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Chen Xiang started running frantically in the passage, but he quickly discovered that the passage could actually move, which meant that the passage did not have a designated location, but he could not do anything right now, because there were so many doors, so he did not know which one could smoothly lead to the destination.

During this half an hour, Chen Xiang had not run into any dangers. At this time, he had also slowed down his pace, as he walked and trained, he had to quickly refine the energy that was brought to him by the fusion of the Grass Wood Spirit. He felt that his own energy was the weakest amongst this group of people, it was not enough at all.

The four walls of the tunnel emitted a silver white glow, just like the light of the Chaotic Mountain. Chen Xiang didn't know what the others were like, and was a little worried that the protection inside would be taken away.

This Chaotic Mountain was already huge to begin with, so it was normal for the passageway to be very long. However, Chen Xiang took his time walking over, and after only a day of walking, he saw a door, which made him immediately rush over.

After opening the door, he came to a very spacious stone room. There were no treasures inside, only four flat high stone walls. Moreover, the path he took to enter was blocked.

"How can there be no way out?" Chen Xiang was running all over the place in this huge stone room, and no matter how he traveled, he could not leave this stone room. This huge stone room was filled with dense immortal energy, but there was no passageway.

Chen Xiang never thought that the door he chose would actually be like this, he was trapped here!

Next, he used the Green dragon demon-slain broadsword s to perform all sorts of powerful martial arts and madly attacked the silver-white walls. Not to mention creating a hole, he couldn't even create a single mark.

"Could it be that I am not one of those traitor powers, and that is why I am trapped here? How long will it take? " Chen Xiang panicked. He used the Green dragon demon-slain broadsword to hack at the wall crazily, but to no avail.

Just as Chen Xiang was about to give up, an aged voice came out.

"Brat, you're pretty motivated. You're not trapped!"

Hearing that voice, Chen Xiang immediately became spirited and shouted: "Who are you? How do I get out? "

"I am the spirit of this mountain!" If you want to leave, you only need to work hard to increase your strength. This is because only half of the people who enter this place can survive! In other words, anyone who enters here will have to fight to the death with one person! "

It was actually the Mountain Spirit of this mountain. Chen Xiang was not surprised that this Chaotic Mountain could give birth to a Flash Spirit.

"Then hurry up and let me fight a guy!" Chen Xiang shouted.

"No, your strength is too weak. No matter which one you meet, you have no chance of winning, unless you raise your strength to a certain level here, then the spirit arrays here will send one person to fight. Now there's someone fighting! But you have the Time Formation in this place, so it will not be a problem for you to cultivate for a long time. " The Mountain Spirit said.

"Why do you have to do this? Weren't the people who built this place in the past the ancestors of the traitors? "

"That's because there was a guy who did something to it later, so as long as someone came in, they would all end up killing each other. But from the looks of it, you don't seem to be the descendant of those traitors. How did you get in?" The Mountain Spirit said.

"It's a long story!" Chen Xiang sat on the ground. He could only hurry up and raise his strength to fight with this fellow and leave this damned place.

"Senior Mountain Spirit, you should know that I am not a bad person. Can you tell me what treasure is hidden here?"

"Well... "I'm not too sure either. I only know that there are 30 boxes hidden in the last place. I don't know what's in each box. In short, those things are all treasures."

What he needed to do now was to raise his strength. Chen Xiang quickly refined the energy brought by the Grass Wood Spirit and quickly formed the embryo of the fifth heaven pellet from every Beast statue.

"Can Nirvana Doom also be attracted here? If I can't, then it will be difficult for my strength to increase! " Chen Xiang asked.

This is because this is the Chaotic Mountain, and all of the Robbery power absorb the energy of primal chaos. Although this is theoretically possible, I am not too sure what the actual situation will be like, I think I will see it soon. " Mountain Spirit said with a smile.

The Mountain Spirit of this mountain did not have a body, but a powerful soul body that was attached to the Chaotic Mountain.

Calming his heart, Chen Xiang quickly refined the power brought to him by the Grass Wood Spirit. However, the Grass Wood Spirit and the Caomu heavenly Dan had not merged;

But Chen Xiang's strength was not enough yet!

"Prince Imperial Dragon should be weaker than me. He is the weakest when he comes here, so you just need to approach him. That means you have to pass through the six Nirvana Tribulations before you can have the same strength as Prince Imperial Dragon." Long Xueyi said.

The reason why Chen Xiang was able to cut off Prince Imperial Dragon's arm before, was because Prince Imperial Dragon was injured by him. Furthermore, Chen Xiang had attacked him unexpectedly, but if they were to fight face to face, he did not have that much of a chance of winning.

"Then what's the strength of the Prince Imperial Dragon?" Chen Xiang felt that Prince Imperial Dragon's Dragon Power should have already surpassed Nirvana Realm, and Long Xueyi himself felt that she was stronger than Prince Imperial Dragon by a little.

"Didn't I already say that? "He's a bit weaker than me!" Long Xueyi giggled.

"Are you saying that you're much stronger than me?"

"This is the truth, alright? You can accept it, if it was me who dealt with that Prince Imperial Dragon, I would beat him down to his knees in a few hits."

Chen Xiang stopped listening to Long Xueyi's boasting. If he listened to too much, he would get infected with this disease.

He still had many Qi Shen Dan that he could use to increase his strength, but he did not plan to use them. The Sky Pill belonged to a Heavenly Child called Feng Ziprofound. Back then, when Feng Ziprofound and his wife chased him to the Ten Heavenly Sacred Mountain, they were scammed by him together.

The Heavenly Pellet contained a very pure energy, it was all the power of immortals, but Chen Xiang did not use much energy, it was already good enough for him to obtain a layer, because the energy inside the Heavenly Pellet was also of a certain level, and was affected by its original owner, so when he was absorbing, he lost a lot of his energy.

Furthermore, he was a Alchemist and had mastered Heavenly Alchemy. As long as he refined this Heaven Pellet into a pellet, he would be able to extract energy from this pellet to the best of his abilities!

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