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Furthermore, as Xiao Chou and Teng Ying, these two non-human beings were getting stronger and stronger, they were getting fiercer and fiercer. When they heard that Chen Xiang was going against the Purple Moon Imperial Land, on the same night as well, they crippled an elder of a Purple Moon Imperial Land and did not care about face at all, and as long as they met a disciple of a Purple Moon Imperial Land, they would snatch them all away.

"They are your friends. I know that you have the idea to establish your own sect, so I can give them to you! I have carefully nurtured them for many years, so I want some compensation! " Gu Dongchen said as he rubbed his hands, his eyes gleaming with excitement: "Give me one thousand Relive Dan, one thousand Iron bone Dan, three thousand Nine quenching body Dan … "Yes, and..."

"Don't mention anything else, there are ten Relive Dan s, a hundred Iron bone Dan s, and three hundred Nine quenching body Dan! I'll give you one more chance to buy a lot of medicinal pills from me. " Chen Xiang hurriedly cut him off and glared at him. "a lad, you are usually so stingy, but now you are asking for something so haughtily!"

"A thousand Relive Dan s? Do you think that Relive Dan can grow out of it like vegetables? I don't even have that many! "

Gu Dongchen said depressingly: "There are too few Relive Dan s! "Three hundred pills!"

"Pfft, I don't have many Relive Dan, you have so many experts from Super Martial School, and even Master, this old bastard, is supporting me. I still lack more Relive Dan than you do, thirty of them!" Chen Xiang's face was filled with disdain, this Gu Dongchen was obviously taking advantage of the situation.

"Fine, 30 pills, that's 30 pills. Is it better than nothing? Hand it over!" Gu Dongchen said.

"Fight with one hand!" Chen Xiang folded his arms across his chest and leaned against a huge boulder. "I'll wait for you here, hurry up and bring them over!"

"Which ones do you want?" Gu Dongchen asked.

"Xiao Dao, dead fatty, Old Xie, the scholar, the little baldy, Teng Ying, Hai Sheng, the Lei brothers, and Qianqian." Chen Xiang thought about it and said.

"The Lei brothers and an elder are out training. I don't know when they will return, but Hai Sheng himself will go far away to train. As for Qianqian …" She was the designated successor for Junior Sister, and in the future, she would become the Leader's successor. She was with her Junior Sister now. Junior Sister and Liu Meng'er are both here, do you want to go and see them? "

Chen Xiang had already known from the beginning that Hua Xiangyue and Liu Meng'er were here, but he did not plan to go. He did not want to involve these two women in this matter, unless they grew stronger to a certain degree.

"Alright then, bring those six bastards over!" Chen Xiang nodded.

"Are there a lot of pills?" Gu Dongchen was a little worried.

"You can't be left out!" Chen Xiang kicked him: "Hurry up!"

After Gu Dongchen left, he only took two hours to bring her back.

When Yun Xiaodao saw Chen Xiang, he jumped down from the flying discs in midair. They all knew that the Dragon Subduing School was created by Chen Xiang, but they kept it to themselves and did not tell Gu Dongchen that this matter must be kept a secret.

Now that the Dragon Subduing School had risen up so strongly, they were extremely excited and had been waiting for Chen Xiang to lead them into the sect.

"Haha, Old Pig, you've lost a lot of weight. Have you been through something painful recently? Saying it will make me happy! " Chen Xiang laughed.

Zhu Rong was indeed a bit thinner, but he still looked fat. He curled his lips and muttered a few words.

Lian Mingdong's strength had risen the most obviously. His father was the island master of the Lotus Island, he did not know why he had suddenly received Lian Yingxiao's attention and obtained a lot of resources. Xv Weilong was still the same, his eyes was still slanted and his entire person was cold, but when he saw Chen Xiang, he revealed a smile.

Xiao Chou was the same as always. He always wanted to fight with this master when he saw Chen Xiang, but he was afraid of losing, as he could not see through Chen Xiang at the moment.

Teng Ying and Chen Xiang had not known each other for long, but Chen Xiang had saved him before. Although Teng Ying was together with Yun Xiaodao and the others in the Super Martial School, he had become close with this group of people, and had gained a lot of understanding of Chen Xiang from their mouths.

Yun Xiaodao grinned and laughed: "Elder Brother Shen, we have long hated that group of fellows from Purple Moon Imperial Land, we never thought that you would actually kill their boss, it is truly satisfying!"

Gu Dongchen said to Chen Xiang: "Junior Martial Uncle, I've brought the person, where are the items?"

Chen Xiang took out the pills he had prepared and handed them over to Gu Dongchen.

Seeing that, Zhu Rong's face immediately became unwell, and he shouted: What are you doing? Leader, you actually sold us out? "Damn it, how can we just casually buy and sell it?"

Yun Xiaodao was very excited, he anxiously asked: "What's the price?!"

Gu Dongchen swept his eyes across them. "Don't expect yourselves to sell very high. The six of you are only worth thirty Relive Dan s!"

"Younger Brother Shen, you are not kind! On average, each of us is only worth five Relive Dan? My value should far exceed this number! " Zhu Rong was unconvinced: "At least a hundred Relive Dan!"

Yun Xiaodao nodded in agreement, "We're not really worth it, it's only this little!"

Xv Weilong, Lian Mingdong and Teng Ying, on the other hand, did not say anything.

Xiao Chou pinched his nose: "Master, in your eyes, I'm only worth five Relive Dan!"

Chen Xiang looked at them speechlessly: "This guy originally wanted a thousand Relive Dan, but I didn't have one, so I gave him thirty of them, and a hundred, and three hundred! But since he said that, a lad had long wanted to kick them towards me. Right now, he only wants to ask for my compensation! "

Yun Xiaodao and Zhu Rong immediately glared angrily at Gu Dongchen, who laughed dryly, "Alright, we'll cooperate happily. You guys be careful, this is the Heaven Thunder Purgatory, and there are many other dangerous ones as well. Don't die!"

Then, Gu Dongchen left under the gazes full of disdain from Yun Xiaodao and the others.

After Gu Dongchen left, just as Yun Xiaodao and the others were about to ask about the Dragon Subduing School, Chen Xiang hastily stopped them, then shouted towards the sky: "Elder Duan, stop hiding, I know you're here!"

He only heard Duan Chong releasing a burst of clear laughter, but when he appeared, his face was filled with shock, he did not expect Chen Xiang to be able to discover him. Of course, what surprised him the most was Chen Xiang killing the Purple Moon, because even he found it difficult to accomplish this!

"Good boy, you're really strong. It seems like my previous worries were unnecessary!" Duan Sanchang did not ask Chen Xiang what the order badge was, he knew it was Chen Xiang's trump card, he would definitely not speak carelessly.

Chen Xiang smiled and said, "If I had not intervened at that time, would Elder Duan have come out to save me?"

Duan Chong shook his head, "When the Demon Empress and I join hands, it would take at least an hour to break that fellow's blood sacrifice barrier. I can only think of a way to prevent you from getting killed.

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