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Hanging from the top of the room, he opened the door and saw a masked woman knocking on the door, calling out to the crystal ball.

Through this crystal ball, he could send a sound transmission to the owner's room on the seventh floor, which was also the supporting equipment for the shop. Chen Xiang channeled his divine power into the crystal ball and heard a familiar voice.

"Is anyone here?" Chen Xiang could see her every move clearly from the crystal ball. The lady was Feng Yujie, but she had changed her mask.

With a thought, Chen Xiang opened the door from within the crystal ball. After Feng Yujie entered, he controlled the door to be closed, it was extremely convenient.

"I'm on the seventh floor." Chen Xiang sent a sound transmission to Feng Yujie, and then he went to the guest hall, just as he was thinking to have Lv Qilian practice, he did not expect Feng Yujie to actually find him here.

Feng Yujie came up very quickly, and upon entering the hall, she immediately took off her mask, revealing a look of displeasure on her face.

Feng Yujie pouted and said: "My goodness, you modified my Shengyuan holy Dan yet you still didn't tell me."

Chen Xiang laughed: "Sister Feng, I was just looking for trouble with you, how did you find me here?"

In order to make Feng Yujie happy, Chen Xiang hurriedly poured tea for her.

"Someone just bought this shop. I checked and found out it was a woman. I knew it was you." Feng Yujie looked at the pretty good living room and said: "Although this shop is big, the location is still a lot worse. It's a pity that the divine formations and all kinds of facilities are here."

Chen Xiang laughed: "It's alright, since Sister Qilian has bought it, she will definitely have a way to manage it, Sister Feng, this time you are not worried about Highest Old Devil."

Feng Yujie scoffed, "That bastard was taken away by the Supreme Divine Palace. Fortunately, the Nine Divine Kings left me something in the past that I could contact the Supreme Divine Palace."

"Tell me honestly, how did you refine your Wild Dragon Saint Dan."

Chen Xiang ran to the back of Feng Yujie and played with her smooth and beautiful long hair, laughing: "I just added Dragon Blood Saint Dan in and refined it, and also obtained a little bit of Spirit grain, so I succeeded, but I used the method inside the Heavenly Alchemy to successfully refine it, ordinary methods won't work."

"So if you want to learn, sister, you can only learn Heavenly Alchemy first. I'll be happy to teach it to you."

Chen Xiang was very generous to Feng Yujie because he wanted the Younger Nine Girl's Supreme god bone and he felt guilty about it. But Feng Yujie was Younger Nine Girl's elder sister, so even though some things had happened before, they still had a deep sisterly relationship towards each other.

"I'm too lazy to do so. The Heavenly Alchemy is so difficult, it's not that easy to learn." Feng Yujie pushed the hair on his back to the front and hung it over his chest, preventing Chen Xiang from messing around there.

Chen Xiang placed both of his hands on Feng Yujie's shoulders and gently kneaded them, massaging her while laughing: "Sister Feng, you are now the Second Palace Master of Divine Female Palace, can you lend me some God's money to spend? I'm really lacking right now."

Feng Yujie leaned on the chair, enjoying the massage from Chen Xiang, and quietly said: "I would like to, but I do not care about God's money, and I did not have much foundation since I have only come up recently, so I do not have much God's money. Even if I wanted to refine God's Pill, I would have to buy some medicine."

"Where's Qilian and Xue Yi?" Feng Yujie looked at the direction of the room and asked.

"They're all out, I don't know where they're going." Chen Xiang rubbed Feng Yujie's shoulder. Looking down, he saw Feng Yujie's proud chest. Even though it was separated by his clothes, he was still unwilling to shift his gaze.

Feng Yujie purposely said fiercely: "Behave yourself, brat. You've earned so much divine money, and you still want to cheat me of my divine money. You really aren't worth it."

Chen Xiang suddenly said to Feng Yujie: "Elder sister, please calm your anger. I want to confirm, you really aren't being watched by the Highest Old Devil anymore."

When Feng Yujie saw that Chen Xiang had sent a sound transmission to her, secretly, he knew that Chen Xiang had something important to tell her.

"If the sound transmission is not accurate, then my divine soul will enter your Divine Sense Sea World. This will be absolutely safe." Feng Yujie replied.

"Alright." immediately shouted. Last time, a very wonderful thing happened precisely because Lv Qilian's divine soul entered his Divine Sense Sea World.

Looking at Chen Xiang's excited expression, Feng Yujie seemed to have guessed something, and scolded: "Little bastard, are you thinking wrongly, trying to do something to me in the Divine Sense Sea World, I'm not afraid of you."

Chen Xiang said in an aggrieved manner: "Of course not, I really have something important to tell you."

"Relax, I'll enter your Divine Sense Sea right now." Feng Yujie said as she opened her palm, only to see a bottle sized beauty suddenly appearing in her palm.

After Chen Xiang saw this, he couldn't help but extend his hand out, wanting to use his fingers to soft that cute little face of hers.

Pa! Feng Yujie immediately opened up his assailant and shouted, "Don't touch my divine soul."

Following that, the divine soul in her palm flew up, transforming into a white light that shot into Chen Xiang's chest, disappearing without a trace.

As long as it was a True God, one's divine soul would be able to materialize, so Feng Yujie's divine soul was a mini version of Feng Yujie's just now.

Feng Yujie had already appeared in Chen Xiang's Divine Sense Sea. Chen Xiang's Divine Sense Sea World looked like he was surrounded by a sea, the originally golden ocean of divine power had already turned blue.

"This is your Divine Sense Sea World. It looks very ordinary, so it turns out you've always wanted to live like this."

Feng Yujie looked around. Here, the sky was blue and white, the waves were accompanied by a cool sea breeze that caressed the beach, on an island, the mountains were clear and the water was beautiful, the forest was green and verdant, and the forest was filled with birds chirping. Multicolored beautiful flowers were blooming, and the fragrance of flowers was everywhere.

Feng Yujie flew over to the stone table and sat down. He was surrounded by a sea of flowers and there were many butterflies dancing with the beautiful chirping of birds in the forest.

"Divine Sense Sea World reacts to what everyone desires the most in their heart. I never thought that what you desire the most is actually this." Feng Yujie was very surprised with this, she had originally thought that Chen Xiang was a person who had great ambition, but who knew that he would actually yearn for this kind of life, even though it looked pretty good.

Chen Xiang shook his head and smiled: "These ordinary and carefree days are what I desire the most, it's just that it's not easy to obtain. Right now, I simply cannot stop living like this, I do have a lot of goals, but this is probably the hardest one for me, so I constructed my Divine Sense Sea World to be like this."

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