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Chen Xiang needed these kind of dark and gloomy people to deal with the powers of the Imperial Dragon Race. Since Lan Cang could stay here for such a long time, he must have many powerful cultivation methods.

"How can I contact you when the time comes? I don't need you to do anything now." Chen Xiang asked.

Lan Cang took out a small scale that looked like a shell.

"This is Long Bei. When you need me, use this to contact me. When the time comes, you should know how to use it." Lan Cang said.

Chen Xiang kept Long Bei and chatted with him for a while before he left the place with Huang Jintian.

The profound Ice City was located inside the profound Cold Ancient Realm. It was only through a few formations that one could make the inside warm up and imitate sunlight, otherwise ordinary people would definitely freeze to death here.

This was the Fire Divine Palace's territory, and Chen Xiang had been sealed here for a period of time.

"I never thought that the profound Cold Ancient Realm would become colder and colder. What's going on? I wonder if this place has anything to do with the Saint Ice Realm?" When Chen Xiang and Huang Jintian just got out of the city, they felt the cold weather outside was much worse than before.

At this time, inside profound Cold Ancient Realm, there was a blizzard all day. Without any strength, it was difficult to even move an inch in this place, and there were also dangers lurking around.

"This might be because Di Tian has returned, all that is being absorbed here is the power of the Holy Spirit, it must be powerful, it seems like without the power of an immortal, no one can wander around here. Even the Immortal Monarch, if we wander around, would be in danger." said as the ice shards hit his face, causing him to feel an ice-cold pain. He had no choice but to release a protective shield of air to block them.

On the other hand, Chen Xiang was fine, it was just that the snow and wind here was heavy, causing them to advance very slowly.

"No wonder there are so few profoundbing now. Without sufficient strength, it would be difficult to find one." Chen Xiang said, he had just released Suzaku fire wing, but very quickly the ice and snow that was flying towards him were exterminated.

The ice and snow in this place were extremely powerful. Those flames that Chen Xiang had released with his divine power were all extinguished.

"The sacred fire might not be extinguished, but it would consume too much energy." Huang Jintian laughed: "Quickly think of a way."

Chen Xiang took out a golden small boat. This was what he had obtained from others in the past.

Chen Xiang and Huang Jintian entered the cabin. Inside was a small warm hall, and through the window, they could see the strong wind howling outside.

"Good stuff, why didn't you take it out earlier." Huang Jintian drank some hot water and asked worriedly, "Will your boat be buried by the snow?"

"There is a shield outside the boat, and the snow cannot cover it." Chen Xiang said, he poured Spirit Qi into the boat, the boat moved smoothly, its speed was extremely fast.

The environment of the profound Cold Ancient Realm had become so vile. Chen Xiang did not expect this at all, and this had increased the difficulty of his search for profoundbing to such an extent.

"In this situation, how are we to find the profoundbing?" Huang Jintian sighed.

"Let's go inside and take a look first. The blizzard should stop." Chen Xiang said. He came here not only to find profoundbing, but also to see what secrets were hidden inside.

Huang Jintian comfortably leaned against a chair covered in beast skins, drinking hot water, seemingly not wanting to leave the cabin at all.

"Master, does your old Undead Race have any records about this place." Chen Xiang asked.

"Let me see." Huang Jintian took out a thick book, and like a small box, he opened it one page at a time.

Chen Xiang moved closer to take a look. This book was very strange, there was no paper on it, every page was a transparent yet hard crystal slice. There were many pieces in a book, but there was nothing on the book.

"This is an ancient book of our Undead Race, there are many things written on it that we use our consciousness to look through. You are not from Undead Race, so you cannot see what is written on it." Huang Jintian laughed: "We of the Undead Race have a small hobby, we just like to record many big events that happen in the history of the Undead Race."

"Oh, then is it Ten Heavens Supreme Lord's business?" Chen Xiang's heart jumped, he anxiously asked, he already knew a thing or two about Ten Heavens Supreme Lord, he wanted to see if it was the same as what the White Tiger said.

Huang Jintian shook his head and sighed: "There is, but I don't know which page was locked on."

"How can I open it?" Chen Xiang stood behind Huang Jintian, looking at the crystal pages and using his Chaos Divine Eye, he still couldn't see anything.

"A very powerful divine sense." Huang Jintian said.

"I train in the divine way, and now I have the Immortal-becoming realm. It should be enough." Chen Xiang said excitedly: "I will lend you my God Power."

Huang Jintian's eyes lit up, he anxiously flipped to the sealed page, and saw that it was black.

"Once I get rid of those black stuff, I can look at the contents inside. The entire page should have a lot of content on it. The things recorded on the page are usually the major events of thousands or tens of thousands of years." Huang Jintian said.

Chen Xiang exclaimed. This Undead Race's life mission, was to record big events in history.

"There are still many empty pages at the back that I need to record." Huang Jintian was a little helpless: "I'm just a lazy kid, I'm busy."

Chen Xiang pressed down on Huang Jintian's head, and then used the method of Soul Absorbing Devil Spell to pour his divine power into Huang Jintian's sea of consciousness.

"Brat, your divine power is so powerful." Huang Jintian turned pale with fright, "Little by little, you brought so many people in all of a sudden, do you want to take my life?"

"You're so weak." Chen Xiang laughed, the amount of divine force that he had transferred in decreased,

Huang Jintian's eyes shot out two rays of golden light, shining on the black page, the black color gradually turned into black and scattered, the page gradually became transparent.

When he was completely transparent, Chen Xiang withdrew his divine power. At this time, his brows were knitted tightly, and when he looked at the thing on the page, he could tell that there were many shocking things hidden inside.

Chen Xiang quietly called out from the side, "Master... Master... "

Huang Jintian did not pay attention to him, his expression became more solemn, and his forehead was covered in cold sweat. This made Chen Xiang's heart itch, Huang Jintian saw many incredible things.

Chen Xiang impatiently waited for an hour before he closed the book. His face was filled with shock, and Chen Xiang rarely saw him with such an expression.

"What's written on it? Quick, tell me." Chen Xiang was already curious to death, seeing that Huang Jintian had finally finished reading, he anxiously asked, shaking Huang Jintian's body.

Huang Jintian sighed: "I never thought it would actually be like this, it's too scary."

"Don't keep me guessing, hurry up and tell me." Chen Xiang shouted.

"This... You're sure you want to hear it. " Huang Jintian frowned: "That's not a good thing."

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