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Chen Xiang stared at the Ice dragon sword intently, causing the two men behind Long Huishan to be worried that he would suddenly take action to snatch it away, and kept their guards up.

"This Ice dragon sword is not simple, I feel that there is a very familiar power within."

"There is a problem with the sword sheath! The sword sheath is different from the Holy Dragon Sword's Sword Sheath. If you look carefully, the material of this sword sheath is the same as the three treasure chests. Long Xueyi anxiously said.

The three Treasure Chests that he got from the Chaotic Mountain could not be opened. Now that he had some idea of them, how could he not be excited? It was just that this Ice dragon sword belonged to someone else, and he could already feel that in this shop that sold weapons and magical equipment, there was a very powerful fellow.

"To be honest, the Dragon Cave we are going to go to, is a land of frost. As long as we can pull out a little of the sword, no one would freeze to death when they go there! Furthermore, even my grandfather can only barely pull this sword out completely. " Long Huishan also felt that Chen Xiang did not know his place.

"If you really can pull it out, then I don't mind giving it to you!" Long Huishan's last sentence, made everyone cry out, and really gave it out as a gift!

It was at this time that Long Huishan spoke again: "This sword was gifted to me by my grandfather, so he is also unable to use this sword. If Sir can truly pull it out, it means that you are fated with this sword … However, if you are unable to pull it out, you have to give me something as well. "

Long Huishan laughed mischievously, waiting for Chen Xiang to take out something, although she was sure that Chen Xiang was unable to pull it out, she was still cautious. The sword was already hers, but if someone else took it away so easily, her heart would ache.

With such a large clan like the Long family, to be able to take out something that Long Huishan had set his eyes on was definitely not easy!

"Do you have the confidence to pull this sword out? If we succeed in getting them, we might be able to open those three treasure chests! " Long Xueyi asked: "If you think it's possible, then use the Jade Dragon Flower. This girl must have the blood of an ice dragon in her body, so she should have some understanding about the dragon race. She knows how precious the Jade Dragon Flower is."

Jade Dragon Flower was a Holy level dragon medicine, a medicinal ingredient that could refine Holy Elixir, and it was also very precious in Sacred Dan Realm.

Chen Xiang planned to give it a try. He had a few Jade Dragon Flower s, and all of them were copied from creation divine liquid.


Chen Xiang took out the Jade Dragon Flower and placed it on the table. Seeing the jade-like flower and feeling the bizarre Dragon Qi, Long Huishan was stunned and stared at the Jade Dragon Flower with her beautiful eyes. The two burly men behind her also recognized this item!

"Jade Dragon Flower!" Long Huishan shouted in shock.

"That's right, but compared to your sword, it's nothing, but this is already my most precious thing!" Chen Xiang said: "If you agree, then I will begin!"

Long Huishan muttered to herself for a while, as though she was trying to communicate with the people in the room, she then nodded her head: "You can begin!"

Everyone looked down at Chen Xiang with contempt, but when they saw him take out the Jade Dragon Flower, they knew that he had a powerful background. At that moment, even Long Huishan was worried that he would pull out the sword, and at that time, the Ice dragon sword would be given to someone else.

Chen Xiang grabbed the sword sheath, and sure enough, he felt that the sword sheath had the same power as the other three treasure chests, and at the same time, a wave of Icy cold power attacked him, drilling into his body. He anxiously used the Fire god method to refine it.

The moment he held the sword hilt, Chen Xiang immediately felt the strong resistance of the Ice dragon sword, like a dragon whose tail had been pinched by someone, he could even hear the roaring of the Ice dragon sword, followed by a powerful cold energy that attacked him, freezing his entire arm and forming a thick layer of ice!

Before he had even pulled out the sword, the Ice dragon sword had resisted so tenaciously. This showed just how powerful the spirit of the sword was!

Seeing this, Long Huishan heaved a sigh of relief, she believed that Chen Xiang would definitely give up, because the first time she held the sword, she held it the same way, she took a long time to hold it without being resisted, if it was touched by a stranger, it would happen.

Chen Xiang released the Holy Devil-suppressing seal's power from his body and immediately suppressed the strong cold power. The ice on his arm was also blasted away.

This came as a great surprise to many people. To think that he could resist the Ice dragon sword's resistance to prevent himself from being frozen. Even that Mr. Wang from before could not do it.

Many people could tell that Chen Xiang was only around the strength of Nirvana Tribulation from the Innate Qi Qi that he had released, but they were able to resist the terrifying cold energy coming from within the sword.

Long Huishan frowned slightly. If Chen Xiang could completely pull it out, this sword would no longer belong to her Long family.

It took a lot of effort for Chen Xiang to suppress the sword, but he was sure that if he were to slightly pull it out, the cold energy released by the sword would be even stronger, and at that time, he would not be able to suppress it.

"Right, Philosophic stone!" Chen Xiang suddenly thought of the mysterious Philosophic stone, he could not do anything to them previously, and had to rely on them to melt the profoundbing.

The Philosophic stone had already fused into his body, he quietly let the Philosophic stone pop out from his palm, touching the sword hilt, then he focused his mind on the Philosophic stone.

"Sure enough, the materials for this sword came from the mysterious profound Cold Ancient Realm!" Chen Xiang did not know why, but after he took out the Philosophic stone, the sword suddenly did not resist him anymore.

Taking the chance, Chen Xiang slowly pulled the sword out, a burst of intense white light accompanied by a gulp came out, the sword body shone with a cold light, under the light of the sun, it was extremely dazzling!

What was unbelievable was that this sword no longer had the threatening ice-cold energy from before!

The Ice dragon sword had been completely unsheathed, but Chen Xiang was even more concerned with the sword sheath, because he felt that the sword sheath could possibly open the three treasure chests.

Chen Xiang smiled at Long Huishan: "This is mine now!"

He kept the Jade Dragon Flower and turned to leave, but Long Huishan anxiously shouted at him, "Sir, this sword is called the Ice dragon sword and you are actually able to pull it out so easily. That means you are destined to be there! I have already promised to give it to you, and I will never go back on my word! "

"Thank you!"

Chen Xiang placed the Ice dragon sword into the ring and let Long Xueyi try to open the treasure chest. He remembered that there was a hole in the three treasure chests that was enough to fit into the sword sheath.

"You have already passed the examination. You can come with me to the Dragon Cave. Didn't you come here before because of this?" Long Huishan's beautiful eyes sparkled as if she was inviting her.

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