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"Is junior sister apprentice Yuan Ling fun?"

Zhou Tianxiao walked to the front of the lady with an ice-cold expression, and looked as if he was trying to curry favor with her.

All he had asked Yuan Ba to do was to make her laugh.

He completely disregarded Yuan Ba.

In his eyes, Yuan Ba was not even human.

Yuan Ba's expression did not change, he was not angry because of the humiliation, but slowly carried the luggage on his back and stood quietly at the side.

It was as if everything that had just happened had nothing to do with him.

Long Fei felt his heart ache as a ball of fire engulfed his heart.

It's not like that to bully people.

Even if he was a slave, he shouldn't be playing around like this.

Just because he was trying to win over a girl with a smile?

Long Fei was unhappy, very unhappy.

However …

Niu Dahai pulled him, and said in a deep voice: "Don't provoke him, we don't have any right to care about the matters of the looby, see, the looby doesn't have any complaints."


looby did not complain at all, he just stood there motionlessly like a log.

"Cluck, cluck …" Long Fei clenched his fists tightly, and stared coldly at Zhou Tianxiao.

Yuan Ling glanced at Zhou Tianxiao and said, "Is it really that fun? "Wasting time!"

Cold eyes, cold voice.

Zhou Tianxiao's expression slightly darkened, and immediately smiled apologetically: "junior sister apprentice, enter the cave immediately."


Turning around, he kicked Yuan Ba's body again, and shouted: "Are you deaf? "Explore the cave for me."

This kick was extremely powerful.

Furthermore, Zhou Tianxiao was a war elder realm cultivator, so his power was surging. He kicked out with his foot, causing Yuan Ba who was caught off guard to fall onto the ground.

If it was anyone else, even if they didn't die, they would be sent flying.

Yuan Ba quickly got up from the ground, walked to the seemingly deep black hole under the enormous pillar, and directly went inside.

Zhou Tianxiao looked at Niu Dahai and said, "senior fellow apprentice Niu, please."

Niu Dahai smiled lightly: "Not bad, you're very polite. You let me in first."

Long Fei followed Niu Dahai in.

Then, Yun Qin and Yuan Ling entered the cave.

Zhou Tong and Zhou Tianxiao were the last to enter. Zhou Tong was displeased as he said, "Big Brother, why did you bring that barbarian along? "Having one more person is troublesome. You have to get rid of him outside."

Zhou Tianxiao gave a cold laugh, and said: "There's no rush."

"His cultivation is only at war chief level 3, don't worry about him, it's just that fatty. As long as we find the entrance to the third floor, we'll immediately …" Zhou Tianxiao made a throat slitting motion.

Zhou Tong lightly nodded and said, "Understood!"

… ….

First floor of Thunder Dragon Temple Secret Realm.

It was a huge, spacious, underground chamber. Doors to doors, houses to houses; it was as if this was the ruins of the Thunder Dragon Immortal Sect.

After entering the first floor.

Zhou Tianxiao immediately said, "senior fellow apprentice Niu, we have entered the first floor. You already know how dangerous it is, so I suggest that we allow them to lead the way."

"If it's me …"

"Yuan Ba!"

looby walked up and stood at the very front like a war god.

Zhou Tianxiao said, "senior fellow apprentice Niu, each of you have to send someone to clear the way. That way, we can be faster and safer."

Niu Dahai's eyes turned sinister as he said faintly, "I'll..."

Not waiting for him to finish.

Long Fei walked up, and stood beside Yuan Ba, and said: "I'll lead the way."

Niu Dahai was startled, and said: "Boss, let me do it, it is very evil inside, many strong and evil creatures, you also saw the wolf just now, it is just a low level monster."


Long Fei was shocked, "A wolf or the lowest level monster?"

"Does that mean there are more advanced monsters here?" Isn't that... You want to make a profit? "


Long Fei said: "Don't worry, let me do it, I just need some things."


"It's good to be strong enough to get out of this situation." Zhou Tianxiao smiled slightly and said: "Since you have already decided, then let's hurry up and open the path. What are you still standing there for? Waiting for dinner? "

Yuan Ba took a step forward.

Long Fei said to Niu Dahai: "Be careful."

After which, he walked up with large strides.

Terrifying howls were constantly issued from the darkness.

"Bang, bang, bang …"

A burst of hurried footsteps came out, following that, a huge wolf flew down and pounced towards Yuan Ba.

Yuan Ba's body sank.

His arm exploded with great strength. The moment the wolf bit down, he turned around, grabbed the wolf's head, and threw his left fist at the wolf.

Punches, punches, punches, punches, punches, punches, punches, punches, punches, punches, punches, punches, punches, punches, punches, punches, punches, punches, punches.

Blood spurted out of the wolf's head.

Less than half a minute.

The wolf remained motionless. It was dead!

Blast him to death by Yuan Ba's pure strength.

Long Fei stood at the side and looked at him without moving, he was a little dumbfounded.

He knew that Yuan Ba's strength was strong, he could even lift a stone pillar that was over one hundred thousand kilograms, but he never thought that this fellow would actually be able to blast a wolf to death.


It was quite shocking.


Long Fei suddenly realized a very serious problem, and that was... He had no experience.

Because …

He had not made a move just now. He did not have the slightest bit of experience.

Long Fei regained his senses, he was in incomparable pain, and he thought to himself: "Just like that, 10,000 experience points were sent flying, what the f * * k!"

Zhou Tianxiao accompanied Yuan Ling and said: "junior sister apprentice, my dog's fighting strength should be pretty good. This time, you don't have to worry about it, Thunder Dragon Temple Secret Realm, I'll definitely help you find a famous lightning attribute Magic Weapon, even if it's a lightning attribute holy artifact."

Yuan Ling's expression still did not have the slightest of reaction, and only coldly looked at Yun Qin who was beside him.

Yun Qin said: "Senior Sister, senior fellow apprentice Sky Roar knows that you want this lightning attribute Magic Weapon to spend a large amount of money to purchase this treasure map, he has so much love for you, you..."

Without waiting for her to finish speaking, Yuan Ling had already walked out.

Zhou Tianxiao looked at Yuan Ling's beautiful figure, and the muscles at the corner of his eyes twitched, "Why are you acting so high and mighty, don't let me get you onto the bed, when the time comes, let me see how you can continue acting!"

… ….

"Bang, bang bang …"

Another series of violent footsteps rushed forward.

"It's my turn this time." Long Fei took a small step forward and rushed forward. Without waiting for the wolf to pounce on him, he shouted, "Splitting Pulse Technique!"

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Both fists hit the ground, and cracks appeared on it.

The powerful force bounced back, sending the wolf into the air. Long Fei then leaped up into the air and hugged both of his fists together, forming a battle axe.

The shadow of the Large Power King Kong Ape superimposed over his body.

"Mountain-hit Fist."

"Explode!" http ://>

The punch landed.


The wolf was sent flying. Its body smashed into the ground, and the ground cracked. The wolf struggled on the ground for a while, then its body stiffened and it stopped breathing.


Chapter V.

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