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Where the Fire Divine Palace was, many people did not know. Because the headquarters of the Fire Divine Palace was a secretive place, they had definitely considered the possibility of being attacked by others.

Everyone only knew that Fire Divine Palace had a profound Ice City over there, but that was definitely not the Fire Divine Palace's headquarters.

Chen Xiang was now thought to be sealed inside the profound Ice City, guarded by a Immortal King herself. However, when necessary, this Immortal King could come out.

Didn't you follow them to the Devil Realm last time? Long Xueyi reminded Chen Xiang.

"Wang Qiongjin is a Devil Cultivator, so it's not bad to be at Devil Realm, but I feel like the place she stayed at last time wasn't Fire Divine Palace's headquarters." Chen Xiang said.

Now that everything was ready, he just had to clearly investigate the situation in the middle of Fire Divine Palace.

Only Chen Xiang was qualified to do such a thing.

Chen Xiang first came to the Devil Realm. He wanted to look for the core members of the Fire Divine Palace in order to find out where the Fire Divine Palace's headquarters was.

"Fire Divine Palace should be like you guys, nurturing some outstanding disciples and waiting to attack Chen Martial Continent." Long Xueyi said.

Chen Xiang searched through a few cities in Devil Realm, but he was unable to find anyone.

"They have joined up with the demons, I think they should be together, if they were to attack, they would definitely not establish a good Transmission array in the Chen Martial Continent like last time. That would only end up killing the people there, so they should also be using an array disc, the Fire Divine Palace does not lack these things."

Chen Xiang thought for a moment, then continued: "When the time comes, the demons will definitely be one of the main forces, and it will also be the type to charge and charge, with so many of them, the combined power of the demons will definitely be quite a lot, so the Transmission array that they are using here should be very large, the demons and the Fire Divine Palace's disciples should be gathered together, to facilitate the teleportation, and do not need to build too many Transmission array s."

"If you want to build this kind of gigantic Transmission array, you have to rely on a relatively large Sparite vein. There aren't many Sparite vein in this group of demons, so you'll understand after checking a bit." Long Xueyi said.

The Demon and Devil Realms also used Spar, but Chen Xiang had many of these things, so he quickly obtained news about all the Sparite vein in the Devil Realm and the Devil Realm.

In the end, Chen Xiang decided to head towards the area where the Demon and Devil Realms met up with the Sparite vein.

Because the two Sparite vein were not too far away and were located on either side of the Demon and Devil Realms, if they were used in this way, it would not cause any conflicts between demons and the establishment of the Transmission array would also allow them to borrow the energy of the two Sparite vein.

The Demon and Devil Realms's Sparite vein were not dominated by one force like the Human Realm's, because there were simply too few Sparite vein here. So most of them were developed together, and if one wanted to occupy them, that was fine, but that was only if one had extremely strong power, and could defend against multiple forces.

Chen Xiang travelled through the night, and there were many people waiting for their news. As long as he replied them and opened the array, Chen Martial Continent, Dragon Subduing School and the others would immediately send their specially trained elite disciples to kill him.

Of course, the first batch would definitely be the five hundred people from Dragon Subduing School who used Death-haunting arrow.

Only after running for about ten days did Chen Xiang get close to that place. He also asked around along the way and found out that it was relatively dangerous because those powers that divided up such large Sparite vein s would not allow anyone to get near them. If they were discovered, they would usually be killed.

This place was filled with bare high mountains. If one looked for miles, they would see desolation, but the spiritual energy here was extremely rich.

Chen Xiang used his mind to explore around, and arrived at the place with the densest spirit energy. That should be the place above the large Sparite vein, and the divine soul that he used to explore from there looked down from high up in the sky, and he discovered that there were caves all over the huge mountains below. Some of the huge mountains were even covered by the large formation, and there were even many Devil Cultivator s who were not weak patrolling around.

It had to be known that in the Devil Realm, just the names of those few great devils and powers were enough to scare many Devil Cultivator, and many Devil Cultivator did not dare to approach them.

Chen Xiang felt that he found the right place, the Heaven Tour was much more nimble than him, he had already activated it and split into many different sets of divine soul, going through the array formations and entering the caves.

"No one from Fire Divine Palace, but there are indeed some with decent strength training inside. This place is still not their base." Long Xueyi said.

Chen Xiang looked in one direction. It was the place where the Devil Realm and the Devil Realm met.

Passing through many bare mountains, Chen Xiang suddenly felt the aura of a weak array formation in front of him. If not for the fact that he and Long Xueyi were divine cultivators with strong divine powers, it would be difficult to discover them.

The mountain here was even taller than before. Moreover, it was not as bare as before. There were all sorts of green trees on it, giving off a lively vibe.

Chen Xiang ran all the way here. He did not dare to fly in the air, afraid that he would be discovered.

"If you touch that formation, it might be troublesome. It should be here." Long Xueyi said: "I will go investigate first. I think they are hiding underground and from a high altitude, I can see that they are all green mountains. They do not have any buildings, but they have a very powerful formation."

Chen Xiang patiently waited for the results of Long Xueyi's investigations. Half an hour later, Long Xueyi's voice became serious: "It's right here, but the overall strength of these fellows are indeed very scary, I never expected them to secretly train so many top-notch powerful demons, as well as fire elementalists of the Fire Divine Palace. If they were to attack the Chen Martial Continent at the entrance that they just recruited, even if the sects of the Chen Martial Continent can retreat, the civilians above would definitely not be able to escape the doom."

Chen Xiang asked anxiously: "What kind of strength do you have?"

Seeing how nervous Chen Xiang was, Long Xueyi laughed, "There are a lot of Nirvana Realm demons, but you don't have to worry. If there's a surprise attack, winning over a few will not be a problem, they built a huge underground palace. They can open up the formation plates there and teleport people here for a surprise attack."

Chen Xiang used the power of the spatial laws to travel through space, passing through the powerful formation, then turned into a small flying bug, and flew towards the direction that Long Xueyi had discovered.

He carefully flew for an entire day before finally arriving at the underground palace. It was indeed huge, even bigger than the one he met in the profound Cold Ancient Realm. It was just that it was not as strict as the one he met in the profound Cold Ancient Realm because it was filled with humans, demons and monsters.

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