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Wu Qianqian and Hua Xiangyue nodded, then left the courtyard and entered a Transmission array, transferring to Hundreds of Flowers Palace.

Seeing the two girls leave, Qi Shi sighed: "If this goes on, the Evil Dragon Graveyard will be breached sooner or later, who would have known that there would be so many Endless Heaven Realm s appearing, each more powerful than the other. If they were to join hands and attack, there is no need for the Hell Devil Emperor to mess with them, a big battle will definitely happen to Di Tian."

A hundred years wasn't much to Di Tian, it was merely a matter of time. However, over the past hundred years, Di Tian had undergone many changes, as well as many potential dangers.

The Mei Emperor that Chen Xiang had always been worried about had already appeared, and had also caused a lot of trouble. Adding on to that, more and more Endless Heaven Realm appeared, and they all rushed into Di Tian, all of them staring at the Evil Dragon Graveyard's Holy stone and dragon veins, causing the pressure on Dragon Subduing School to become greater and greater.

"They can't fight, isn't this exactly what the Hell Devil Emperor wants?" Huang Jintian said.

"That's true. If the Evil Dragon Graveyard was attacked, Devil-suppressing Heavenly Venerable, Bai Yaowei, my master and the Vermillion Bird would all be involved. After that, the Hell Devil Emperor would get another batch of Hell Devil Troop s and a few Demon Masters. Qi Shi shook his head.

"Is there any way?" Huang Jintian asked.

"The dragon fountain definitely cannot be allowed to leave!" Looks like I can only go to the middle of profound Cold Ancient Realm to take a look. Back then, my master had some dog shit luck there and obtained a set of Divine Deity. " Qi Shi said.

"Alright, you have to be careful." Huang Jintian nodded his head, it was true that the profound Cold Ancient Realm had some kind of treasure buried inside, some of the experts from the Endless Heaven Realm went inside to look for it, but many of the experts started to go over, only very few managed to return.

… ….

For Chen Xiang who was in the Divine Prison, if he knew that a hundred years had passed and so many things still happened in the Nine Heaven World, and that Wu Qianqian was still poisoned, he would definitely return immediately.

It was just that he did not know yet and he felt that nothing big would happen to the Nine Heaven World after he entered the room.

Chen Xiang used two days' time to completely refine all ten Tianhun fruit into Tianshen Dan. Liu Meng'er and Xue Xianxian were also in closed door cultivation.

The green dragon saw that Chen Xiang had come out so quickly, and asked: "What's wrong? Isn't it going well? They came out so quickly! "

From the Azure Dragon's memories, refining Jiupin spiritual Dan was a rather difficult task for Chen Xiang with his current strength. He felt that Chen Xiang would need at least a few months to complete it.

"Of course it's going smoothly. I have already refined ten batches of Tianshen Dan!" Chen Xiang giggled, took out a Tianshen Dan and threw it at the green dragon: "Just made it. Take a look, how is it compared to Dan Emperor's?"

had only been inside for two days, yet he had already successfully captured the Jiupin spiritual Dan and had refined ten batches of Jiupin spiritual Dan.

"It has just been made!" Although the Azure Dragon wasn't refining pills, he could still see through it.

"The quality is very good. Back then, the Tianshen Dan that Dan Emperor refined were the same as this one!" When the Azure Dragon thought about how Chen Xiang cultivated the Heavenly Alchemy, he accepted the fact. He had heard of how powerful the Heavenly Alchemy was, especially when it came to refining pills.

"Then what are you going to do to start concocting the Holy Elixir?" The Azure Dragon asked.

"With my current divine power, I can only refine Jiupin spiritual Dan! Moreover, refining the Holy Pellet is thousands of times harder than refining a Nine-Grade Dangerous Ground. I am simply unable to do it right now, unless I can cultivate a Emperor soul and possess even stronger divine power. " Chen Xiang said.

"So, you're going to start training your body?" The Azure Dragon asked.

"En!" Chen Xiang nodded his head: "It's just that without the assistance of the sacred pill, cultivating will be a bit more difficult."

"If you want to cultivate a Emperor soul, you don't need to have jade bones. You just need to refine your bones into purplish gold." You have to know that the Divine Prison's time is different from other spaces. The time here is very chaotic, and sometimes a day here is a year in other spaces, or perhaps a hundred years here, is only a day in other spaces. Sometimes it's even more outrageous. "

"Is this true?" When Chen Xiang found out about the spatial seal, he also added a time enchantment that invalidated the laws of space here.

The Space Laws could only be used under normal conditions of time. If time was chaotic, it would be difficult to grasp the rules of the space movement.

"Don't worry, you better be able to cultivate a Emperor soul. Even if you can't get rid of the Hell Devil Emperor's Tracing mantra, it will still increase your strength a lot." The green dragon said.

Chen Xiang nodded.

"Oh right, do you have any ingredients for the Holy level? Although I am unable to refine the pill into a pill, if I eat it, it will still have a good effect. However, it is not as good as the pill. " The Azure Dragon asked.

"Blood ginseng can strengthen the body!" Long Xueyi suddenly shouted: "We can also eat Blood ginseng, but the effect will be much worse than Holy Elixir, but we can only do this now."

The green dragon said in shock, "You actually have a Blood ginseng, that's great!"

Chen Xiang took out a Blood ginseng. It was a blood ginseng that looked like a small dragon, and it gave off an extremely dense blood aura.

After the green dragon received it, he took out a knife and cut it in half. He then hastily took out a bottle and dripped a black liquid onto the two halves of the Blood ginseng.

"This is …" Was it condensed from Dragon cohesion kungfu? " asked. The Dragon cohesion kungfu was part of the Azure Dragon Divine Art, when Chen Xiang wasn't learning the Alive Slain Method, he had been using it.

"No, this is even more powerful than the Dragon cohesion kungfu. I modified this from the Alive Slain Method, but it's just the skin of the Alive Slain Method!" The black liquid that the Azure Dragon took out quickly grew out from the two halves of the Blood ginseng.

He then continued to cut. Not long later, he copied ten Blood ginseng, and only one drop each.

"Senior, how long did you take to condense this black spirit liquid?" Chen Xiang asked.

"It's not easy to get one drop a month!" The green dragon said.

"It really isn't easy!"

Of course, Chen Xiang was not that fast, but when he and Lv Qilian were training in the Alive Slain Method, the Spiritual Beads that he condensed would only need one Spiritual Bead to be able to produce six.

However, those Spiritual Beads were all used on the God-eclipse powder and had long been used up by him.

"How many do I have to eat?" Chen Xiang took a Blood ginseng and was about to eat it.

"Wait, don't eat it right now. Eat it when you start cultivating! You need to eat at least three hundred Blood ginseng to be able to cultivate the purple-gold bone! "Don't worry, the spirit liquid that I condense normally doesn't have any use at all. I still have enough here." The Azure Dragon laughed.

"Three hundred Blood ginseng! If you were to refine a sacred pill for me, it would be at least three hundred pills! " Chen Xiang exclaimed: "If we take these three hundred Holy Pellets to the Nine Heaven World, it will certainly cause a huge commotion."

"Of course, but if you manage to cultivate the Emperor soul, that will be enough. If you practice the Alive Slain Method, you can make even more powerful spirit liquids in the future." The Azure Dragon laughed, "Are you ready? When you use the Heavenly Alchemy to refine your body, I will also properly cooperate with you. "

Chen Xiang nodded and said: "I'm about to begin!"

Just as he finished speaking, the Azure Dragon gave a loud shout. Dark clouds suddenly appeared in the originally blue sky, and waves of violent winds assaulted.


Immediately, lightning flashed and thunder rumbled. Violent winds blew, and the scariest thing was that within the violent winds, there were streaks of azure lightning.

"This is my Wind Lightning Domain!"

The green dragon then tightened the power of the wind and thunder to the size of a small house, wrapping Chen Xiang up.

"You can start eating the Blood ginseng and then use the Heavenly Alchemy to refine your body. If you need my Wind Lightning Divine Power, you can just directly absorb it." The green dragon said.

The Azure Dragon knew how to use the power of wind and lightning along with the power of water, and the water contained a strong life force that could make a human's body stronger. Coupled with the stimulation of the power of wind and thunder, the power of water could be absorbed even more.

Chen Xiang swallowed the Blood ginseng and it immediately melted into his body, causing him to feel pain all over his body. He then activated Heavenly Alchemy, and released a ball of flame that wrapped itself around himself, the fire energy released from the fire ball stimulated his body, continuously absorbing the dense blood contract from the Blood ginseng to nourish his body.

"It's not enough!" Chen Xiang then absorbed the wind and thunder energy released by the green dragon, fusing them with his flames, causing his body to be affected by several different types of energy at the same time.

The green dragon's Thunder power was extremely tyrannical, but under Chen Xiang's control, it became much gentler.

Because of the Heavenly Alchemy, when Chen Xiang used his berserk strength to stimulate his body, it would not cause his body to feel intense pain.

The Heavenly Alchemy's Body Refinement Realm was extremely powerful, it only took Chen Xiang six hours to refine one Blood ginseng. After that, he ate another one and continued to cultivate.

Although he was wrapped in the wind and thunder energy released by the Azure Dragon, the Azure Dragon was very leisurely sitting and watching from the side.

"Continue to train for twenty hours, then rest for four hours." The green dragon said.

Just like this, after Chen Xiang had eaten the three Blood ginseng, after he finished cultivating today, he could clearly feel his body becoming stronger.

"I need to eat enough three hundred Blood ginseng!" Chen Xiang felt that this wouldn't take long.

At least three hundred Blood ginseng. When the time comes, there might be some differences. In short, leave the matter of the Blood ginseng to me. The green dragon said.

Chen Xiang rested for four hours before he continued to eat the Blood ginseng and cultivate.

Only with a large amount of sacred medicine would he be able to improve so quickly. Using the Heavenly Alchemy to temper his body, it would not cause his foundation to be unstable in the future, so he could cultivate without worry.

Chen Xiang did not know about the matters of the Nine Heaven World, so he was not in a hurry to go out, he had even planned to go hunt for Divine Deity after cultivating the Emperor soul.

He still remembered that Yu Fan plotted against him. Before he left, he would definitely make Yu Fan suffer, if not he wouldn't be Chen Xiang.

If he could obtain great power, it would not be a bad thing for Chen Xiang. He could hunt for Divine Deity, and when he went to Gods Realm to sell them, he would be able to earn a large amount of divine money. Although it would not go smoothly often, he would definitely try.

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