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Lv Qilian had managed to contact Feng Yujie so quickly, which made both Chen Xiang and Long Xueyi admire him a little.

"Feng Yujie's current situation isn't too good either, otherwise, based on her relationship with us, she would definitely come over to meet us immediately. However, she said that she wants to meet us tomorrow, and she's not even sure when tomorrow will be, which means to say, she has to be extremely careful when meeting us. This might be because of you." Lv Qilian thought of many things, which were all her intuition.

Seeing Chen Xiang and Long Xueyi's serious faces, Lv Qilian laughed lightly: "Maybe I was just thinking too much, don't worry, Feng Yujie's origins are not small, and now that he has the strength of a god, it can be considered as having quite the strength."

"Chen Xiang, how are you going to use the divine money we have to earn more?"

Chen Xiang sighed: "I want to refine a Shangpin holy Dan directly, but I don't have a pill formula. In terms of difficulty in refining, a Shangpin holy Dan is the same as a mid-grade Holy Pellet, if possible, it would be better to refine a Shangpin holy Dan directly."

Lv Qilian didn't just go out to contact Feng Yujie today, he also finished his homework on the [Holy Elixir] area, and said: "Refining the Shangpin holy Dan s will require at least two high quality Holy Medicines and three mid-quality Holy Medicines to be combined to form the pellet, and the high quality Holy level s, one of the medicinal ingredients, will cost at least twenty thousand Spirit Stones. Even with the recipe, the amount of medicinal ingredients needed to refine the Shangpin holy Dan s is at least sixty to seventy thousand Spirit Stones."

Chen Xiang nodded his head: "That's right, you don't have to worry about this little bit of money, as long as you have the pill formulas, these will not be a problem."

Lv Qilian said: "The so-called pill formulas, are all the different types of high quality medicinal ingredients used to match each other, as well as the time between each medicinal ingredient entering the furnace, the amount of medicinal ingredients used, and the heat of the different medicinal ingredients when smelting. During this period of time, there is a coordination between them, so in a situation where there is no pill formulas, one would have to conduct many experiments to figure it out on their own."

Chen Xiang sighed, and nodded his head: "That's right, when refining Shangpin holy Dan, it isn't just any divine medicine that can be used to create a pill. If it's five top tier divine medicines that have been combined to make a pill, it might not even be as good as a low tier divine pill, but if there is a good pill formula, combined with a normal high tier divine medicine, it would be much better than any other top tier medicinal ingredients."

Long Xueyi lied on the table and said: "Then how can I get the pill formula? Oh right, Feng Yujie seems to be able to refine Shangpin holy Dan s, when she comes tomorrow, I'll ask her."

This was also Chen Xiang's previous plan. He asked Feng Yujie for it, and Feng Yujie definitely would not reject his request.

It was already night, Chen Xiang smiled evilly, and said: "Sister Qilian, let's do some proper business. In a night time, we will be able to create many of those Spiritual Beads."

Of course Long Xueyi knew what they were doing, and with a laugh, he entered Chen Xiang's ring. Chen Xiang had already walked over, picked Lv Qilian up, and walked into the room.

"Don't act recklessly..." Just as Lv Qilian finished speaking, Chen Xiang's hand touched the most sensitive part of her chest and even lightly kneaded it, causing her to yell out.

"Scoundrel, don't touch randomly." Lv Qilian retaliated, he pinched Chen Xiang's body.

Chen Xiang and Lv Qilian's divine soul had already been dual cultivated before, and that was only for divine soul. In real life, when Lv Qilian came into such intimate contact with her, she was still a little not used to it.

An entire night quickly passed by. To Chen Xiang, this was extremely sweet and short. In his deep sleep, he was awakened by Lv Qilian's shouts.

"Hurry up and organize everything, Feng Yujie will be here soon, you can't let her know that you and I are already …" As Lv Qilian looked at the tinge of captivating red on the snow-white bed, he lightly bit his lips. He couldn't help but recall the crazy and sweet scene that she had with Chen Xiang last night, and it was truly unforgettable for her forever.

Seeing that Chen Xiang was still smiling evilly while looking at her beautiful snow-white body, she pinched Chen Xiang's nose fiercely. "Hurry."

Only then did Chen Xiang slowly put on his clothes, and laughed: I never thought that after our true dual cultivation, the results would be so good, the condensed spirit pearl is still a crystal, we will have to use it more and more in the future.

Lv Qilian scoffed, she had already put on her clothes, and started to comb her hair. At the same time, she looked at the over ten purple crystal beads on the makeup table, which were the spirit pearls condensed from the Alive Slain Method that Chen Xiang and her entangled together. It seemed that they were much better than the ones they had condensed previously.

Chen Xiang hugged Lv Qilian from the back. At this time, Lv Qilian was already his woman, and being able to completely possess Lv Qilian made him incredibly satisfied, which made him love Lv Qilian even more.

"Sister Qilian, I never thought that you would be so strict. Last night, I thought that you would be tormented to death, I never thought that you would be so gentle in your clothes." Chen Xiang thought back to Lv Qilian's tenderness, and only had an indescribable sense of tranquility in his heart. "I love you to death."

Lv Qilian gently said: "Enough, stop being so numb. Prepare yourself, don't let Feng Yujie see that you and I have already had that relationship."

Chen Xiang didn't understand why Lv Qilian would do such a thing, and asked: "Why?

Lv Qilian lightly patted his head. "Idiot, right now, I don't want too many people to know about the relationship between you and me. If Feng Yujie knew, she would definitely tell Meng'er and the others. There's no need to even mention that. "

Chen Xiang laughed, "I understand, my female emperor of Divine Nations doesn't want others to know that I am her husband."

Long Xueyi laughed tenderly: "Don't worry, even though I witnessed the entire process, I won't say anything."

Lv Qilian's jade face instantly flushed red, "What, Xue Yi can see it from inside, and … "Witnessing the entire process …"

"Little girl, you … You're worse. " Lv Qilian was so angry that she couldn't say a word, she didn't know about this.

"Forget it, it doesn't matter. In any case, many things have happened between you and I. This Little Naughty Dragon has always been a bystander." Chen Xiang laughed.

Lv Qilian took a few deep breaths before slowly accepting it.

There was suddenly a knock on the door. Feng Yujie had already arrived, so Chen Xiang quickly tidied up and went out to welcome him.

After opening the door, he saw a man wearing a black robe and a silver mask walking in. This was Feng Yujie, it was just that she had hid herself like this, as if to avoid being followed.

She was this cautious even in her own territory, and it was just as Lv Qilian had guessed before. Feng Yujie had encountered a few situations in the Divine Female Palace, causing her to be extremely cautious in her actions.

After entering, Feng Yujie was still worried, he quickly waved his hand to lay down a few enchantments on the ground, and then took off his mask, revealing his extremely haggard face, Chen Xiang secretly felt his heart ache, and anxiously helped her to sit.

Lv Qilian was the same, she anxiously asked: "Sister Feng, what's wrong?"

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