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On one hand, Chen Xiang pretended to be Li Tianjun's grand disciple so that no one would doubt his White jade lotus seed and his superior pill refining skills, and on the other hand, they would fear him and not be harassed by the people who tried to rope him in.

Although Chen Xiang had never seen Li Tianjun before, he was still very grateful to him, because the medicinal garden that Li Tianjun had left behind had benefited him greatly. Furthermore, he had obtained that mysterious divine book from Li Tianjun's Refining treasure book.

"I wonder if little brother is willing to become my Alchemist? As for the treatment, it will definitely be easy. " Tan Sheng actually wanted to recruit Li Tianjun's grand disciple.

"No need, I like to travel alone. I won't stay in Dan City for long. I came out to travel, do good deeds, expand my vision, and improve my mental state." Chen Xiang smiled and shook his head.

Tan Sheng was obviously very unhappy about the five billion Spar being tricked by a little kid. Now that he saw that Chen Xiang was determined to not join his Zenith Magnificent Pellet Shop, he was determined to make Chen Xiang spit out the victory he had just won.

It had to be known that Li Tianjun was a famous Dan King. Even though the number one profound Realm he left behind had already been discovered and was famous throughout the entire Human Realm, very few people could find anything inside. Even those who came down from the Heaven Realm had died inside, so that place had become a dangerous place.

As for Li Tianjun's descendants, they took out ten White jade lotus seed s as soon as they came out. It could be seen that they had brought a lot of rare and precious herbs with them.

"Little brother is indeed a free and easy person. I wonder if you would be willing to bet with this old man? I just had a little fun a moment ago, and I haven't had my fill yet! " Tan Sheng also said with a smile.

Chen Xiang laughed boldly: Of course I'm accompanying you, but if you want to play then go big!

Everyone was shocked, this Li Yao actually wanted to finish an even bigger gamble, and Dan King was also getting serious, this was definitely Pill City's biggest gamble!

Duan Sanchang intentionally smiled sinisterly: "Little brother, you are bold and straightforward enough, to think that you want to play big time. How about you wait for an hour while I spread the news to Dan City, allowing more people to participate, but the premise is that you have to be able to afford it."

All the big guys in Pill City were real tycoons. If they were brought here all of them, this would probably be the biggest gamble in the history of the new world. If Chen Xiang lost, he would also lose really badly.

"There is no need to alarm the entire city. If little brother wants to have a good time, then this old man will accompany you." Tan Sheng remained calm and collected, waved his hand, and said: "Little brother, let's bet using the method we used just now. You can choose Destiny box s, but you have to choose more than a billion Spar s."

Chen Xiang was determined to make this old fellow vomit blood, then he walked over to the Destiny box and started picking.

Of course, Tan Sheng couldn't use secret methods, so he also planned to test his luck. He bet that Chen Xiang wouldn't be able to successfully refine another pill.

The herbs in the Destiny box in front of him were mostly middle-grade Ground level s. There were even some that were unorthodox and difficult to refine, requiring one to be at least at the second level of Foreseeing Alchemy.

Chen Xiang tried his best to choose the least amount of main ingredients he had and the more useful ones he could. Only with the cooperation of Long Xueyi and Su Meiyao could he make the best choice for him.

"After eating the Beauty Dan, it can reduce the wrinkles on some old fellows. It can make the old people's skin become as young as the young ones, but it needs to be eaten a lot. For those people who care a lot about appearance, this type of pill is very important." Su Meiyao said.

"There's only one main ingredient, and that's the Snow muscle jade grass. The harder to make is that it's very difficult to melt, but once it melts, it'll evaporate like water."

One billion Spar, and only one medicinal ingredient was so precious. This showed how popular the Beauty Dan was, even if they were to take it to the auction, it would still go up to two billion Spar. However, there was no use in eating even one pellet, and one would have to eat many in order for it to be effective.

Many old fellows could still maintain their youthful appearance because of this pill.

Chen Xiang bought the Destiny box. After he opened it and took a look, many of the Alchemist s shook their heads.

"Little brother's luck is not bad, you actually picked a Snow muscle jade grass!" Tan Sheng laughed.

"Sigh, even a level nine Alchemist would have to refine this pill ten times to refine it nine times. It requires a second stage Foreseeing Alchemy to refine." An old man sighed.

The Dan King was very clear about what was inside the Destiny box. It was a Snow muscle jade grass, even he himself was not completely confident in being able to refine it, let alone a little brat.

"Since the Dan King wants to play the big game with me, then for the sake of making everyone happy, I won't hide that thing any longer."

Chen Xiang did not care how difficult it was to refine the Beauty Dan.

He took out a golden fruit that looked like a golden apple. However, it flickered with a golden light that caused one's eyes to ache. It was obvious that this fruit was not ordinary, and there was even a faint trace of an immortal artifact within it.

"Diamond fruit!" Ji Meixian and Dan King Tan Sheng shouted out at the same time. This fruit was an existence close to an immortal fruit, it was the main ingredient used to refine Mixed diamond Dan.

Even if it was the Heaven Realm, it was hard to find, but Chen Xiang actually had such a thing, Ji Meixian was secretly surprised, Chen Xiang was even more mysterious than what she had imagined.

"You two have good eyesight. Since you know, then I won't say anymore." Chen Xiang chuckled, even he did not dare to eat this kind of Diamond fruit carelessly. This was a high-grade Heaven level medicinal ingredient used for body tempering, and his current physical body could not even withstand the strength of a Diamond fruit.

High-grade Heaven level medicinal ingredients could be used to refine high-grade Heaven level pills, and even the Dan King might not be able to refine it.

As a Dan King, if Tan Sheng could have something like this, his prestige would definitely rise by a lot. Right now, no one dared to view Chen Xiang as an idiot.

"Fifty Relive Dan s..."

"Dan King, stop joking around!" Chen Xiang laughed and kept the Diamond fruit.

Dan King naturally knew that he was a little shabby, and he wanted to make Chen Xiang make the bet as soon as possible. Otherwise, if the other old fellows knew about it, it would be troublesome.

"Speak!" Tan Sheng said.

"One hundred Relive Dan s, two hundred billion Spar s, plus your flourishing medicine store, including all the pills in the medicine store!" Chen Xiang laughed.

Everyone was shocked, this evil demon youth in front of them actually wanted them to lose all their family assets.

"You're asking for it!" Tan Zhongsen immediately shouted.

Chen Xiang smiled and said to Duan Sanchang: "Brother, I'll have to trouble you to get the Dan King s in the city to come over. I think they might even put on their underpants!"

"As expected of Li Tianjun's successor. Since you dare to take out something like the Diamond fruit to bet, then this old man will naturally accompany you to the end! There's no need to call anyone else over. I'll make a bet with you! " Tan Sheng took a deep breath and shouted resolutely and decisively. "A hundred Relive Dan s, two hundred billion Spar s, and my medicine store!"

The entire audience was tongue-tied. They were betting all of their wealth!

High-grade Heaven level's medicinal ingredients, rarely seen in tens of thousands of years. Although there are many low-grade Heaven level's, in the end, there is still a difference of two levels!

If you want to play, then do it big. One of us is betting on high-grade Heaven level fruits, the other one is obviously going to have to pay the same price!

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