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Feng Ziprofound was finished, but he still had a Sky Pill that contained a huge amount of energy!

Now it was Zhao Yiprofound's turn. Chen Xiang had promised Ji Meixian that he would leave this woman to her, so he couldn't devour Zhao Yiprofound. At that time, Ji Meixian would take revenge on an unconscious body, and he would definitely not be able to vent his hatred.

However, he could seal Zhao Yiprofound's Heaven Pellet, and as long as he was unable to use the Heaven Pellet, he would not be able to drill into the ground like the Caomu heavenly Dan.

"As long as I seal her Heavenly Dan, I can stop the killing array and get her out." A golden light shot out from between Chen Xiang's brows and released its mana. It used its mana to engrave a restriction on Zhao Yiprofound's Heaven Pellet, imprisoning the power of her Heaven Pellet.

Ji Meixian clenched her jade fists tightly, waiting for the moment she would take her revenge.

"Chen Xiang, you despicable person, what are you doing?" This was Zhao Yiprofound's soul screaming.

Chen Xiang laughed coldly: "Despicable person? Aren't you despicable? That Caomu heavenly Dan was obviously stolen by me, but you guys wanted to kill me and snatch it away. If it wasn't for that matter, we would have already been sent to the other Lion Mountain and might have already left already! "

He started to use his Fa Li to carve a few Spirit grain on the shiny blue Heaven Pellet. This was a Spirit grain that could seal the power inside the Heaven Pellet.

This Zhao Yiprofound was indeed not simple, he already had a blue colored ice spirit in his body, and a yin meridians, an expert who used the Icy cold power.

Chen Xiang took six hours to successfully seal the power of Zhao Yiprofound's Heavenly Pellet, but it would not last long, and would only last for three days at most. If Zhao Yiprofound's body recovered, she could break the seal faster.

Chen Xiang grabbed onto Feng Ziprofound, and Ji Meixian walked out of the killing array.

Zhao Yiprofound's entire body was wounded, but after leaving the killing array, the Sky and Earth aura had surged into her body, nourishing her wounds.

Chen Xiang summoned his Green dragon demon-slain broadsword and turned it into a small dagger. He slashed open Feng Ziprofound's abdomen and removed a white pearl that was as big as an egg.

When Zhao Yiprofound and Ji Meixian saw this scene, they felt weird, especially Zhao Yiprofound, if her Heaven Pellet was taken out, then her cultivation would be crippled.

"This is the Heaven Pill! The energy inside is really terrifying! " Chen Xiang sighed.

"My junior sister and I have already suffered damage to our Heaven Pills, and the damage to our dantian is very serious. If we want to recover, we must first restore our Dantian, and then allow the Heaven Pills to be reborn." Bai Youyou said.

The Heaven Pill was the source of power for those immortals. If it was taken away, it would be equivalent to a cripple with a powerful fleshly body.

"Slut!" Ji Meixian slapped Zhao Yiprofound hard. Although Zhao Yiprofound had been struck by lightning, she was a woman after all, and had to protect her beautiful face at all costs. And this made Ji Meixian feel really good about it.

Pah pah pah …

Ji Meixian's left and right hands rotated, and did not listen to any slaps on Zhao Yiprofound's face, but Zhao Yiprofound's body was still considered strong, and after getting hit so crazily by Ji Meixian, he could actually only become slightly red.

Of course, Ji Meixian never planned to smash that beautiful face to pieces, otherwise she wouldn't be able to do so in the future. Zhao Yiprofound was currently grinding his teeth, his eyes filled with hatred. Ji Meixian had not been able to hurt her, but this was worse than being cut on her body.

"As expected of the Great Heaven Lady, her recovery is really fast!" Ji Meixian's face was gloomy and ruthless, as he ridiculed and slapped Zhao Yiprofound's face.

"You traitor..."

"You are the traitor, your entire family is a traitor! If it wasn't for the way you treated me before, I would have definitely given you a quick death today. But I've decided that I won't let you die so easily. " Ji Meixian was so angry that she stomped her foot on Zhao Yiprofound's jade face, causing him to feel incomparably humiliated.

Chen Xiang searched Feng Ziprofound's body. He wanted to see what kind of treasures Feng Ziprofound had on him, but he only obtained a storage ring in the end.

"Beauty, what are you going to do with her? My seal can't seal her for too long. She'll probably recover in a day or two. " Chen Xiang said.

Ji Meixian's expression turned cold, and said: "I want her to become my female slave!" With that, she stripped off Zhao Yiprofound's tattered clothes, revealing the scarred jade body.

Chen Xiang whistled. Although Zhao Yiprofound's entire body was wounded, but right now, he looked especially beautiful, the wounds on her body did not seem out of place, her haggard and haggard face was filled with humiliation and anger, her eyes glimmering with tears.

Ji Meixian took out an Image Crystal, recording the process of Zhao Yiprofound being ravaged by her.

"You …" After Zhao Yiprofound found out that it was the Image Crystal, she was so angry that she almost vomited blood. She couldn't move right now, she could only let Ji Meixian do as he pleased.

"If you say another word, I'll smash your mouth!" Ji Meixian punched Zhao Yiprofound in the face.

Chen Xiang stroked his chin and laughed: "This little maid has my demeanor, now you want to take me in as a female slave too! Then isn't this Zhao Yiprofound my little little maid? Interesting... "Haha!"

Ji Meixian was so angry now that even Chen Xiang felt scared, but after thinking about it, it was understandable. Previously, she was taken in as a female slave by Chen Xiang, and later, she was mistreated and beaten up by Zhao Yiprofound. She had endured for so long, but now that she had a chance to vent it, she naturally had to be happy.

"Little bitch, do you think that I, Ji Meixian, am truly a mere mortal? When I was an almighty being in the Heaven Realm, your eighteen generations of ancestors were not even born yet! If you try to bully me for a while, I will slave you for the rest of your life and obediently release the Master-servant Contract, or else I will paint your little face. " Ji Meixian said coldly.

Zhao Yiprofound was also very stubborn. Although she was filled with humiliation and fury after being trampled on by Ji Meixian a while ago, she had not given in.

All of a sudden, she laughed crazily, "Pfft, with your lowly strength, don't think you can ruin my appearance."

Ji Meixian patted Zhao Yiprofound's face and laughed coldly: "Looks like this face is your weakness. It seems like this face is even more precious than your life!" As she spoke, her jade-like hand slid down Zhao Yiprofound's chest, causing him to stare blankly. It was his first time seeing a woman molest a woman …

Zhao Yiprofound raised her head high, the wounds on her body were slowly being healed, the spirit energy in the surroundings quickly flowed into her body. Although she did not have any bloodline, but being able to do so was already quite shocking.

"Lend me the Green dragon demon-slain broadsword!" Ji Meixian looked at Chen Xiang, and stretched out her jade hand.

Chen Xiang threw the divine blade in his hand that looked like a dagger into Ji Meixian's hands. Now, he allowed Ji Meixian to use it, so Ji Meixian could hold it in his hands.

Ji Meixian held the mini version of the Divine Blade, and used the back of the blade to slowly stroke Zhao Yiprofound's face. Feeling the power inside the Divine Blade, her body trembled, as though the blade could cut through her face like tofu!

"Indeed, you cherish this face of yours and have even used some powerful divine objects to temper it. My current power cannot be used, but you should know the power of this blade very well." Ji Meixian pursed her lips, her tone was extremely sinister and scary.

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