white tree root in his palm suddenly burst forth and disappeared, but he was not disappointed, because he had already grasped the first stage of creating God purification.

"Can I eavesdrop on their conversation?" Chen Xiang asked. The appearance of the hidden Immortal King was a good thing for him, because that way he could monitor the Immortal King's movements.

"Sure, I'll pass it to you." Her Perception Technique was better than Chen Xiang's, allowing her to swim faster, faster and more stealthily. She even transmitted the appearance of the old lady into Chen Xiang's mind.

The Immortal King that was hidden in the Fire Divine Palace was a female, although she looked to be in her prime, and was about to run out of oil, she was extremely powerful. Just by wandering around, Chen Xiang could clearly feel her oppressive aura.

In order to not be discovered, Chen Xiang did not dare to go near. In terms of the divine way, he could not compare to Long Xueyi, but Long Xueyi could do it very secretly.

"Wang Qiongjin, what do you mean? You actually suspect that I killed your junior brother? That brat messed up my plans, but it's not enough for me to kill him myself." The hall master's voice was filled with rage as his face flushed red.

Chen Xiang immediately understood that the young immortal king was the old granny's junior brother.

"It's actually Wang Qiongjin. She's still alive." said in an astonished voice. Both she and Bai Youyou could hear the conversation that Long Xueyi had turned around to hear.

Wang Qiongjin was also furious, "Other than you, I can't think of anyone else who has the strength to destroy the entire Sacred Fire Mountain. That Sacred Fire Mountain is an array disc made by the Tianhuo Emperor, and only you know the weakness of it."

If you investigate thoroughly, you will be able to know that the boy was poisoned earlier. He was struck by the profoundhan poison because he made things difficult for the Ghost Killing King, and after the conflict with the Ghost Killing King, the Ghost Killing King died and a large number of people were poisoned. Your subordinates should have informed you about it, right?

Wang Qiongjin's wrinkled old face twitched, and he said coldly: "So that's why you are lucky enough to destroy the formation disc, cause the core volcano to erupt, and destroy the entire Sacred Fire Mountain. Right now, there is no proof of your death, so whatever you say is reasonable, but you must take responsibility for this matter.

If you don't want to attack Chen Martial Continent, you don't have to. But, you have to hand over your men to me. Wang Qiongjin suddenly took out a fire-red order badge, looking at the images that Long Xueyi had sent over, it was extremely dazzling.

"Fine, go and attack Chen Martial Continent. Since you want to court death, I won't stop you. Don't think of Chen Martial Continent as so simple." The head of the palace coldly snorted, then walked into a small residence and continued to guard the sealing formation.

That Wang Qiongjin had left and even brought along a large group of strong individuals with him from the profound Ice City. These were the people that the hall master could command, and could also be considered a part of the strong forces in the Fire Divine Palace.

"Where did they go?" Chen Xiang immediately moved, following the person Wang Qiongjin brought away, the hall master was no longer worth of monitoring, he was only curious what the hall master was afraid of, and actually did not dare to attack the Chen Martial Continent anymore.

"She went to a place in the Devil Realm. It seems like she has been hiding in the Devil Realm the entire time. Let's go, I'll tell you what city they teleported to." After Long Xueyi finished speaking, he asked again: "sister Meiyao, do you recognize that Wang Qiongjin?"

Back then, she was also a great beauty in the Demon World, with countless pursuers. Her master was a strong Sky Demon, and was as powerful as our master, Ruthless Devil Venerable. However, in the end, she went to the Nine Heaven Devil Palace and did not come back. "

"I didn't expect her to have a Junior Brother. I heard that she's fallen in love with her Junior Brother. Is he the guy you killed? That's great, hehe …" Su Meiyao suddenly giggled, laughing extremely happily: "I don't know what happened to make her become so old, back then she cared a lot about her looks, because I heard that your Miss You You was prettier than her, so she chased after her for a few hundred years, and in the end, even involved me. At that time, she was taught a lesson by my junior and junior sisters, and in the end provoked the masters of my two families to come out and fight for her."

Chen Xiang never thought that such a thing would happen between the two of them, and couldn't help but sigh.

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