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Lv Qinlian did not expect that Chen Xiang would be so passionate the moment he saw her, holding her tightly and wanting to merge her into his body. Sensing Chen Xiang's deep thoughts, Lv Qinlian was moved, her face flushed red as she pouted: "Brat, don't forget about the reflection of my body."

Back then, Chen Xiang and Lv Qinlian had been together for a period of time, and many of the time, the two of them had been intimate with each other, both having feelings for each other. However, once they started to get emotional, Lv Qinlian's body would emit a very powerful Poisonous scent, and even Chen Xiang's Devil-suppressing Golden Body would not be able to resist it.

"I'm very powerful now, I'm not afraid. Besides, Sister Lian, you can definitely control those Poisonous scent." Chen Xiang said while grinning. At this time, he was still carrying away Lv Qinlian's fragrant and soft body, unwilling to let go.

Little Lizhi had already witnessed Chen Xiang kissing with Lv Qilian before, and now that Lv Qilian's sister seemed to have done something bad to Chen Xiang's evil hands, she actually looked to be in such a good relationship.

"Let go!" Lv Qinlian whispered to herself in a sweet voice as she pinched Chen Xiang's waist, letting him go from her warm embrace.

Chen Xiang laughed while looking at Little Lizhi, "Little Lizhi, you look alright. After coming back from that Sacred Domain, you have improved quite a bit.

As he said that, he was about to embrace Little Lizhi, but Little Lizhi avoided it very quickly.

"Brat, stop messing around, quickly go see my sister. She is often praised by me with great difficulty, and I have heard about you saving her and Little Lizhi." Lv Qinlian pulled Chen Xiang's hand and walked towards the great hall in front.

Little Lizhi walked in front and asked softly, "You have stayed in that Sacred Domain for more than two hundred years."

"Yeah, I got a lot out there."

Lv Qinlian replied. At this moment, he was holding Lv Qinlian's soft and jade hands and massaging them lightly, Lv Qinlian did not feel repulsed by it, a woman like her who was covered in poison could only be suppressed by Chen Xiang's Devil-suppressing Golden Body. Lv Qinlian knew this, even though she was a Spirit Demon, but after transforming, she still had human feelings, she needed men.

Entering the great hall, Flower Emperor Lv Qilian sat on a large jade chair, inside the great hall she was the only one.

When Lv Qilian saw this, she could not help but frown, especially when she saw Chen Xiang gently rubbing Lv Qinlian's jade hands. She immediately scolded in her heart, she did not expect that this little scoundrel Chen Xiang, would actually already have acted against her little sister.

Seeing her sister's gaze that was off, Lv Qinlian snorted lightly and flung away Chen Xiang's hands. Then, he stood beside Little Lizhi and kept his distance from him.

Chen Xiang raised her head and looked at Lv Qilian who was seated at the top of the great hall. She was dressed in a luxurious and dignified golden robe, and unconsciously released a strong pressure, her expression was solemn and full of might.

"You have been to the Devil-suppressing Divine Palace." Lv Qilian asked. She had heard about the matter of the Divine Palace Protectors being killed.

I've been there before. I've already opened the thing left behind by the Devil-suppressing Heavenly Venerable. Chen Xiang took out the jade box and placed it in the middle of the hall.

Lv Qilian left the chair and with a flash, he arrived beside the jade box. He carefully examined the profound and ancient patterns on the box.

"Is that the only thing inside the black coffin?" Lv Qilian frowned, feeling a little disappointed.

Chen Xiang took out a small pagoda and smiled: "There's still this, but I won't give you this. I promised to help you find the whereabouts of the Devil-suppressing Heavenly Venerable, but I never promised to give you the treasure that I found."

"No trace of him."

Lv Qilian had to desperately save her and Little Lizhi time and time again, but she had yet to repay his gratitude. No matter how presumptuous Chen Xiang was in front of her, she could not bring herself to be angry at him.

Little Lizhi and Lv Qinlian also looked at the jade box. They were familiar with formation Spirit grain, but could not understand what those Spirit grain meant. They were closest to Lv Qilian, and they already knew that Devil-suppressing Heavenly Venerable was her father.

"You don't understand. The Spirit grain above can actually set up a Transmission array and teleport them to a Heaven Realm. I just don't know what kind of Heaven Realm it is." Chen Xiang caressed the Spirit grain above, pointed to the small ancient characters and said: "When I was trapped inside the Evil Divine Palace by those bastards, there was a jade chest left behind by the Evil Emperor, which also pointed to the Heaven Realm. That Heaven Realm is called the Heavenly Evil Realm."

Chen Xiang said, "You should all know how terrifying the Heavenly Realm is. Take the Sacred Domain for example, the central region is much more terrifying than what you imagine."

Little Lizhi said, "Right now, there are two Sky Regions that have opened their doors to Di Tian and are trying to rope in some of the big powers., Heaven Sword City and the others have all pledged their allegiance to the Di Tian and we have also received the invitation.

"I've found the clue, Flower Emperor. Now it's your turn to fulfill your promise, right?" Chen Xiang said: "This jade chest is for you. Whether or not you want to go to that sky region to look for the Devil-suppressing Heavenly Venerable, you decide."

Lv Qilian took out a Storage bag and said: "This is the Immortal Grade's medicinal ingredient that I had promised to give you initially. It's mainly the first and second stage of Immortal Grade's Yuxian Dan."

When Chen Xiang returned from the Sacred Domain, he brought along a large group of Immortal Grade Three Yuxian Dan and Immortal Grade Three Biyuan Dan. However, since it was given to him by the other party, Chen Xiang could only smile and accept it.

"Right, where is the Grandma Lv? Do you two sisters know." Chen Xiang asked.

"I don't know. When our agreement arrives, she leaves by herself. I also want to find her." Lv Qilian shook his head helplessly: "I think she should make a move against the higher ups of Devil-suppressing Divine Palace."

"What about the Alive Slain Method, can you tell me now?" Chen Xiang asked anxiously, the Heaven Earth Killing Method, he was only lacking by this much.

When Lv Qinlian heard this, he was slightly surprised. "Sis, you want to pass the Alive Slain Method to him?"

Lv Qilian nodded: "This is an agreement between him and me, and he is also very suitable to learn it."

"Brat, your Evil Dragon Graveyard is being attacked everyday, aren't you in a hurry to go back and take a look?" Lv Qinlian smiled at Chen Xiang, as if he was congratulating him in advance for obtaining the Alive Slain Method.

"Of course I will go back. When the time comes, I will let those guys have a good time." Chen Xiang clenched his fist, his face full of hatred.

This was the first time Lv Qinlian and the other two girls saw him in such a state. However, they were sure that the big powers that had attacked the Evil Dragon Graveyard were going to suffer.

"Follow me, I will pass the Alive Slain Method to you." Lv Qilian kept the jade chest, and lightly called out to Chen Xiang.

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