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Chen Xiang had been sealed for nine years, but these nine years were the period when the Sacred Fire School rose to prominence. At this time, the Sacred Fire School had already become well-known by many, and in order to earn more Spar s, he also created a huge city, which was specifically used to sell the weapons and treasures refined by the Sacred Fire School.

Holy Flame City was very hot, because this city was very close to the Sacred Fire Mountain, and Sacred Fire School was built on top of it. It was said that the Sacred Fire Mountain was a very magical volcano, and the Sacred Fire School already controlled the volcano, so they could extract flames from the volcano to refine.

Also, within the depths of the volcano, there were many precious ores. However, without a certain level of strength, it was difficult for people to enter the depths of the volcano.

The Sacred Fire Mountain was a sacred mountain that many cultivators who cultivated fire yearned for. Because this mountain released a very rich Innate Qi of the fire attribute, it was extremely beneficial to cultivators who trained in fire, so most of the people in Holy Yan City trained in fire. Even though this place was very hot, this group of people could not feel it.

There were many shops selling weapons and treasures here. As Chen Xiang walked on the streets, many people called out to him from afar, because those shop owners could tell that he had just entered the city.

Although Chen Xiang was an alchemist, he still had a certain level of understanding towards artifact forging. Liu Meng'er and Dongfang Xinyue were both Master Refiners, he had spent a period of time with these two girls before, and had also researched some profound Spirit grain and great formations with them. When he was free, he would take out the divine book that had records of many powerful great formations.

Although the Suzaku Divine Weapon was at Liu Meng'er's place, if he had a relationship with him, it would still be impossible for him to take one away, so he could only refine a new one.

The new Suzaku Divine Weapon already had the blueprints and materials, but there was one less godly blacksmith who could make Divine Weapons.

At this moment, the Hammer of God was also with him. He felt that if he wanted to refine a new Suzaku Divine Weapon in the future, he could only rely on him, Liu Meng'er and Dongfang Xinyue.

When Chen Xiang entered the city, he saw a very grand building at the center of the city. Without asking, he knew that it was the Sacred Fire School's shop.

Just as he was about to enter the shop, he heard a painful scream. Many people outside immediately looked towards the door, only to see a few middle-aged men dressed in Sacred Fire School robes carrying a young man with wounds all over his body. When he reached the door, he threw the young man out, allowing the young man to roll down the stairs.

This is the result of coming to our Sacred Flame Shop to cause trouble. You actually used a broken weapon on us, the Sacred Fire School, to be blamed for your skill in smithing. This is your own business, it has nothing to do with us.

After that, the man threw out a broken sabre beside the boy who was howling on the ground. When the others saw this, they kept quiet, shook their heads, and sighed. Then, they went back to work on their own period of time.

The youth had bought a knife from Sacred Flame's store, but it was broken. The youth felt cheated, so he came to ask for an explanation, and was then thrown out after a fierce beating.

Chen Xiang immediately understood after seeing it, and it just so happened that he was about to come to the Sacred Fire School to find trouble, so he was not afraid of making enemies with the Sacred Fire School. So when he walked over to the teenager's side, he actually took out a Relive Dan and placed it in the teenager's mouth.

The few burly men at the entrance of Sacred Flame's store also frowned. Someone actually dared to save the man who was beaten up by Sacred Fire School in front of them, this was clearly not giving him face.

He was not very strong, and Relive Dan were of great use to him. After he recovered, he looked at the big size man from the Sacred Flame Shop angrily, but he had been beaten up once before, so he was not as impulsive as before. He quickly thanked Chen Xiang.

"This big brother, your name is called. I owe you a Relive Dan and in the future, even if I have to fight with my life on the line, I will definitely return it to you." The Relive Dan was extremely precious to him, and eating them for him would be equivalent to saving his life. Otherwise, with his injuries, if he dragged things out a little, he would be crippled.

"It's just a piece of Relive Dan, don't take it to heart." Chen Xiang laughed. If it were not for the fact that he casually took out a Relive Dan, the big sized men from Sacred Fire School would have already come to find trouble.

"Big brother, do you want to go in and buy something? Please don't go, the things they sell us are just some … …" "A bit of trash." Seeing the big men staring at him viciously, the young man mustered up his courage and warned Chen Xiang.

"Little Rascal, are you courting death? This is equivalent to smashing our Sacred Fire School's reputation."

One of the big sized man shouted in anger, he wanted to go up, but Chen Xiang glared at him fiercely, releasing a burst of power, causing the big sized man to break out in cold sweat, he retreated a few steps and his legs became weak.

Seeing that there was someone with decent strength who was going to fight with the Sacred Fire School, the crowd looked on with interest from the side.

Chen Xiang picked up the broken blade on the ground and flicked his finger. A "ding" sound could be heard and the thick blade actually cracked, turning into a piece of broken metal.

"It really is some trash. Little brother, I really bought this from the Sacred Fire School." Chen Xiang asked.

With a light flick of his hand, a seemingly sturdy piece of steel shattered into pieces. Everyone couldn't help but doubt his words. Furthermore, for many years, there had been a lot of people here asking for an explanation, but they were all beaten up and thrown out in the end.

"That's right, they took my five hundred thousand Spar. I used a rhinoceros' horn to increase my strength a bit and the blade broke. I came to find them to argue, but they beat me up without saying a word." The youth knew that the 'big brother' in front of him had extraordinary strength. It was as if he had grabbed onto a lifesaver and was narrating his grievances.

Chen Xiang laughed coldly: "This trash is actually willing to accept five hundred thousand Spar. If you go to Divine Weapons Heavenly Country, this kind of trash is definitely not allowed to be sold, because it's equivalent to plotting against someone for money and killing them. This Sacred Fire School is actually trying to say that he wants to compete with the Divine Weapon Sect, so it turns out that it's just this kind of trash, it's really funny."

To say such words at someone else's door, was clearly to ruin the situation. The Sacred Fire School men were all kind of bullies, they did not dare to make a move against Chen Xiang, and just as they were about to enter the shop to call for help …

Chen Xiang anxiously shouted to stop them, "Just now, you did it to this little brother, he was speaking the truth, your things are indeed nothing, he only came here to demand an explanation, and you guys almost crippled him.

Those big sized men were probably used to being rude and unreasonable. Their hearts were filled with rage as they glared at Chen Xiang, and one of them shouted loudly, "Then what do you want to do?"

"A tooth for a tooth, of course."

As Chen Xiang spoke, he had already turned into a gust of wind and flew up. No one saw how he made his move, but those few large men had already been blown into the shop. As they laid on the ground, they howled, and the shattered bones on their bodies could clearly be seen.

"Even if you hit a dog, you still have to look at the owner. You're making a ruckus in front of our Sacred Flame Shop, aren't you looking down on us too much?"

A middle-aged man dressed in black walked out from the shop, his face dark with anger.

Chen Xiang laughed coldly: "Your Sacred Fire School even dupes children to sell such inferior things to others, this is equivalent to letting others die, such a power like yours, in my eyes, is worse than dogs, at least dogs will bite people, they will not lie, and they will not kill people."

"Did you come here specifically to cause trouble?" The middle-aged man's voice became even colder.

"No, I originally wanted to buy a powerful weapon, but I didn't expect to meet you bullying the weak at your doorstep. I can't stand it." Chen Xiang took out his blade, and said to the middle aged man: "This is refined by your Sacred Fire School, right? This kind of trash can be sold for five hundred thousand Spar."

"That's right, it's from our Sacred Fire School. Even with five hundred thousand Spar, we can only buy this kind of thing." The middle-aged man laughed coldly: "Looking at this break, it should be because you used your powerful strength to smash it. A weapon of this level obviously cannot withstand your strength, if it were me, I would also be able to easily break it.

I used three hundred thousand Spar to purchase refining materials from you and then forge a blade. I promise you, you won't easily break it.

Chen Xiang was indeed not an expert, but he was very confident in this.

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