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The Purple Moon covered the bloody hole on its abdomen with its hands, but could not stop the blood from flowing out. Without a Heaven Core, he was also heavily injured, so anyone could kill him!

"What just happened?"

"What's with that light?"

"Did the Purple Moon lose just like that?"

"Of course it's his, it's his Heavenly Core! It's said that after crossing through Nirvana Doom, he condensed his own energy into this kind of Heavenly Core, and once it's taken away, his cultivation would disappear, not to mention he would be taken out by such a barbaric method. I think he would be in pain at that moment!"

Chen Xiang laughed coldly, and kept the Heavenly Core. That was a good thing, although it was forbidden, he did not fear that people would come and make things difficult for him!

Purple Moon was originally a handsome and suave youth, but at this moment, he had turned into a skinny and skinny old man. He lost all signs of life, as if he could burp at any time.

His old body suddenly trembled, and his face was filled with anger. With much difficulty, he raised an arm, pointed at Chen Xiang, and said with a trembling voice: "Idiot … Bastard, return my Heaven Pill. If you do this, the Purple Moon Imperial Land of the Nine Heavens and Ten Earth will not let you off, quick … "Give it back to me..."

Under everyone's gazes, Chen Xiang held onto the Green dragon demon-slain broadsword tightly and in a blink of an eye, he appeared in front of the Purple Moon, and with one slash, he cut the shriveled old man into two!

"Hmph, I asked for it!" Chen Xiang snorted in disdain. Just as he was about to grab the storage ring, it suddenly flashed with a multicolored light and turned into a pile of dust.

Chen Xiang just felt that it was a pity, and then he released a blazing fire, burning the Leader into dust and scattered it all over the Heaven Thunder Purgatory.

He kept his Green dragon demon-slain broadsword and jumped into the air. Stepping on his Shrinking step, he quickly disappeared into the distance, disappearing from everyone's astonished gazes.

Gu Dongchen sighed: "Even though I knew that something shocking would happen, I never thought that the Purple Moon Imperial Land's Leader would actually die, moreover it was killed by my Junior Master!"

He looked at the Demon Empress' jade face that was still in a state of shock and laughed, "Your luck is not bad. If you had the same intentions as before, you would have turned into a pile of powder!"

Yao Shumei said in a deep voice: "This is troublesome, the Purple Moon he killed came from the Heaven Realm, and it is said that he is also an important figure among the Heaven Realm s. I wonder, who else would the Heaven Realm send down?"

The Little Demon Empress caught her breath and said, "I may not be killed by him, but my poison is at the top of the entire Sky Demon Realm. There are only a few people in the Heaven Realm who want to suppress my bets, and even some of the most powerful old fellows would have to avoid my poison for a bit. If Chen Xiang were to fight with me, even if he could kill me, he would definitely die from poison! "

Gu Dongchen suddenly started laughing out loud. Back then, beside the Demon and Devil Sinkhole, their group of experts had been affected by the corrosion of the Magical corruption gas, and they had been forced to stay put for a long time to defend themselves. But Chen Xiang had walked out from the source of the Magical corruption gas, holding onto the Green dragon demon-slain broadsword, and killed a large group of experts.

"Do you laugh?" The Little Demon Empress' elegant face revealed a trace of anger, she felt that Gu Dongchen was mocking her.

"Do you dare to take a walk in the Demon and Devil Sinkhole? Back then this brat was beaten into the Demon and Devil Sinkhole by Tai Yunhong, and he stayed there for a year or two, then walked up alive, can you? " Gu Dongchen left with these words.

She could not believe that such a thing had happened. Even the Poison Queen, her, had not dared to lightly touch the Super Old poison, but Chen Xiang had stayed in that place for a very long time!

impenetrable's physique, this kind of physique was very rare, but there was still a person who could successfully cultivate it. The Little Demon Empress was one of them, but the hundred poisons did not include the Magical corruption gas, so many people that could resist the hundred poisons were unable to resist the Magical corruption gas!

"It seems like Tai Yunhong died in his hands!" The Demon Empress had also heard of Tai Yunhong. Tai Yunhong was a relatively important figure in the Devil-suppressing Divine Palace.

Chen Xiang distanced himself from the crowd and scolded, "Purple Moon Imperial Land of Purple Moon Imperial Land is such a b * stard. I would waste a piece of the Chaos fire and if I were to use it in Heaven Realm, I would be able to kill off even more elderly people in one go! However, I was forced to use up a piece of it just now. That old fart who killed a thousand blades and took away his storage ring when he died, only leaving behind a Heaven Breaking Pill.

If the dead Purple Moon knew that even after being killed by Chen Xiang, it was still looked down upon by Chen Xiang like how Chen Xiang killed chickens with a blade, it would definitely die with grievance.

Chen Xiang had already merged with three Chaos fire s, so he did not feel any change. He could only control three Chaos fire s to attack at the same time.

He had always been conflicted in his heart. He wanted to fuse all seven Chaos fire s, but when the Chaos fire accepted him as its master, the Divine Guardian Light was very powerful, for example, before, it allowed him to pass through a huge crisis. Unless it was absolutely necessary, he would not use it.

Now that there were only four Chaos fire left, they were exceptionally precious to him!

"Little Scoundrel, where are you going now?" Long Xueyi asked: "When are you going to give me another pill like that?"

"Let's wait until I encounter a good beast!" Forget about you, I really want to eat a few more pills right now! " Chen Xiang ran on the ground as he took a long detour before he arrived at a canyon. "Very soon, you'll know where I'm going."

In the valley, a handsome young man dressed in white saw Chen Xiang coming over, and immediately walked over with a smile: "Junior Master, you are really impressive just now, but now you have completely annoyed Purple Moon Imperial Land, I think they will quickly send some experts from Heaven Realm!"

Chen Xiang now truly had the appearance of a Junior Master, although he was young and had low cultivation, but his abilities were not small, and had done many shocking things.

Previously, Chen Xiang and Gu Dongchen had arranged to meet each other here.

"a lad, you have also become stronger!" Chen Xiang laughed, then lowered his voice: "Tell me about Purple Moon Imperial Land's territory, and bring Yun Xiaodao and the others over to find me. Also, at the same time, make a statement to the outside, saying that they violated Super Martial School's sectoral rules, and were expelled from Super Martial School."

Gu Dongchen frowned, he thought of something very quickly, and his face creased like a bitter melon, "Junior master, you are not kind, you are digging a wall! It's fine if you dig secretly, but you actually want me to help you dig my own wall. This … "

Chen Xiang rolled his eyes: "Forget it, do you think that I didn't know that you would have thrown these hot potatoes at me earlier? "I guess you're planning on asking for some sort of medicinal pill as compensation right now."

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