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Chen Xiang had passed through the Nirvana Doom, but had yet to begin the Nirvana stage. At this moment however, he had a slight subtle feeling, as if he could clearly feel the world around him.

At this moment, he was in the belly of the mountain, smelting the Fire Calamity Seed that he had devoured and fusing it with the Nirvana Qi that he had obtained after his breakthrough. Using this energy to refine his body, refine his soul, and strengthen his soul would take a very long time.

After passing through the Nirvana Doom, the entire devil realm was shaken because the Ancient Wasteland Devil Sect's foundation had been greatly affected, and almost all of the strong cultivators had flown up, while the strong warriors of the young generation had all been annihilated in the great tribulation. In the entire Ancient Wasteland Devil Sect, there were only a few elders who were at the brink of death who could hold on, but facing against a strong power like the Devil Race, they were basically unable to withstand a single blow.

Inside the belly of the mountain where Chen Xiang was, golden rays of light flashed and green lightning struck out in waves like a raging sea. The power he received right now was extremely terrifying, as he had endured a great tribulation after all.

A large amount of Innate Qi poured into his dantian, and his dantian was like a bottomless pit, where no matter how many Innate Qi there was, he could swallow them all.

The five Beast statue s, even though they were so dim that they looked like illusions at the moment, were extremely majestic. They gave off a majestic atmosphere, and they emitted an ancient aura of an Primordial Divine Beast, making one feel as if they were from an eternal being. At this moment, the endless Innate Qi were all rushing into the five Beast statue s, lighting up the vast star ocean inside, and even though Chen Xiang had already lit up over a million Zhenyuan granule s, they were still just the tip of the iceberg.

Chen Xiang now realized that his cultivation would be a bottomless pit, and he might be able to fill it up with medicinal pellets in the early stages, but in the later stages, it would be even more difficult. The people who trained in the Taiji Dragon-suppressed kungfu, he had no idea what variables would form in the later stages, which was why Huang Jintian was always worried.

"How much Nirvana Power will I receive this time?" Chen Xiang thought, every time he broke through, he would be able to obtain a large amount of Innate Qi, create those Zhenyuan granule, compress them and activate them. In the future, he could store a large amount of Innate Qi and his recovery speed would also be very fast.

As for the changes that would happen to his flame in the future, he did not know either. This was because it was rare to see such a seed appear once, so even if there was one, only he would dare to absorb it into his body to refine it.

A vast power that was like the sea fused into his body. His physical body and soul were being washed away by this power and were becoming stronger. He had been reborn and reborn.

Inside his dantian, a large number of Zhenyuan granule frantically lit up, and were being opened up by the influx of energy, filling the pure Innate Qi.

When Chen Xiang refined the Power of giving, his body was accompanied by a strange phenomenon. Initially, it was only nine green dragon formed from green spirit energy that lingered around his body, but then, it was the two Vermillion Bird formed from raging flames that hovered above his head. On his chest, there was a mighty white tiger head that was flickering with a murderous aura, and a three-headed leather-armoured tortoise appeared below him.

did not know that such a phenomenon had appeared, he was only circulating the divine arts and mental cultivation methods that he had learned. At that moment, all the divine arts and mental cultivation techniques seemed to have merged into one, as though flowing clouds and flowing water could be seen while he was channeling his spirit, and his lips moved slightly as he chanted some mental cultivation techniques, converging them into a profound and profound scripture.

There was no conflict at all. It was as if they had originally been one, and there was a huge change that had occurred to Chen Xiang's body. Unknowingly, they had fused with the world, and these divine arts and mental cultivation methods were all created by the great primordial beasts through comprehending the heavens and earth.

Just like how this many divine arts, through Chen Xiang's body, merged with the heaven and earth, these divine arts were originally created by comprehending the heavens and the earth. Now that they were connected to the heaven and earth, they naturally merged into one.

The strange scene of the four accompanying bodies had already disappeared, and a set of Taiji yin and yang map s were seated below Chen Xiang. Spiritual energy surged into the primal chaos diagram and turned into a strange and holy divine light that entered Chen Xiang's body.

"What's going on? Has the Yin and yang god blood finally revealed its abnormality? " Su Meiyao said in a serious tone.

"Right now, he is merging with the heavens and the earth. All of the divine arts that he is learning are using this opportunity to fuse together. Who knows? Perhaps they can be combined into an exceptional divine technique." Long Xueyi exclaimed: "His scripture is too profound, even I can't understand it!"

This phenomenon continued for a month before Chen Xiang woke up. At this time, his tens of thousands of Zhenyuan granule s had lit up, each of them possessing two million, which was nine times more than the amount he had before. At this moment, he felt as if he possessed the power to destroy the heavens and earth.

"Hey, what happened? When you combined those sacred arts into one, and started circulating it, a phenomenon occurred. " Long Xueyi asked curiously.

"What?" How come I didn't know? " Chen Xiang stared blankly. He indeed did not know that during this period of time, he was only focused on his cultivation and did not detect any accidents.

"What kind of fusion did you manage to achieve with those mystical skills?" Long Xueyi asked.

Su Meiyao's voice was charming and sweet, like the voice of a fairy. She smiled and said, "Xue Yi, first let my little man put on his clothes, then we can ask!"

When Chen Xiang was training, especially when he absorbed the Fire Calamity Seed, his clothes were already turned into ashes.

It's impossible for him to merge those mystical arts and mental cultivation methods so quickly. Those mystical arts and mental cultivation methods were created by those heavyweights after many years of comprehending the great Dao of heaven and earth. It's impossible for him to understand and merge them together within a short month.

Bai Youyou's voice was indifferent, and her tone was ice-cold, but one could hear that she was somewhat excited. She was very excited when Chen Xiang stepped into Nirvana Stage, and the power he had gained from stepping into Nirvana was more than what she and Su Meiyao had gained all those years ago.

The Super Martial School s did not have many disciples at the moment, and most of them went outside of the Great Devil Mountains, guarding the place. The other large sects were also like that, they would not allow the demons to step into the mortal world.

In this period of time, the demons and monsters had killed dozens of times, and millions of them had been blocked by the disciples of the various big sects in the human realm and rogue cultivators outside of Great Devil Mountains. At this time, the beautiful green source was already filled with blood, and the violent demon Qi soared to the sky.

There were also other continents that fell to the ground and were being massacred by the Demon and Devil Realms demons. This was a tragic sight and death, and was also the most troublesome thing to deal with, because the various great continents could not even protect themselves and could not spare the energy to help others.

However, a piece of good news gave many of the weaker continents a chance at survival. This was because in this new world, some ancient families called the Tong Tian Aristocratic Family had suddenly appeared!

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