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The White Tiger's face was filled with anger. The little white tiger from Starry Sky White Tiger Race was almost killed, but the person in front of it was actually telling him to obediently leave.

"Didn't you hear? This is my Super Yuan Mountain's matter, if you don't want to go against my Super Yuan Mountain, hurry up and leave! " He knew that this average looking middle-aged man in front of him was very powerful, but he thought that he should have about the same level of strength as himself. If they were to fight, he felt that he could still defeat him.

The White Tiger frowned and looked at Chen Xiang, then asked, "What is the Super Yuan Mountain? I've only heard of Chaotic Mountain! "Right, what kind of hatred do you have with him?"

Chen Xiang said: "Super Yuan Mountain is a power within the Chaotic Mountain. They want to rule over the entire Chaotic Mountain! This fellow's grandson and the elders from the Super Yuan Mountain wanted to kill me, but I was unable to defeat them.

Chen Xiang looked at Bai Xing and continued: "I really didn't provoke them, and they are the ones who want to cause trouble for me. These kinds of people are used to being unreasonable and always cause trouble for others, it's not like you don't know that."

"Humph! You killed my grandson, so I'm going to kill you! It's only right and right!" Primordius shouted coldly.

"Your grandson and the others wanted to kill me, so it's only right that I kill them to protect myself!" Chen Xiang sneered: "You should have taken a fancy to my profoundwu diamond armour. If I were to strip it off to you, I'm afraid that it doesn't matter how many of your grandchildren you die to!"

He glared as he threw a palm towards Chen Xiang and Bai Xing, the power of chaos transforming into a gigantic palm print that rushed towards Chen Xiang and the others.

The white tiger waved its hand and released a black light, covering the huge palm print. The palm print gradually dimmed, then it disappeared. The power of the Law of Darkness was indeed very strange, it made Primordius angry.

"I only ask you, do you have to kill them?" the white tiger asked.

Bai Xing looked at the white tiger's back. She didn't know why, but the person in front of her had a sense of familiarity, but there was a kind of majesty about him, causing her to feel reverent. She looked at Chen Xiang and heaved a sigh of relief when she realized that his injuries were not serious.

"That's right, we must kill him! But it seems like I can only kill you now. "

His eyes were sharp and filled with killing intent as he looked at the White Tiger. That killing intent was indeed very frightening, but the one standing in front of him right now was a true God of Killers, only, he had obtained the Profound Bead of the Law of Darkness and was using the power of the Law of Darkness to attack and at the same time, conceal his identity.

"Roar!" Primordius roared in rage. A silver light burst out from his body and flew towards the white tiger like a silver arrow.

"Then I can only kill you!" The White Tiger raised its hand and drew a circle in front of itself. Black gas immediately began to rise, and a jet-black, heart-trembling black hole appeared in front of it.

When Primordial Yu saw this, he hastily stopped. He also felt how terrifying that hole was, but he rushed over too quickly. He didn't expect that the White Tiger's Law of Darkness could be used to such an extent, he already couldn't escape!

"Ahh …" After that, the black hole turned into a mass of black qi and dissipated. That black qi carried with it the unique aura of a God of Death, which was his own power.

Now that he was able to combine the Law of Darkness with his own killing power, although his cultivation level didn't increase, his strength had increased by a lot.

"You are … "Who?" Bai Xing's elegant face carried a trace of timidness, her head drooped slightly as she asked softly. She only felt that the person in front of her was related to her, and was also very strong.

Chen Xiang laughed: "Sister Bai Xing, he is the White Tiger."

Bai Xing opened her mouth wide, suspecting that she had heard wrongly. She raised her head to look at the White Tiger, who had a kind smile on his face as he nodded to her.

"There are members of my Battle Tribe in Sacred Dan Realm. I had told them to look for you before. Although they know where you are, they did not come to find you because they know that you have a better life." The White Tiger stroked her head.

Bai Xing was extremely nervous at this moment. She felt a little speechless and excited, because she knew that there was still a race in this world that had the same blood as her.

The White Tiger glared at Chen Xiang, "Little guy, did you ask her to come and help you intentionally so that you could lure me over to kill that guy just now?"

"Unjustly accused, I did not expect that guy to appear! I really did intend to lure you out so that you could meet again! " Chen Xiang immediately denied it.

Bai Xing also spoke up for Chen Xiang: "Patriarch, Chen Xiang helped me a lot, don't blame him."

"This kid is just like this. Oh right, is there any places in your memories that your parents have been to before? Starry Sky White Tiger Race has disappeared for so long, I want to know what happened to them in the end. " The White Tiger asked.

"Yes, but in the Heaven Realm's Star Domain …"

Bai Xing had not finished speaking when the White Tiger suddenly disappeared along with her.

"I will look for the traces of the Starry Sky White Tiger Race with her and also go to the Star Region to learn something on her behalf! "So, you'd better behave for the time being. When the time comes, I won't be able to save you in time." Chen Xiang's mind resounded with the White Tiger's sound transmission.

Chen Xiang moaned: "This guy is actually worried that I'll bring Sister Bai Xing harm? Am I that kind of person? "

"No matter how I look at you, you look like that kind of person!" Su Meiyao chuckled.

Chen Xiang used his fastest speed to leave the place and rushed towards Zi Lan Mountain Valley. After getting punched just now, his injuries were not light, and his speed was much slower.

In the midst of the beautiful forest, Chen Xiang consumed a few pills to help himself recover faster. Primordius's fist had injected a lot of Chaotic Force into his body, but as long as he was able to suppress the Chaotic Force, it would be refined by him.

"That little girl is awake!" Su Meiyao suddenly shouted: "Hurry up and get her out of here, talk to her!"

Dongfang Jing had been taken good care of by Su Meiyao and the others and had changed into clean clothes. When Chen Xiang let her out of the Youyao Ring, she opened her eyes in a daze.

After seeing Chen Xiang, Dongfang Jing's eyes became teary. She had not interacted with many people, but the majority of them were bad people. Although Chen Xiang was also bad in her eyes, he was very good to her.

Dongfang Jing hugged Chen Xiang, leaned on Chen Xiang's chest, and cried softly. Chen Xiang let out a light sigh, lightly patted her delicate back, and comforted her.

"Mm. Father told me that I'll be the only one left in the future. I want to be strong!" Dongfang Jing sobbed. Even though she said that, her tears still couldn't stop sliding down her haggard and beautiful face, making people's hearts ache for her.

Chen Xiang laughed: "And me, and your aunt, if you don't mind, I can be your brother, I will treat you as my own sister!"

"Hmph, another sister. She definitely has bad intentions!" Long Xueyi humphed from inside the ring.

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