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Competing with a person would sometimes truly compare to a dead person.

When you think you have a good holy artifact, other people's holy artifact have piled up like a mountain.

From the moment the dragon salyer appeared in the Long family's residence, the Nangong Imperial Clan wanted to obtain it.

When they were happy that the Long Family had lost their supreme artifact, who would have thought that Long Fei already had a Divine Level Set.

Nangong Wudi was so angry that he almost vomited blood.

This was nothing.

Just as the Sky Tyrant Armor was all revealed, Long Fei's eyebrows twitched and he shouted: "Thunder Clock, get out!"

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The 'Thunder Clock' that exploded from Nangong Lie's body also appeared on Long Fei's body.

The shadow of the Thunder Clock covered Long Fei, and the gigantic bell continuously released dense lightning defenses.

It was so sharp that it was a complete mess!

He carried the dragon salyer on his shoulder and held the Sky Tyrant Sword in his hand. He wore the Sky Tyrant Set and had Thunder Clock revolving around his head. Each and every one of them were holy artifact.

Each one was incomparably sharp.

The sight was dazzling.

He even had thoughts of dying.

Not many martial artists would be able to get an Earth Grade spirit artifact in their lifetime, but... Long Fei's entire body was filled with holy artifact, did he still want to live?

Can't you play?

Nangong Wudi was so angry that his entire body was trembling, if not for his high cultivation, he would have vomited blood.

Looking at the half of the dragon salyer in his hand, Nangong Wudi felt as if he had been humiliated.

… ….

Long Zhanhai immediately ordered.

"Without my order, no one is allowed to even take half a step into this temple. Long Yun, you stand guard here. Whoever dares to approach this temple will be killed without question!"

Long Yun immediately replied, "Yes!"

And then …

Long Zhanhai quickly ran up.

Because …

He felt a strong aura, and when he looked at the entrance of the temple, he was stupefied. He mumbled: "Father, is that Xiao Fei?"

Long Sanfeng was so shocked that he nearly jumped up to cheer, and said excitedly: "It's Xiao Fei, it's Xiao Fei, hahaha … "Good boy, you have truly shocked me!"

The number of holy artifact he had on him right now was not even as many as he had in the entire Fire Glass Dynasty.

He was definitely a rich person.

"Don't worry about it now, hahaha …" Long Sanfeng grew excited, looking at Long Fei who was inside the array with incomparable pride.

He was proud of Long Fei.

… ….

Long Fei took a step forward and laughed: "Aren't your inescapable snare tactical method powerful? Come, come, come. Let's see if we can break through your father's defense! "


Incomparable arrogance.

Long Fei said as if he was pulling a 250 year old.

With a move of the sword, he pointed at Nangong Wudi's nose and cursed: "Child Nan Gong, come come come, let your Ghost Warrior kill me! "Damn you, come on!"

Too arrogant.

Facing the number one ranker of the Fire Glass City, facing the inescapable snare tight tactical method, Long Fei was unbridled.

Nangong Wudi was so angry that smoke was coming out from his head, and he shouted angrily: "Kill him, kill him, kill him for me!"


With a change in inescapable snare tight tactical method, all of them rushed towards Xiang Longfei.

Long Fei frowned, and thought to himself: "The distance is too far, I can't sense the true breath on Nangong Wudi's body. I need to take a few more steps forward."



Countless Ghost Warrior s rushed towards Xiang Longfei.


Long Fei ignored them and walked forward in large strides. The attacks of the Ghost Warrior s were like ice and fire, completely useless against them.


All are >

Thunder Clock could not defend against it, and the Sky Tyrant Armor could easily defend itself. This was the power of a Divine level spiritual treasure.

His defense was extremely high.

These Ghost Warrior s were completely useless.

Long Fei laughed arrogantly: "Nan Gong punk, what kind of bullsh * t inescapable snare tight tactical method, is it only this kind of power? "It's not as powerful as my scratching."

"Even if I beg you, can you make them use a little more strength?"

"At least give me an itch."

"Hahaha …"

Long Fei walked forward step by step, wanting to enrage Nangong Wudi, he wanted to feel the flow of the true breath on Nangong Wudi's body. He wanted to know whether or not Nangong Wudi was controlling these Ghost Warrior s again, and whether or not he was the eye of the formation.

And then again.

He wanted to shrink his distance to a point where it locked onto him!

The distance at which the Ice and Fire Nine Heavens was released!

Nangong Wudi was so angry that his entire body was trembling, looking at Long Fei's wild laughter, he wanted to personally go and tear him apart.

"Too weak, too weak!"

"A bit stronger."

"Child Nangong, is this the trump card of your Nangong Imperial Clan? "I think it's just a bunch of trash."

Long Fei walked forward step by step.

Although no Ghost Warrior had broken through his defense, this did not mean that he could quickly rush to Nangong Wudi's side as if he were walking down a main road.

Furthermore, when those attacks landed on his body, although he didn't receive any damage, he could feel them with his own body.

"Master, another hundred meters!"

Ice and fire continued to calculate the distance between them.

Long Fei secretly thought, "A hundred meters right!"

He took a big step forward, "There are still 99 meters left. Nangong Wudi, just wait for me to send you to the west."

Over three thousand Ghost Warrior s continued to attack.

The power of the formation continued to rise, but it was completely useless.

It did not harm Long Fei at all.

Long Sanfeng and Long Zhanhai were both dumbfounded, "So breaking the array can actually do something like this?"

"Good boy!"

"Hahaha …"

The two of them laughed with incomparable joy.

Lunatic Long also laughed loudly: "Old thief Nan Gong, isn't the inescapable snare tactical method awesome? "Why did it become like this now?"

How could this be called breaking through a formation?

This was called ignoring this formation.

Nangong Wudi angrily clenched his teeth. His Divine Level Set was unable to break through the defense of the Heavens, but … Instead of rushing towards Xiang Longfei with anger, he said with a cold laugh, "Long Fei, even if your defense is peerless, you are still unable to break through this formation."

"You want to get close to me, want to fight with that dragon and shoot out beams of light to kill me?"

"Hahaha …"

Nangong Wudi laughed wildly.

Long Fei frowned, "Has he been seen through?"

At this moment.

Long Fei took a step forward, his heart stirred, and he shouted: "Ice and Fire, prepare to attack."

The Ice Fire Dragon's heart tightened as it said, "Master, there is still half a meter left. One more step and you will be finished."

Long Fei lifted his leg again.

Also at this moment, the idea moved, sensing the true breath's fluctuations on Nangong Wudi's body.

And in the instant that Long Fei lifted his leg.

Nangong Wudi roared fiercely, "Charge out for him!"

As soon as he finished.

The Ghost Warrior s suddenly gathered in a row as a strong wave of energy shot out horizontally and directly slashed at Long Fei's chest, without causing him the slightest bit of harm.

However …

Yet, Long Fei actually put it back! [].

Five hundred meters away.

Long Fei once again returned to the starting point!

What should he do?

He wasn't a match at all …

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