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Although Chen Xiang had successfully refined a batch of Tianshen Dan, and eight of them at that, he had used up most of his divine power just to refine the first batch.

"Looks like I have to eat some recovery pills when refining this Tianshen Dan in the future. Otherwise, I won't have any divine power after one furnace." Chen Xiang laid on the ground and ate a handful of Jaded Essence Pills, recovering his divine power.

"Won't it improve in the future? In the past when you were forging, as long as you got used to it, you would consume less energy and even increase your speed. " Long Xueyi said: "How about when you refine pills, I can lend you some of my divine power."

"In the past, it was because I was not familiar with that type of pill. But the Tianshen Dan that I am refining now are Jiupin spiritual Dan s, they require fire and god powers to be very strong, and they require me to use all my strength."

Chen Xiang recovered a little and went over to the side of the furnace. He had not opened the furnace yet, so if the Tianhun fruit had not been refined by him previously, he could produce ten pills in one furnace.

After opening the furnace, Chen Xiang took out the Tianshen Dan s. There were eight bubbles of pills, and they were transparent, very similar to the Tianhun fruit's inside. The only difference was that after these bubbles of energy were refined, the quality would become higher and the power would become unique.

After consuming one pellet, he, who was recovering slowly, suddenly felt that it was as if he had entered a huge fight inside the exhausted Divine Sense Sea. There was a huge amount of energy in his surroundings, and the Tianshen Dan was able to help him recuperate quickly.

"As expected of a Jiupin spiritual Dan, just eating two would be enough to replenish my divine power." Chen Xiang swallowed another pill. He, who was originally exhausted from the depletion of his divine power, had become vigorous like a dragon or tiger.

Chen Xiang gave four pellets to Long Xueyi, the girls Dongfang Xinyue, Pearl and Kong Bailing wanted to have a taste of this Jiupin spiritual Dan.

"There are two more. This time, I have to refine even more!" The Tianhun fruit that Chen Xiang had just refined had been exhausted, so he had lost some of his divine power. If he had refined a complete Tianhun fruit, the number of pills he would have dropped would have definitely been more than the amount he had just now.

"Why don't I refine two of them at the same time!" Long Xueyi said.

"No, with my current divine power, I can only barely refine one Tianhun fruit." Chen Xiang shook his head. He also wanted to concoct more medicinal ingredients and concoct more pills.

Previously, he could refine low grade pills, but now he was refining Jiupin spiritual Dan s. It was not easy, he just needed to refine a portion of the ingredients.

Chen Xiang continued to copy the Tianhun fruit, he did not have much spirit liquid left either, he could only copy out ten of them, and if he succeeded in refining all of them, he would have over a hundred Tianshen Dan s.

Just like before, Chen Xiang took two hours to refine the second batch of Tianshen Dan and this time, the number of Tianshen Dan he produced was more than before. Furthermore, this was his best condition, so he gained a certain level of experience.

He ate two pills, rested for an hour, recovered his best condition, and then continued refining Tianshen Dan.

Liu Meng'er and Xue Xianxian had not yet cultivated their divine souls and were still in closed door cultivation, but it would not be long before they could nurture their divine souls. Chen Xiang was also really looking forward to the moment they come out from closed door cultivation.

… ….

A hundred years had passed in the Nine Heaven World but Chen Xiang had only stayed in the Divine Prison for over a month. Because the time laws in the Divine Prison were different from those in other spaces, in order to prevent the people in the Divine Prison from escaping, the time in the Divine Prison was extremely chaotic.

Di Tian, Evil Dragon Graveyard, in a courtyard of the Dragon Subduing School.

"Master, why hasn't Junior Martial Uncle returned yet? He's been gone for over a hundred years." Hua Xiangyue had a face full of worry: "Are you able to save him?"

Huang Jintian shook his head: "I can't save him, he's much stronger than me right now, he can't even leave that place, but if he can't die, then so be it."

Huang Jintian, who was initially in the Sacred Domain, had already returned. He came to Di Tian from the Transmission array in the Sacred Domain, and at this moment, Di Tian and a few other Endless Heaven Realm s already had Transmission array s. The powers in the Endless Heaven Realm were constantly expanding in Di Tian, wanting to take root in this space that was constantly evolving.

Di Tian advanced at an incredible speed, the holy spirit energy in the air became denser and denser. Although it couldn't be compared to the Heavenly Realms as a whole, with this speed, he would still surpass them sooner or later.

Therefore, all the powerful forces in the Realm of Flame Heaven came to Di Tian one after another to occupy the resources and land.

And the dragon vein under the Dragon Subduing School, was originally only a Spiritual crystal, but it was already evolving into a Holy stone. Soon, the entire dragon vein would transform into a Holy stone, and the advancement would continue.

This meant that Di Tian wouldn't stop, he would continue to improve. Perhaps one day, he might even become a higher level space.

The power that originally belonged to Di Tian was now growing increasingly stronger. The powerhouses of those powers were constantly breaking through as well. Without a certain level of strength, sooner or later, they would be annexed.

Among the Di Tian, other powers that came from Endless Heaven Realm s, the strongest were the Dragon Subduing School s, Hundreds of Flowers Palace s, Devil-suppressing Divine Palace s, Ice Dragon Race s, and other established powers.

The most powerful change was to Fire Divine Palace, the half crippled Fire Emperor had suddenly become very strong, stronger than when he was an emperor, he had attacked Evil Dragon Graveyard twice, but was blocked by Jiang Sheng and Qi Shi.

The powerful forces that came from the Endless Heaven Realm didn't dare to act recklessly with Di Tian because the White Tiger and Vermillion Bird were both here and they were both very strong. If they fought, it would probably be even worse than it was back then.

"Sister Xiangyue, Grandpa Huang!" When Wu Qianqian walked over, her face was a little pale, but the indifferent and elegant smile she revealed caused the haggard her to look extremely charming. Wu Qianqian was still the same as before;

Qianqian, after a period of time, the cold poison in your body will be expelled. Hua Xiangyue hurried over to support Wu Qianqian.

A trace of anger appeared on Huang Jintian's face, "That old bastard from the Heavenly Region of Holy Ice actually used profoundhan poison s as disciples from famous sects, and he doesn't care about the rest of the Heavenly Regions."

Hua Xiangyue's jade face also revealed a trace of anger, "Wait until that little scoundrel comes back, we must teach him a lesson!"

Wu Qianqian's eyes were filled with yearning, she had not seen Chen Xiang for a long time.

"The thing we need to pay attention to now is the Mei Emperor, it's all because of this woman." When Qi Shi's voice came, he had already arrived in the courtyard.

"Luckily we have cultivated the Demon Subduing Heart Art. As long as we pay attention, we will not be confused by the Mei Emperor." Huang Jintian nodded his head: "It's just that right now, many of the powerhouses listen to her, and those who come would be hard to guard against."

Qi Shi said: "Fortunately Hell Devil Emperor is now gathering his power to deal with Chen Xiang, otherwise, when he starts to attack Nine Heaven World, we would not be able to get by."

Right now, Mei Emperor and Flower Emperor are mortal enemies. From the looks of it, Flower Emperor can suppress Mei Emperor, but he does not dare to do anything there. Huang Jintian said.

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