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In a world where the strong were respected, only the strong were respected.

Only the strong could look down on the world.

Only the strong are the men at the top of the food chain.

The law of the jungle was an unchangeable law of survival in any world.

Long Fei was very clear of this point.

… ….

After Xiao Changfeng and the others left, Long Fei ordered, "Commander Yuan, Grandpa, Big Uncle and the others should be attacking the palace.

Yuan Bin immediately shouted, "As you command!"

If the five hundred imperial guards killed their way out of the palace, then even if it was just five hundred imperial guards, once the palace gates were opened, it would have a decisive and decisive effect.

Following that …

Long Fei looked at Liu Luoxi, and said: "You guys also leave."

"fatty wang, protect them well. You have performed well today.

Wang Jing grinned excitedly: "Don't worry, even if I, fatty wang were to risk my life, I will still ensure their safety."

He was the biggest winner tonight.

The Wang family was just a small government official with no influence.

Before he came, his father had specifically instructed him not to stand in teams. Regardless of whether it was the Nangong Imperial Clan or the Long Clan, they would not stand in teams.

Because this was the only way to survive.

Any one of them would be able to survive if they defeated him.

But facing Nangong Yan's bullying, he, fatty wang, was very unhappy and directly stood on Long Fei's side.

Who would have thought that he wouldn't have done anything? Not only had he obtained the token to become a qualified disciple of the Heaven Sect, he had even become the general of the imperial court.

In his heart, he thought, there must be smoke coming from the ancestral tombs.

I must pay my respects when I go back.

jojo asked with concern: "Young Master, what about you?"

Liu Luoxi also asked, "Yes, where are you going? Now, as long as the Long family army attacks, everything will be settled. Where are you going? "

Long Fei grinned and said: "I still have some things to do. Wait for me at the Long family residence, I will be back soon."

"I want to stay, it's too exciting to follow you, hehe …" Xiao Tiantian immediately laughed and said. She felt that she couldn't leave Long Fei's side anymore.

Being together with Long Fei was always so exciting.

Ye Ziyan joked: "Little junior sister apprentice, you might as well be glued to Long Fei's body."

Xiao Tiantian said eagerly, "Alright, alright."

"Alright, your head."

Liu Luoxi reprimanded him, and said: "Let's go, he is so strong, he alone is fine, there's no need to worry."

She vaguely felt that there was something else in Long Fei's mind.


It was a dangerous thing to do, or he wouldn't have driven them away. It was related to Nangong Wudi.

His heart was full of questions too, as he thought to himself, "Why hasn't his son and grandson appeared yet?" A shadow appeared in the sky. Could it be that he escaped? "

Liu Luoxi pulled Xiao Tiantian and urged him: "Let's go, let's go, hurry, he'll be back soon."

While they were talking …

She turned and looked at Xiang Longfei, her eyes filled with worry.

Long Fei didn't want them to be in danger.

Long Fei looked at Liu Luoxi, feeling that she understood him the best, and smiled faintly, "Let's go, I will be fine!"

fatty wang walked to the main entrance, made a gesture to invite them in, and said: "Sisters, please."

Xiao Tiantian laughed and said: "What did you call us?"

"Eldest Sister-in-Law." fatty wang said.

"Hee hee …" Xiao Tiantian laughed: "Let's hear it again."

fatty wang immediately replied: "Sister-in-law!"

"Hahaha …"

Xiao Tiantian's smile was like a flower, and it faintly rose to be sweetened in their hearts. However, all of them were more reserved than Xiao Tiantian, and all of them suppressed the joy in their hearts.

… ….

Only Long Fei and Xiao Bai was left in the courtyard.

Long Fei grinned and said: "It's time to get back to business!"

Xiao Bai said: "Master, are you looking for the other half of the dragon salyer?"

"Heh heh …"

"Let's go to the Grand Temple and take down the Nangong Clan's ancestral tombs." Long Fei was excited. His most important goal tonight was the other half of the dragon salyer.

It did not burst out from Nangong Huo's body, so he could only go to the Tai Temple.

However …

Long Fei's heart was also slightly tightened. The image of Nangong Wudi that was filled with dense energy, exactly how strong was it?

He didn't know.


He was not confident at all, because Nangong Wudi was too strong.

It was actually able to condense a shadow in midair using the true breath! This was definitely not something that a war master could achieve!

The reason he sent Liu Luoxi and the others away was also because of this.

He had to go to the Grand Temple.

He had to find the dragon salyer because this was the Long family's belief and was something that the Long family's Master had left behind. As a descendant of the Long family, if they didn't dare to take back what the Master had left behind, then what was the point of living in this world?

As a man, there were some things that he had to do!

… ….

"Rumble …"

"Rumble …"

"Rumble …"

… ….

The entrance of the Imperial Palace was breached by Yuan Bin, who cooperated with him on the outside.

Meng Yue and Long Shan immediately rushed in, with Long Lei, Long Feng and Long Yun following closely behind. Immediately after, the Long family's troops rushed in like ferocious tigers.

The imperial guards could not resist at all.

Soon, he lost his ability to resist.

Long Zhanhai bellowed, "Those who surrender, save yourself!"

Many of the imperial guards had put down their weapons and decided to surrender. It was no longer the power of the Nangong Imperial Clan.

Long Sanfeng descended from the sky and asked: "Where's Xiao Fei?"

fatty wang replied, "Young Marquis Long wants us to leave first. He's staying in the violet gold temple alone, we don't know what he's doing."

"I just saw Young Master Long Fei going towards the direction of the Supreme Temple."

Long Sanfeng frowned, and bellowed: "Damn it!"


Long Sanfeng roared fiercely, all the energy in his body exploding out as he rushed towards the direction of the Great Temple, "Nangong Wudi, if you dare to even touch a single hair of my grandson, this father will forever be irreconcilable with you …"

… ….

Long Zhanhai shouted, "Long Yun, have you brought the dragon locked tactical method Dragon Army that you have been secretly training with?"

Long Yun frowned and replied, "Reporting to Patriarch, Yun Long army was heavily injured in the Great Desolate Mountain last time. Right now, there is only a small portion of Yun Long army left."

"This is bad!"

Long Zhanhai's heart sank, "Don't worry about it, Meng Yue, bring your men to clear out the remnants of the resistance, not a single person from the Nan Gong Family should let them escape, the remaining people all follow me."

"Long Fei, don't do anything stupid."

"Don't be rash."

Long Zhanhai was very worried in his heart. It was not because he was worried about Nangong Wudi, but rather … inescapable snare tactical method!

This was the strongest trump card of the Nangong Imperial Clan!

This formation's destructive power was extremely strong, even more so than the dragon locked tactical method. Once inside the formation, one could forget about coming out alive!

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At the entrance to the temple.

Long Fei stepped into the plaza and around him was a huge plaza. In the middle of the plaza was a huge building, and at the entrance of the building stood an old man.

The old man was holding the other half of the dragon salyer!

It's out!

Chapter VII

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