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### Chapter 84 - A wild girl dressed in a leopard tattoo

Long Fei's dictionary did not have the word 'Give up'!

Since he promised to come to the Long Army's Trial, he definitely wouldn't give up.

The Long family was waiting for him.

His eldest uncle was waiting for him to rise in power while his grandfather was waiting for his dragon blood.


Long Fei had to rise up, to the point where even the three pillars and the royal family were afraid of him. Only then, would no one dare to touch the Long family.

This way, he would be able to carry the flag of the Long family!

He had to do it too!

Because he was a member of the Long family!

Long Yun laughed softly, looked at Long Fei's resolute expression and muttered, "It was just like what your father did all those years ago, but after your father …"

At this moment.

"You know my father?" Long Fei's vision became a little blurry as multiple illusions appeared in front of his eyes. He muttered, "I'm so dizzy, what wine did you give us to drink?"

Long Yun supported Long Fei and said indifferently: "Drunken Dragon Wine, get some sleep!"

If even dragons could get drunk on this kind of wine, how could humans do anything about it?

Slowly, Long Fei closed his eyes.

Long Yun let Long Fei lean against him as he watched the sunset. His eyes were filled with endless longing as he muttered to himself in a low voice: "Brother Ting, are you alright?"

"Your son is also going to enter the demon territory's Trial. Did I do the right thing, or did I do wrong?"

"Back then you took away the Holy Maiden, and now Long Fei is going to participate in the trial as well, will he do the same?"

Long Yun laughed bitterly, let out a long breath, and continued: If that time we didn't choose the most difficult mission, you wouldn't have left the Long family, and I would have become your wife. Long Fei might have been our child, hehe … Brother Ting, I really missed you. "

As he spoke, Long Yun's tears began to flow uncontrollably.

Tears streamed down his face.

This was the second time in sixteen years that she had cried.

The first time was when Long Zhanting left.

… ….

Night fell.

A squad of Long family cavalry quickly entered the hundreds of thousands of barren mountains.

hundreds of thousands of barren mountains.

Although it was called a desolate mountain, it was actually a dense forest inside. It was extremely dark during the day, and even the night was pitch black.

There were countless beasts hidden in the mountains.

Because of this special geographical location, the demon beasts here were even more ferocious than those in the other mountain ranges. In addition, many demon beasts also know how to use magic to attack from a distance.

This type of ranged attack only had one attribute, the fire attribute!


In the past, when the wild fire burned in the prairie, the hundreds of thousands of barren mountains had absorbed an endless amount of fire essence.

Other than that.

In the mountains, the most terrifying thing was the evil spirits.

Some looked like humans, but there were also some that looked like Demonic Beasts, and their blood lineage belonged to the Demonic Clan.

Innate strength.

In addition, it was incomparably bloodthirsty, and its hatred for humans was especially strong.

It could be said that he could kill anyone he met!

… ….

The night passed quickly.

Early morning.

One of the mounted guards said, "The demon territory is right in front of us, throw him into the Scarlet Flame Valley."

"Isn't that a bit too cruel?"

"We will do as you say. This is General Long Lei's order."

"After entering the demon territory, who would be able to come back alive and kill demonic beasts? This is impossible, I really don't know why General Long Lei would want to test Long Fei like this, don't you want him to die?"

"It wasn't General Long Lei who was going to take the test on Long Fei at all, but General Long Yun who didn't even hesitate to use the Yun Long army as a guarantee. If not for General Long Yun, Long Fei would have already been sent back to the Fire Glass City."

"I heard that the Long family is currently very unstable, and has been completely crushed by the three pillars and the royal family."

"So what? As long as our Long family's army is still here, who would dare touch a single hair on the Long family's head? "

"That's true."

… ….

After chatting for a while, they put Long Fei down.


On the way, Long Fei had woken up. Listening to their conversation, he thought to himself, I actually used the Yun Long army as my guarantee!

Long Fei felt very bad in his heart.

Recalling the words he vaguely heard while he was unconscious, Long Fei muttered in his heart: "Has father been here before? Is mother also a member of the Evil Demon Clan? "

"Just what sort of past has General Long Yun had?"

Long Fei's brain wasn't strong enough.

At this moment.

The Iron Cavalry Guard spoke to Long Fei who was pretending to be unconscious: "Brat, don't blame me if you die. This is the path that you have chosen, finish it yourself."

After he finished speaking, he was about to throw Long Fei down the canyon.

The canyon was unfathomably deep.

If he were to throw it down like this, it would at least cost him half his life.

Long Fei immediately struggled and crawled up from the ground, saying, "I think it's better if I walk down myself!"


His voice startled everyone.

Long Fei patted the dirt on her body and said: "I'll have to trouble you to go back and tell General Long Yun that I won't let her down!"

"At the same time."

"I will also tell your General Long Lei that I will step on his face, and make him kneel in front of me and sing 'Conquer'!"


Long Fei didn't even turn his head as he walked towards the canyon.

The six Steel Cavalry were completely stunned.

"He stepped on General Long Lei's face, made him kneel down and sing 'Conquer', this brat … Isn't he too arrogant? "

"What an arrogant tone."

"I don't even know how he died."

"Forget it, don't bother with a dead man. Let's go."

"He woke up early. Will he come back with us?"

"Do you want to stay here for a few days?"

"No need, going back with us is also a mission failure. You must know that he also wants to hunt five level monster. Let's go back, this place is too dangerous."

… ….

Long Fei did not think about leaving.

Step by step, his steps were incomparably firm. He wanted to find that fire dragon. If possible, he also wanted to find some information regarding his father.

Because it would help him find his father.

Grandfather's unhappiness made Long Fei feel that he greatly missed his father. If he could find his father, his grandfather would definitely be very happy.

"Huff …"

"I forgot to ask. I wonder what Long Shan's group is doing now, will they be thrown into the hundreds of thousands of barren mountains to cultivate as well?" Long Fei was a little worried.

After walking for about half an hour.

The sky had already brightened, but the gorge was still shrouded in fog, making it very difficult to see.



A girl's cry for help came from the depths of the canyon.

After the cry for help, a gigantic crimson stone that looked like a ball of fire was quickly moving.

Long Fei's eyes moved, "Human?"


true breath moved, it immediately accelerated and rushed into the depths of the canyon.




… ….

Powerful collision sounds came from the canyon and the entire canyon was shaking. The cries for help became more and more urgent and more intense.

"Help! Help!"

A huge rock with sparks on it shot towards a wild girl who was wearing leopard stripe beast skin and holding a javelin.

The girl had nowhere to run.

He opened his eyes, but he was not afraid. He grinned and said, "I'm going to die!"

So happy to die?

"Danger!" A figure landed, picked up the girl and instantly leaped, dodging the huge boulder. At the same time, Long Fei saw it clearly … That demonic beast.

"Lava Titan!"

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