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"Pride Pill God 1117 _ Pride Pill God."

At this time, no matter how much they retreated, they were unable to leave their original position. They were currently frozen in place by some kind of powerful force, and were allowing this route that would "walk" lead them into the depths of unknown danger. Baidu Search

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After a while, Chen Xiang and Long Huishan were suddenly enveloped by a burst of intense light. It was at this time that they realised that they were no longer in the dark tunnel, but instead inside a tunnel filled with white ice crystals.

This caused Long Huishan to suddenly feel safe, and the path that he could walk slowly became slower and slower, until a huge ice door appeared in front of them!

"We're here!" Long Huishan took a deep breath, she was extremely excited, she never thought she would use this kind of method to arrive in front of the Ice Dragon Ancestral Gate.

Chen Xiang walked to the front of the gate, took out the Ice dragon sword and inserted it into a hole, then he started to spin it.

Chen Xiang was now certain that the one who had constructed the entrance to the core of the You Ming Deep Abyss was this ice dragon. Because the structure here was similar to that of the other place, when he found this hole, he knew how to use a Ice dragon sword to open it.

The door slowly opened, revealing a huge ice palace. The floor of the ice palace was carved with a dragon that bared its fangs and brandished its claws, and huge, lifelike dragons coiled around the huge ice pillar.

On top of the dragon throne, there was a box that seemed to be made of ice. Seeing this box, Chen Xiang's pupils shrank, because this box was the same as the three Treasure Chests he had obtained.

"Your Ice Dragon Ancestral Founder's inheritance should be inside this treasure chest!" Chen Xiang was cursing the ice dragon for taking away twenty-six treasure chests in one go. If he had only taken away twenty, he would have at least seven or eight of them now.

This ice dragon was too greedy. If there was a chance, Chen Xiang would definitely let Long Xueyi scold him.

Chen Xiang and Long Huishan walked over together. He inserted the Ice dragon sword into the hole in the white ice treasure chest and easily opened it, unlike the three treasure chests that he had obtained, which required a very powerful force to open them. Furthermore, opening them once would consume a whole bunch of Ice dragon sword's energy, and it would take a very long time before he could open them again.

"What is this?" Long Huishan held up a melon sized white bead.

"Zhenhai Blood Bead, you can use it with just a drop of blood." Chen Xiang said, causing him to look at her with a strange gaze.

Long Huishan could not help but suspect that Chen Xiang was the messenger sent by her Ice Dragon Founder, who had escorted her all the way here. Furthermore, she understood this place very well, opening the door, opening the treasure chest, Chen Xiang's movements were extremely skilled, as if she had already known this long ago and now he was telling her what this bead was.

Chen Xiang, the outsider from Di Tian actually knew about something that even her Ice Dragon bloodline didn't know.

"Elder sister Long, don't thank me. After you become the Long family's head, it will be fine as long as I have a place to eat and drink." Chen Xiang chuckled.

Long Huishan kissed Chen Xiang on the cheek: If I can become the Patriarch of the Long family, then the Long family will be your home. You can come anytime you want.

"Then I'll help you guard it and let you fuse with this thing!" Chen Xiang stayed away from the Dragon Throne.

Long Huishan sat cross legged on the Dragon Throne, cut his finger and dripped a drop of blood on the Sea Suppressing Blood Pearl.

With a flash of white light, the pillar wrapped Long Huishan in a circle of white light.

"Sister Long... Elder sister Long … My surname is Long too. I've never seen you call me so gently before. " Long Xueyi imitated Chen Xiang's tone and teased him.

"Little Naughty Dragon, don't forget that back then, you were the one who acted young and turned into a big fart little girl. In my eyes, you will forever be that little girl." Chen Xiang thought back to the matter of him meeting Long Xueyi back then and he felt quite happy in his heart.

"Humph, I am the reincarnation of the Heavenly Dragon Supreme Lord, you just wait and see! When that happens, I'll make you call me the Great Emperor, haha … " Long Xueyi laughed madly.

"So what? Wasn't it still ridden by me? "

Chen Xiang was extremely pleased in his heart. Although it was a god-like relationship, but at least they had a relationship. After all, at that time, when both of their divine soul were tangled, they were very satisfied.

"What are you thinking about? Don't think that just because you've befriended me, you'll get me! Stinking brat, don't be too complacent, Heavenly Dragon Supreme Lord isn't that easy to conquer! " When Long Xueyi heard what Chen Xiang was thinking, she immediately sent a sound transmission to Chen Xiang. This matter, she was very worried about and Bai Youyou finding out.

"Little Naughty Dragon, didn't you say you would get the Yulong blood on me? Unless you find a living Jade Dragon and kill it. " Chen Xiang chuckled.

"Hmph, even if it's like that, I'll still ride you." Long Xueyi retorted.

"Is there a difference? "If you have the guts, come and ride me now. I'll definitely wash my body and let you ride it, haha …"

If he had nothing to do, he would flirt with this future Heavenly Dragon Supreme Lord of his. It would also be a joyous event in Chen Xiang's life.

"Little Scoundrel, when the time comes, I will definitely make it so that you won't be able to stand up." Long Xueyi did not get angry, but pouted.

If it wasn't because of this place, Chen Xiang would definitely let this beautiful and voluptuous White Dragon Lady come out and take advantage of him. He who had not eaten anything for a long time would only be able to have his eyes on Long Xueyi at the moment.

Long Huishan did not know when he would have to finish the mission nor did he do anything else. Although it was currently safe in this place, he was still worried that an accident might happen.

"Eh? Why would an outsider come here? Only those who possess the bloodline of an ice dragon or a Ice dragon sword can come in. " A man's voice with a female surname appeared beside Chen Xiang's ears.

This scared Chen Xiang so much that he stood up abruptly and looked around cautiously, but he did not realize anything. He was sure that he had heard correctly, and that voice came from his Divine Sense Sea.

"You, a human, why are you such a powerful cultivator of the Divine Path? Tsk tsk, you even have the Sea Suppressing Orb! This is incredible! " the voice said again.

"Who are you?" Chen Xiang asked from the Divine Sense Sea.

"Me? My name is Long Han, what about you? "What a strange little fellow!" Long Han said.

"My name is Chen Xiang, could it be that you are an ice dragon?" Chen Xiang asked in surprise.

"That's right, I am an ice dragon and an ice dragon is me. How do you know that? Could it be that you have hooked up with my Long family's daughter? " Long Han said with a smile.

Chen Xiang really wanted to seduce a few. Who told this ice dragon to harm so many human girls, but he didn't dare to say it out loud. Being able to talk with the ice dragon made him extremely excited, as he didn't want to anger this Long Han.

"Pride Pill God 1117 _ Pride Pill God."

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