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Chen Xiang examined Fan Yakun's body and discovered that there were quite a lot of injuries on his body. This was the reason why Fan Yakun's cultivation level had stagnated, and why he was able to have such a high level of mastery over alchemy, it was all because he possessed the Fire Soul of the Netherworld.

"How did you get hurt? It seems like this power can only be used by people from the Chaotic Mountain. Could it be that you have been opposing the people from the Chaotic Mountain all these years? " Chen Xiang frowned, the injuries on his body, the remaining energy could only be used by the experts of the Chaotic Mountain.

Lin Xiyi bit her lips and sighed: "Let me say it! He was injured by Primordius, who is one of the elders of the Primal Chaos Clan in the Chaotic Mountain. The Primal Chaos Clan has many branches, and our Lin Clan is one of them, but right now, he has been suppressed by the most powerful Super Yuan Mountain of the Primal Chaos Clan.

"The Super Yuan Mountain was established by some people who wanted to rule the entire Primal Chaos Clan, which was Primordius's group!"

Chen Xiang rubbed the side of his nose and said, "I remember that it was this guy called Primordius who attacked me back then! "But why did he injure Brother Fan?"

"This is …" Because of me, his grandson Hou Feishao wanted to marry me, and then … "

Chen Xiang immediately understood. "Don't worry, there's enmity between this Primordius and I, so leave this grandson of his to me! Right, what kind of person is Lu Yuan? "

"Primordius is just his name. No one knows his real name, so he can use the Chaotic Force of the Primal Chaos race. That is the power that remains in Yakun's body!" Lin Xiyi lamented, "Ever since he was struck by that palm, he has been stuck in place, and both of us have no way of dealing with him."

Chen Xiang pinched Fan Yakun's wrist and said: "I'll try."

He activated Devouring magic kungfu, locked onto the remnants of the Chaotic Force, and then absorbed it into his body. With regards to the Devouring magic kungfu, he had already reached the pinnacle of perfection, so there was no need to worry about he would swallow Fan Yakun up.

Sensing the Chaotic Force in his body flowing away, Fan Yakun was both surprised and delighted. He widened his eyes, looked at Chen Xiang and said, "Chen Xiang, you're really amazing.

"It's nothing, but you better keep on pretending so that others will look down on you. However, you are also secretly raising your strength, so in the future, it will definitely be of great help to you." Chen Xiang laughed sinisterly.

"Oh right, what happened in Sacred Dan Realm? Why are there people from the Chaotic Mountain everywhere? " Chen Xiang asked, he had come here to understand the situation.

"It's the Super Yuan Mountain from inside the Chaotic Mountain who wanted to dominate the entire Sacred Dan Realm. However, no matter what, the Sacred Dan Realm still has many powerful forces, so the Super Yuan Mountain has never succeeded. Adding on the fusion of some Holy Demon Realm and Holy Demon Realm with the Sacred Dan Realm, the Super Yuan Mountain's plan has been completely broken." Fan Yakun's complexion looked much better. The Chaotic Force was like a bunch of poisonous bugs in his body, causing him to suffer for all these years.

"I knew that old bastard Primordius wouldn't be able to kill you! You went back to the Mortal Martial Realm, right? I never thought that you and Du Yanyao were actually pretending to be married, what a pity. " Fan Yakun said.

"A lot of things have also happened in the Mortal Martial Realm! How is Yanyao now? " Chen Xiang asked. In the entire Sacred Dan Realm, Du Yanyao was considered a rare female genius.

"Just like me, he was also targeted by the grandson of one of the big shots in Super Yuan Mountain." Lin Xiyi sighed: "She's currently hiding in Zi Lan Mountain Valley."

"Where's her grandfather, Du Hai? This old fellow is very strong, how can he let someone forcefully marry his granddaughter? "

Du Yanyao viewed Du Yanyao as his good friend, and he was extremely concerned about this matter.

was severely injured by the Super Yuan Mountain, and his whereabouts are unknown! His son Du Kangsheng had died a tragic death... If not for the fact that Du Yanyao had followed the Zilan Immortal Fairy and obtained the protection of the Sacred Dan School, he would have been married off a long time ago. "

Lin Xiyi's words shocked Chen Xiang greatly. Du Hai had actually gone missing after being heavily injured, and Du Yanyao's father had been killed! Remembering the Dongfang Jing who was still unconscious inside the ring, Chen Xiang could only sigh helplessly.

Chen Xiang had even told Huang Jintian, Li Baojun and the others to look for Du Hai earlier, but he never expected that Du Hai would encounter such a huge change.

"Tomorrow, Hou Feishao will come again, he will do what he says. Tonight, my injuries will completely recover, I want to make sure that he loses miserably." Fan Yakun clenched his teeth and said.

Chen Xiang was still absorbing the energy of chaos within his body at this moment, so he hurriedly said, "No way, the energy of chaos in your body has been sucked out by me, but you have to rest for at least two to three months before you can fully recover. Leave it to me tomorrow!"

"Let me ask you something, who is the person who wants to forcefully marry Yanyao? What kind of background? Even though Yanyao and I are fake husband and wife, she is my good friend and I must help her take care of this fellow. "

Fan Yakun and Lin Xiyi's expressions changed slightly as they looked at each other in panic.

"That's the grandson of the Leader. Although he is usually domineering, this guy's strength is still quite good." Fan Yakun still did not know Chen Xiang's current strength.

"Furthermore, they have already found a method to deal with the Chaos Fire Token. As you have seen earlier, when you attack them, a light barrier will appear around them. But of course, this is only true for those noble clans of the Primal Chaos. Lin Xiyi said.

"You don't have to worry about this, I will take care of it. If not, I will have my friends help me." Although Chen Xiang had split up with White Tiger, they would definitely meet again in the future.

Tomorrow, I will deal with those people who came to cause trouble. If they really want face, then they should try to beat them up by competing in pill refining methods, and I will also use this kind of gentle method to hit back at them! But if they are shameless, I will make them lose their lives! "

This caused Lin Xiyi and Fan Yakun to feel a little fearful.

"Hey you guys, what's there to be afraid of? Wasn't it just losing a pill shop? "With your talents, this medicine store will still be fine without you." Chen Xiang said: "Moreover, the one who attacked was me, not you two."

"Don't worry. If they are here to compete in pill forging, I will compete with them!" If not, I'll kill them with my true colors! Back then, his grandfather almost killed me, so it's normal for me to want to get rid of his grandson! " Chen Xiang thought, because this might cause a huge war between Super Yuan Mountain, Fan Family and the Lin Family, and would cause a lot of deaths.

Fan Yakun knew that Chen Xiang had definitely become much stronger, or else he would not have made Hou Feishao sound so easy to kill.

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