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"Speak." Even if it wasn't anything good, it wasn't anything good to Chen Xiang. He had experienced many bad things before.

"There's not as much inside as I thought." Huang Jintian said: "First tell me what you have been very curious about. It has to do with the Ten Heavens Supreme Lord."

Chen Xiang patiently listened. He wanted to see if what Huang Jintian said was the same as what the White Tiger said.

Huang Jintian carefully narrated some of the unknown things that happened in the Ten Heavens Supreme Lord. It was just like what the White Tiger said, the Ten Heavens Supreme Lord was killed by the Hell Devil Emperor, their physical bodies were still there, and their souls were suppressed in hell.

"Did you mention where Ten Heavens Supreme Lord's corpse went?" Chen Xiang cared more about this. After thinking about it again and again, he felt that Ten Heavens Supreme Lord's corpse was most likely hidden here.

Huang Jintian saw that Chen Xiang was not surprised at all, and said: "You must have known about this a long time ago, right? Your purpose in coming here, is it to search for Ten Heavens Supreme Lord's corpse?"

Chen Xiang laughed, "I don't know much either. I'm still not sure where the real Emperor's Tomb is, I just think it's possible that they are here."

"You guessed it right, the Ten Heavens Supreme Lord is hiding inside this profound Cold Ancient Realm." Huang Jintian said: "According to the records above, it's not easy to enter that place, but with the Green dragon demon-slain broadsword and the divine weapons you have, it might be easier for you."

Chen Xiang was overjoyed and asked anxiously, "Is there a specific location?"

Huang Jintian shook his head: "I didn't say, but we should be able to find it, because the records above still have information about the profound Cold Ancient Realm."

The profound Cold Ancient Realm was extremely mysterious, and not even the White Tiger and Ten Heavens Supreme Lord dared to go inside.

"That's why you're afraid." Chen Xiang didn't understand why Huang Jintian had a face full of fear just now.

Huang Jintian did not answer. Instead, he drank a mouthful of hot soup and said: "Before this place was covered in snow and ice, it was an extremely dangerous place, where a group of exiled gods gathered. Not only that, there is also a large group of powerful beasts that came with them."

Chen Xiang was shocked, she immediately stopped the small boat.

"A group of gods... In exile. " Chen Xiang was overwhelmed with shock and fear.

The gods in his eyes were incomparably powerful. There was actually a group of people here.

"Don't worry, the deities that were sent to this place are very weak. They are all semi-handicapped, and after running here for a period of time, they were killed by the powerful people that chased after them." Huang Jintian said: "The God that came here to kill us was very strong, but he also died. That guy cultivates the power of frost, he experienced a huge battle here, and in the end, he died here, causing this place to become a world of ice and snow."

Chen Xiang took in a deep breath. Just because of a great battle, such a large region had been frozen and sealed until now.

"That guy's body was smashed into smithereens, and his flesh and blood scattered across the ground. Who knows how long it will take before that guy's energy completely disappears?"

Chen Xiang now understood why the White Tiger had obtained the Heaven Earth Killing Method from this place, as well as that mysterious stone, which was his current Killing-god heart. There was an extremely terrifying soul within that stone, the soul of a god.

The White Tiger had once said that when he picked up the Heaven Earth Killing Method here, he returned to the Sacred Beasts Ancient Realm and passed it down to many powerful Holy Beasts.

Chen Xiang held his heart, he felt even more uneasy about the Killing-god heart inside. This land was once a place where a group of deities went into exile, and one of them had brought a Heaven Earth Killing Method here.

"Also, this place is very powerful, but it doesn't seem to be a threat." Chen Xiang asked. He was sure that Huang Jintian was not worried about this place.

Huang Jintian said in a low voice, "The tomb that your father and the others are guarding is what I'm most worried about."

"What?" Chen Xiang's face changed, he suddenly felt nervous and anxiously asked: "Master, is there a problem with the tomb, I heard that there is a god buried there, but that god is a very good one."

Huang Jintian sighed: "That's right, but the other guy might not be the truth, because there are two half-dead gods buried inside. Although it is very difficult for them to revive, no one can say for sure, because the fact that the tomb would fall on top of a grave is not a coincidence, even if they do not want to revive, there are people who would still want them to live."

"Doesn't that mean my dad and the others will be in danger?" Chen Xiang really wanted to immediately head over to the tomb and take out all of his clansmen.

"It's not that your father is in danger, it's that the entire Di Tian is in danger. Look at this, just because the two of them fought against each other, yet the world has been frozen by ice and snow up till now. And the two guys that were revived are both very powerful gods." Huang Jintian said.

"These guys can't even stay in their own places anymore, what are they doing in places like Di Tian?" Chen Xiang scolded himself.

"This is not clear. Our ancient books did not record it, but they definitely left the high level world they lived in for something important." Huang Jintian said: "Don't be afraid, besides the illusion being rather harsh, there won't be any other great dangers. We should be able to find the tomb of the Ten Heavens Supreme Lord."

Chen Xiang felt that the two gods inside the tomb were here to find either the Heaven Earth Killing Method or the Heavenly Alchemy. Previously, the White Tiger had hinted that the two gods were equally strong in that high levelled world.

He felt that the White Tiger must have hidden something from him, and the White Tiger definitely knew something about the gods.

This small boat floated steadily forward, and had been travelling in the profound Cold Ancient Realm for more than ten days. Although it was in a snowstorm, its speed was not slow.

"It should be somewhere deeper." Chen Xiang looked out of the window. The snow was still wildly dancing, and the terrifying snowstorm was still continuing.

"How can I find the Ten Heavens Supreme Lord's tomb?" Chen Xiang felt that this was extremely difficult, he looked at Huang Jintian and asked, "Master, do you not have any clues in your ancient book? Who was the one who brought Ten Heavens Supreme Lord's corpse here?"

Huang Jintian shook his head: "I am not sure. When the Ten Heavens Supreme Lord died, this place had not become like this, even if there were clues, it would be difficult to find the Emperor's Tomb here."

Chen Xiang guessed that the ice dragon and Super Old Fire Beast might have brought the Ten Heavens Supreme Lord here. The two fellows were extremely powerful Holy Beasts at the time, and they were even more powerful now. It was just that they had left the Nine Heaven World and were heading to a very powerful place.

Suddenly, the boat shook violently, Huang Jintian who was drinking the hot soup was splashed all over.

"We've been attacked." Huang Jintian was slightly angry: "Quickly go out and see who that bastard is, I must properly teach him a lesson."

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