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Chen Xiang wanted to go to the Heaven Realm right now, but he was still far from the ninth tribulation.

"It seems like I can only take the Brilliant Sun Dragon Boat to the Heaven Realm for auction." Chen Xiang kept the things carefully.

"Let's go, I think we're close to the Emperor's Tomb."

Zhao Yiprofound's expression changed, "Emperor's Tomb? You want to go to Emperor's Tomb? No, that place is very dangerous. The seniors of the Sheng Domain have warned us that a change has happened in the Emperor's Tomb. Unless he's very strong! "

"We'll talk about it when we get there. Everything will be fine!" Chen Xiang caressed Zhao Yiprofound's face and laughed: Since we're already here, can I not go and take a look?

Zhao Yiprofound's face was serious, she stared at Chen Xiang and said: "You only have Ground killing, if you want to obtain the complete Heaven Earth Killing Method, you have to enter the Emperor's Tomb, right!"

Chen Xiang nodded: "How do you know?"

"There's more than just one tablet that records the Heaven Earth Killing Method, and you weren't the only one who learned it over the years. There was an ancestor who learned it in the White Sea Imperial Land, and when they finally found this place, he was able to come out and meet the Emperor's Tomb as well, but he said at that time that it was a trap, and that it required something else and a lot of power to open up the Emperor's Tomb. Only the Heaven Earth Killing Method wasn't enough."

Zhao Yiprofound: "If there is anything else that you need, then that senior will not know either."

"Green dragon demon-slain broadsword?" Chen Xiang took out his divine blade.

"I'm not sure. Even if it is, it requires a very strong ability." Zhao Yiprofound didn't want to go to the Emperor's Tomb. She was truly worried that they would die there.

Seeing that Chen Xiang was determined to go, Zhao Yiprofound sighed: "According to our investigations, over ten thousand times in the past few years, the stone tablet that records the Heaven Earth Killing Method have appeared. It's just that, in the past ten thousand years, there hasn't been any news about it, so when the news of you possessing the Heaven Earth Killing Method spread, many powers took action, because they felt that the Emperor's Tomb would become weaker."

"More than 10,000 times!" Su Meiyao exclaimed. Su Meiyao and the others also felt that this was inconceivable, and it was obvious that this had some sort of purpose.

Zhao Yiprofound nodded his head: "But there are only about a hundred or so people who have learnt the Ground killing, and all of them have managed to come to these Lion Mountain, and brought a large group of people to explore them. The only person who might be able to return is the senior of our White Sea Imperial Land."

"Don't worry, I won't die." Chen Xiang did not care about all this. Since he was already here, even if he could not enter the Emperor's Tomb, he had to stay and watch from the outside.

He brought the two girls inside a Transmission array. This was a Transmission array that could be teleported to a safe Lion Mountain, only those who were familiar with the inscriptions could open it.

After triggering the Transmission array, the spirit energy in the Lion Mountain surged over crazily. Chen Xiang and the two girls saw a white light flash before their eyes and they left the Lion Mountain.

"This is not Lion Mountain!" Chen Xiang looked around at the desolate scene and could not help but shout out.

It was as if they had arrived at a barren wasteland. The desolate mountain continued for several miles, and there were three bright suns hanging in the sky. The most terrifying thing was that there was not even the slightest bit of spiritual energy here.

"We are close to the Emperor's Tomb! In the end, those Lion Mountain only came here to deceive people, and only by using some Transmission array s inside could they come here. Emperor's Tomb should be hiding here. " Zhao Yiprofound frowned, looking around cautiously.

"Could this be the Super Old Sacred Land?" Chen Xiang could not help but think of that terrifying place. The Transmission array above the Lion Mountain was only a one-way Transmission array.

Ji Meixian said: "It seems that as long as we step into the Lion Mountain, there will be no turning back if we continue onward. No matter what, we will eventually reach this place."

"There was a big battle here, and it was between Heaven Realm's experts." Zhao Yiprofound looked at the broken gigantic mountain behind him.

"Hurry up and look for it. See if there are any of those stone tablets." Chen Xiang panicked and immediately released his divine sense, activating Heaven tour method.

His spiritual sense floated high in the sky as he looked around. Soon, he saw a green area in the distance, and what made him excited was that there was a gigantic Lion Mountain on that green area.

"I found a Lion Mountain. Let's hurry and take a look. That might be Ten Heavens Supreme Lord's tomb." Chen Xiang said excitedly: "Quick, take out your jade house."

Zhao Yiprofound shook his head: "There is no spiritual energy here, using the Immortal House will consume a lot of my energy."

"Then let's walk." Chen Xiang sighed in disappointment. Zhao Yiprofound was the main fighter, so he definitely wouldn't let her be too tired.

The three of them ran towards the Lion Mountain. Just as they ran for a hundred miles, Long Xueyi and Ji Meixian shouted at the same time: "There's someone here!"

"Someone is nearby!" Ji Meixian's face was full of vigilance.

"It's a group of people, about fifty or sixty years old. You guys just have to protect yourselves. Leave the rest to little girl Zhao." Long Xueyi whispered to Chen Xiang and Ji Meixian.

"If you don't want to die, then get the hell out of here right now!" shouted coldly. Right now, she only had her previous imposing manner, she did not need to be subservient to others.

Her cold voice shook the barren mountain, causing many small stones to roll down. The originally hot wasteland also became a bit colder.

"Haha, as expected of someone who is able to come here. He is indeed extraordinary." A short old man, dressed in tattered clothes, said with a smile as he flew over from behind a huge rock.

Soon after, many other disheveled haired, ragged clothed people appeared. These people looked to be middle-aged people, some were men and some were women, but they were not weak either, Chen Xiang could even see that some of them were immortals.

There were sixty of them in this group, they looked very destitute, like refugees. Their eyes were like that of hungry wolves as they stared at Chen Xiang and the other two, especially the white-haired old women. They looked at Ji Meixian and Zhao Yiprofound, the two young and beautiful women with incomparably envious eyes.

"Hmph, in a place like this where there is no Spiritual Qi of Heaven and Earth, you will become like us sooner or later." An old woman said coldly.

Chen Xiang curled his lips. He had a large amount of spirit medicine in his Youyao ring, and he also had the Face Preserving Pill, Beauty Dan, Longevity Pill and Longevity fruit. He would definitely not let Ji Meixian and Zhao Yiprofound, these two beautiful girls, age.

"Who are you people?" When Zhao Yiprofound saw the short old man walking over, he shouted harshly again. The blue ice cold mist that was used on his body prevented the old man from approaching him again.

"Whoever dares to take a step closer, I'll kill you!" Zhao Yiprofound's voice was ice-cold and filled with killing intent. Following that, the blue ice on her body surged in all directions, intimidating those who had ill intentions.

Zhao Yiprofound was worried that this group of people would get too close so that they wouldn't be able to protect Chen Xiang and Ji Meixian.

"Little miss, don't be angry. We are the same as you all, we are here to look for the Emperor's Tomb, but in the end, we were trapped here. This place isn't as safe as you think. The old man said while smiling. Chen Xiang could even see his eyes, but he felt that this old man was not a good person.

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