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Chen Xiang said: "I only have over a thousand Spiritual crystal with me right now. I need over ten thousand Spiritual crystal to enter the Heavenly Region …"

Before he finished his sentence, he suddenly saw a piece of paper written on it, "Number of recruits, your abilities must be at least Human Immortal Grade. If it's a Demon Immortal or a Demon Immortal, as long as you have a beautiful woman or a Worldly Immortal, there's no limit. If you can pass the examination, you will be able to stay in the Heavenly Region for a long period of time.

"Who is this, to actually need so many helpers. It seems that the conditions are not bad, and we can just use the Spiritual crystal to sneak into the Heaven Realm. We might even be able to follow this fellow and leave the Heavenly Bull Immortal Palace." Chen Xiang thought.

"You can use the Seventy-two changes and become a beautiful woman. You might be able to pass the examination very easily." Long Xueyi chuckled.

Chen Xiang said snappily: "I don't change woman, just thinking about it makes me feel disgusted."

Su Meiyao teased from the side as he laughed, "I also want to see how this little scoundrel turns into a woman to deceive men. Just thinking about it makes me feel that it's very interesting."

Chen Xiang secretly despised them all and memorized the address before walking out of the wooden tower to ask about the situation and see if he could pass the examination.

After arriving at that place, Chen Xiang was brought into a small hall. He felt a little surprised, because no matter how he looked at it, it did not look like the place where the Great Master lived.

"You are the fiftieth one today. No one has ever heard of this audit before. And this is also the last day. Work hard, young man." A big fellow said as he brought Chen Xiang in.

"Then how many fighters were recruited?" Chen Xiang asked.

"So far, there are only two. If you pass, it would be the third." After saying that, the big man left the hall.

Chen Xiang waited for a moment, and a burst of fragrance suddenly assaulted him. Chen Xiang immediately looked outside the door, and in between, a lady dressed in a light green dress slowly walked in. She was extremely noble and beautiful, with many styles.

Chen Xiang was stunned, not because of the girl's impeccable appearance, but because he recognized her.

Yao Shumei, the Leader from the past, had once threatened to take her daughter in as a female slave. However, this Yao Shumei and her daughter had a good relationship with Liu Meng'er and the others.

"Could it be that this mother and daughter pair of flowers are both here? This beautiful mother and daughter pair, just thinking of them makes me drool. Hehe …" Long Xueyi smiled dubiously.

Back then, when they were in the Sacred Dan Realm, a portion of them went to the Heaven Realm, and this Yao Shumei and her daughter Mu Jialan were one of them. They gave up their noble position in the Di Tian Peach Blossom Imperial Land and chose to go there instead.

"My test is very simple. First, I will attack you for three moves and you can dodge them one by one, proving that you have the ability to escape in times of danger. Then, you will attack me for three moves and let me see if your strength can satisfy me." Yao Shumei revealed a faint charming smile, but it did not lose out to his noble and dignified temperament.

Chen Xiang's mental fortitude was very good, although this Yao Shumei was more bewitching than before, he had long been trained in this area, it was not like he had never seen a woman who was as beautiful as him, and his number one slave, Hua Xiangyue, had even developed a very close relationship with him. At this moment, he was unmoved, he knew that Yao Shumei purposely revealing a bewitching look, was a kind of test for him.

Chen Xiang also replied with a faint smile. Right now, he was only an ordinary looking youth.

was secretly shocked. Earlier, when she had been looking at Chen Xiang, she had felt that she had already released her tempting powers to the extreme. Even in the Peach Blossom Immortal Country s, male Immortal Monarch s who were stronger than her would sometimes have evil thoughts in their hearts and reveal them in their eyes.

However, the young man in front of him didn't seem to be affected at all. In addition, there was a hint of a mocking and playful smile on his face, as if to say, "For a trash like you, it's useless to strip naked."

Yao Shumei was secretly shocked, but a very gentle smile surfaced on his face. The feeling this warm smile brought was like a gust of warm wind that suddenly blew in a cold world of ice and snow, causing one to be infatuated.

Just then, Yao Shumei's soft and delicate palm suddenly struck over like a ray of light.

Chen Xiang who was already prepared immediately turned and dodged to the side, dodging the palm strike. He brazenly took a deep breath of the wonderful fragrance released from Yao Shumei's body, and laughed: "Continue."

Yao Shumei was such a strong woman, if not she would not have been Leader's Leader. She felt that she was being toyed with by a man, and fury filled her heart, as she landed lightly on the ground. Her body moved like a ghost, and in the blink of an eye, she was already behind Chen Xiang.

Just as she was about to hit Chen Xiang, what made Yao Shumei angry was that during the most crucial moment, Chen Xiang had actually jumped up, and allowed her blade to miss.

"Hmph." After Yao Shumei's palm hit nothing, she immediately extended out her beautiful long leg and kicked at Chen Xiang.

Chen Xiang had a lot of battle experience, and understood Yao Shumei's thoughts very well, everything was within his grasp. When he dodged Yao Shumei's palm strike, he knew that she would strike, and after he avoided it, he anxiously turned around.

At this time, Yao Shumei had just raised her slender legs up high. Although she was still wearing her pants, but facing a man like this, she immediately blushed.

Seeing the playful smile on Chen Xiang's face, Yao Shumei scolded in her heart. She felt that the person in front of her had done it on purpose, wanting to see her make a fool of herself.

"You passed the first trial, but if you don't pass the second trial, you still won't be able to become my fighter." Yao Shumei recovered from the shock and said softly.

Chen Xiang nodded.

"Are you really only in the elementary Worldly Immortal Stage?" Yao Shumei suddenly asked, the Qi the man in front of him was releasing, without a doubt, the aura of a Worldly Immortal.

"Of course." Chen Xiang said honestly. His Innate Qi was indeed at this level, so even if it was released, it did not matter. However, his body was very strong.

"Then you can make your move. You can use the Innate Qi to move your body, but you cannot use it when you attack." Yao Shumei warned repeatedly, "If you are a threat to me, I will retaliate."

Just as Chen Xiang wanted to take action, three figures flashed out, one girl and two men, the lady was a graceful and gentle lady, she looked extremely similar to Yao Shumei, wearing a pink dress, her entire body was releasing a spiritual Qi, and the lady was Yao Shumei's daughter, Mu Jialan.

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