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Mu Jialan explained: "It's because this Dan Immortal will be refining some pills on the spot, showing their pill refining level, and then, various powers will bid, fighting over the power of these Dan Immortal s, it's equivalent to hiring these Dan Immortal s."

Chen Xiang suddenly realized and laughed: "I thought I was going to watch a monkey play in Dan Immortal."

Mu Jialan chuckled: "Dan Immortal has a very high status, although many large powers have Dan Immortal s, those Dan Immortal s are very arrogant, and do their own things most of the time, so when there are Immortal Medicines by their side, those Dan Immortal s coincidentally have no time, or have temporarily disappeared, and can only hire other Dan Immortal s to temporarily hold on."

Yu Xuelian said: "If it's a very large Immortal Country, then the Dan Immortal inside will be different. Those Dan Immortal will be more obedient because they need a large amount of high level pills to support a single Immortal Country, and they will usually have to take care of the immortal medicines."

"When the time comes, we will watch together. Maybe we will even meet those Dan Immortal s who are auctioning pellets here."

It was in the afternoon, so Chen Xiang was a little excited. Because when the time came, many people with status in the Heavenly Bull Region would gather, and there would definitely be a lot of strong practitioners, and even palace masters would come.

Inside the grand palace in the center of the Heavenly Region, Chen Xiang, Yu Xuelian and the other two absolute beauties took a car and left. When they got off the car, many of them were jealous that he was with the three girls, even though he was just a follower.

Inside the palace, Chen Xiang got off the carriage and followed behind Yu Xuelian. At the same time, he looked at the strength of the people around him, they were all powerful, there were more than ten in the Immortal Monarch and the Late period of human immortal were the most.

The strength of the Late period of human immortal was considered not bad in the Heaven Realm because after the Nirvana stage, every increase in realm would be very difficult. Therefore, although there were many people in the Heaven Realm, the number of Immortal Monarch s was still very few.

"I saw someone I know." Chen Xiang said in a low voice.

"How unlucky." Mu Jialan let out a light snort, because the people Chen Xiang spoke of were the two young men from before, the guards of whatever Peach Blossom Immortal Country.

What surprised Chen Xiang wasn't only these two familiar people, but also someone he was even more familiar with, Wang Qiongjin.

"It's that old woman again, why is she here?" Chen Xiang saw Wang Qiongjin as if he was surrounded by stars surrounding the moon, accompanied by a large group of people, there were a few Immortal Monarch among them.

As they walked along the road, no one dared to stand in front of them. They knew that such a character was following them from behind, and those in front all stepped aside, making way for them. They didn't dare to follow behind them until they saw them enter the Heavenly Ox Immortal Palace.

"Fire Divine Palace is like that, but it's just like that, isn't it that Wang Qiongjin also had to return with his tail between his legs? I really don't understand, they have three Immortal Kings and there are quite a few Immortal Monarch s, in that world where their overall strength is so low, unexpectedly one of them died and still ran back like a stray dog." Yu Xuelian whispered.

Chen Xiang was secretly pleased with himself, because this had a lot to do with him. The dead Immortal King was killed by him.

"This is all because they are too arrogant. Not only them, those Heavenly Immortal Country s and Heavenly Saints have all suffered losses because of this. If one day Di Tian grows up, those people must be very strong." Yao Shumei said. She had come up from there, so she knew this the best.

Yu Xuelian nodded: "I know, it's all because of a little kid called Chen Xiang, right? This person has a Green dragon demon-slain broadsword, it was crafted by the ancestor of the Divine Saber Immortal Palace, the divine blacksmith, Divine Saber Immortal Palace has always been thinking of ways to find this person and take back the divine blade."

"Dream on." Chen Xiang sneered in his heart. If he was pissed off, he would take the Hammer of God and smash the Divine Saber Immortal Palace to death.

Upon entering the Sky Cow Immortal Palace, the interior was very spacious. In the middle of the hall was a huge patio, and upon walking up the stairs, one would be able to stand in the corridor and look down. The open space below the patio would be where the Dan Immortal would display their skills in pill refining.

Yu Xuelian brought Chen Xiang and the others to a place on the third floor. Most of the people here were Immortal Monarch s, but they did not greet Yu Xuelian.

This way was also good. There were many less things to do.

Chen Xiang laid on the fence as he looked at the few pagodshaped pill furnaces. They were all of excellent quality and were all top-grade immortal equipment.

"The people from the Devil-suppressing Divine Palace are here, is the attraction of the Soul Absorbing Devil Spell so great?" A person called out in a low voice.

Chen Xiang immediately looked towards the door, only to see a group of people dressed in gold, their bodies glowing with a holy gold light. When they entered, their aura was much more powerful than Fire Divine Palace's, although there were not many people.

Wang Qiongjin was at the fence on the second floor, and when she saw the people from Devil-suppressing Divine Palace coming, her face turned ugly. It was because she was a Demon King, and she hated the kind of power the Devil-suppressing Divine Palace had to restrain her.

The Devil-suppressing Divine Palace was also very strong in the Heaven Realm, they had their own rankings. Although many years had passed since the internal struggle for power, the overall strength of the Devil-suppressing Divine Palace was not weakened at all. Someone said, that if the Holy Devil-suppressing seal could return, the Devil-suppressing Divine Palace would definitely become the strongest power.

Of course, Chen Xiang wouldn't foolishly take the Holy Devil-suppressing seal to the Devil-suppressing Divine Palace to shout and fight for the position of Palace Master.

Yu Xuelian could feel the aura of the people from the Devil-suppressing Divine Palace, and her long, shapely eyebrows frowned. She was a demon, and she also hated this aura.

"I wonder if it's been restrained for a bit, since the demon dwellers from Heaven Realm are living together harmoniously." Yu Xuelian snorted lightly.

After a while, more and more people arrived. At this time, the Palace Mistress of Heavenly Bull Immortal Palace went up on stage and entered the Immortal palace with the other Dan Immortal.

However, he never thought that it would actually be a handsome young man who seemed to have released his aura. However, this was a genuine Immortal King, being able to control such a huge immortal palace and set strict rules so that no one would be able to destroy it, it was definitely not easy.

"To be honest, it's been a while since Heavenly Bull Immortal Palace was this lively. The reason why it's so lively and gathered so many people is because of a single devil art, so we should take this opportunity to invite a few Dan Immortal s to help our friends who plan to stay for a long time get a better chance." The Palace Lord of the Sky Cow said gently with a smile on his face.

The Soul Absorbing Devil Spell really did have a lot of magic power. Although many righteous people were cursing this devil art, they wanted to learn it very much because if one was very strong, they could use the Soul Absorbing Devil Spell to search other people's memories and take over other people's memories, becoming a part of them. This was just a powerful part of it.

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