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If he did not have the profoundwu diamond armour protecting him, in that instant just now, Chen Xiang would have been hacked to the point where not even dregs would remain.

This great calamity was not as simple as they had imagined. Although they were all very strong, it was not something they could deal with so easily.

The Robbery power locked onto Chen Xiang and exploded out with a burst of multicolored light. Numerous multicolored bolts of lightning descended from the rainbow colored cloud like a rain, all striking towards Chen Xiang.

Duan Chong waved his hand, and a black crack suddenly appeared on top of Chen Xiang, the extremely terrifying Five Element Tribulation Lightning was sucked into the crack, disappearing without a trace.

"Leave it to me," Duan Chong said and immediately leaped into the air. With a crazy wave of his hands, a black vortex appeared above him, and he released all of his power, pouring it all into that black vortex. At this time, the Five Elements Tribulation Lightning descended once again, and this time, it was even thicker than the previous ones, and the amount was more than the previous one, and it became stronger.

Bang bang bang bang. Waves of wild thunder roared and struck towards Duan Chong, but all of them poured into the black vortex which Duan Chong had released with all his strength.

Chen Xiang crawled up and ate a Relive Dan. He looked at the complexions of Yun Xiaodao and the others and said: "We have to continue.

Duan Chong was indeed strong, the black vortex she had released was as if it had completely cleared up the Netherworld. Countless terrifying lightning bolts poured into it, but none of them made a sound.

"Hurry and dodge," Duan Chong suddenly roared.

Chen Xiang, Yun Xiaodao and the rest immediately sensed the Qi undulations from underground, and immediately jumped away from the spot they were in. Waves of water like violent lightning shot out from the ground, and one of the terrifying lightning struck a huge boulder that fell from the sky, turning it into powder.

"Looks like my previous plan won't work," While Yun Xiaodao was speaking, countless fire bombs shot out from the ground and like vicious cobras, they stared straight at him and flew towards him. Furthermore, countless of them descended from the sky and surrounded him from all directions.

In just an instant, Yun Xiaodao was struck by hundreds of lightning bolts, making it impossible for him to escape. Even if he used his fastest speed to dodge, the lightning bolts would still follow him.

Yun Xiaodao screamed miserably. At the same time, Zhu Rong, Xv Weilong, Teng Ying, Xiao Chou and the others also let out miserable cries. They were all ambushed by a large number of fire lightning bolts from the heaven and earth.

Of course, Chen Xiang was also surrounded, but his defense was extremely strong, and the damage received was reduced to the lowest. Even so, his body was in extreme pain, and he had not recovered from the severe injury caused by the Five Elements Tribulation Lightning.

The Robbery power did not just descend from the sky, it also came from all directions. It could penetrate space, making it hard for people to guard against it.

"Everyone, gather together," Duan Chong shouted, "Come to my side right now."

Chen Xiang and the rest immediately used all their strength to fly up to Duan Chong's side. At the same time, they swallowed a Relive Dan.

Chen Xiang released the profoundwu diamond armour. With the Green dragon demon-slain broadsword in his hand, the Slaughter God's Hand appeared, increasing his strength.

On the ground, an incomparably large flame bolt suddenly burst forth. With a single glance, one could tell that it was the fusion of thousands of tiny flame bolts. This was because they had all gathered together.

Chen Xiang dove down, held onto the divine blade, and surged forth with all his strength. He used the Canglang Slash on the thick fire lightning that shot towards him from the ground, causing a tsunami of Dragon Power s to appear.

The explosive force was extremely hot, bringing about a wave of heat wave that swept in all directions. Chen Xiang's power was weaker by a level, the hands that held onto the blade were also shaken until they were bleeding, and his body was also struck by hundreds of fire lightning bolts. Only profoundwu diamond armour could defend against it.

Chen Xiang was responsible for resisting the ground that had come from, Duan Chong was responsible for the top, Yun Xiaodao and the rest of the six were responsible for the surrounding, and so they continued like this for more than two hours. Other than Duan Chong, Chen Xiang and the others were also heavily injured, their faces completely pale white, and they had already eaten several Relive Dan s.

This time, the fierce attack of the Robbery power caused them to not even have time to breathe as they continuously attacked them.

"It's going to become the Five Elements Tribulation Lightning," Chen Xiang said with a serious voice. After that the Five Elements Tribulation Lightning came surging from all directions like the previous bolts of lightning, bringing along a heavenly might that seemed to want to destroy everything in the world, as if it was going to destroy the world.

In that moment, Chen Xiang and the rest of the eight were enveloped by the beautiful multicolored lightning. The attacks that were striking towards them were like giant waves of roaring waves, crashing onto them, and from the looks of it, they were merely ants within the waves.

"Persevere! We can persevere," Chen Xiang shouted loudly, the sound of thunder billowing, but his voice was extremely powerful, bringing with it a powerful mental thought, causing Yun Xiaodao and the others' bodies to tremble. They, who could not persevere anymore, the hidden strength in their bodies suddenly exploded, raising their palms, resisting the ruthless Five Elements Tribulation Lightning.

Time passed by bit by bit, and every moment felt like a month had passed. Every moment caused great pain in their bodies, making them feel as if their bodies were about to explode.

Duan Chong and the others were in an even more miserable state, the broken bones in their bodies could clearly be seen. Although Chen Xiang had the protection of the profoundwu diamond armour, his internal injuries were also extremely severe, and many of his important meridians had already been broken.

The feeling of being on the verge of death made him feel like he was in purgatory. They had had countless despairing thoughts in their minds, but in the end, a kind of faith in the depths of their hearts seemed to have an unending stream of power, allowing them to survive the violent lightning tsunami time and time again.

As soon as there was time, they immediately ate the Relive Dan and two of them at the same time. This was because the rainbow colored clouds in the sky had not dispersed, but it had become much dimmer, indicating that the Robbery power was dissipating.

The rainbow clouds in the sky suddenly contracted, causing Chen Xiang and the others' hearts to race. They were worried that some powerful technique or trick would appear.

"It's the Robbery beast," Duan Chong's voice sank as he immediately ate a piece of the Eternal Dan. "You can't deal with it, leave it to me."

Chen Xiang had never heard of Robbery beast before, but he did know about it. It was just that right now, she had no contact with Chen Xiang, otherwise, the Robbery power would be even more terrifying.

"How is the Robbery beast," Yun Xiaodao asked. He ate the Relive Dan and quickly recovered, the exploded bones and flesh on his body slowly grew back, all these Relive Dan were of high quality, they had the effect of living corpses and bones, if not they would not be so precious, and would not be called the divine pellet for tribulation.

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