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To use this kind of poisonous feather as a fan, in battle, the wind created by the fan might even be poisonous. Just thinking about it caused chills to run down one's spine.

"This isn't too good. After all, this is a rare poison, I usually refine it into a thin needle." Kong Bailing took out a small box, inside it were many thin and transparent crystal needles.

Seeing this, Chen Xiang's heart jumped. Kong Bailing looked shy and weak, but she was actually a poison expert, the crystal needles in her hands were all made out of strange poison.

"I was just joking." Chen Xiang put away the feather, looked at the crystal needle in her palm and asked: "Can you give me a few?"

"Of course you can. I'll give all of them to you. There are over a thousand of them in this box. When I'm bored, I can refine many of these peacock needles. I still have a lot on me." With regards to Chen Xiang, his savior, Kong Bailing was very generous. She smiled sweetly and handed the box of Poisonous Peacock Needle over to Chen Xiang.

No one would have thought that such a beauty would actually be born with a unique poison, and a rare 'longevity' at that. Chen Xiang was very curious about her origins, but Kong Bailing had said that she only remembered the things that happened after she broke her shell, and did not know where he came from.

"Someone's approaching. It's the four Saint Rulers. There's no Thunder Emperor." Long Xueyi hurriedly told Chen Xiang, and then told him to quickly enter the Serene Jade Ring.

Chen Xiang had originally planned to leave after this batch of Holy Saints arrived, so that they would come here for nothing. But now that Kong Bailing had given him the Peacock Needle, he naturally wanted to test its effect.

"If I'm going to deal with the Saint, I'll need to insert at least a hundred Peacock Needles into it. When I refine it, I'll only use it to deal with the Saint Lord. In the future, I'll refine some Peacock Needles specially used to deal with the Saint Lord." Kong Bailing heard from Long Xueyi that they were four Saint realm experts and quickly told him the news.

"Bai Ling, you already have these powerful Peacock Needles, why were you still captured by the Saints?" Long Xueyi didn't dare to touch the White Peacock Hair because he was afraid that he would become a statue.

Kong Bailing sighed softly, "At that time, I was besieged by several Sacred Masters, and some of them were far away, so it would have been difficult for me to prick them with a needle. However, I turned into a peacock and directly used my feathers to attack them, so I wouldn't have been caught, but my poison would have definitely been exposed.

Kong Bailing didn't have a lot of battle experience, it was only when she fought alone that she dared to use the strange fossil poison. Being surrounded by so many people, this was her first time, and she lacked the ability to adapt.

If it was Chen Xiang, he would protect his life, no matter the cost.

"It's not easy to prick these peacock needles into someone else." Chen Xiang looked at the Peacock Needle. It was not made from a special type of poison that had existed for a long time, but it was made from a mixture of other materials and peacock feathers.

"If I refine it into transparent powder, it will be much easier to use." Chen Xiang immediately took out his Yanlong furnace s and placed the box of peacock needles inside to refine. He injected the needles into the flames to remove the poison inside, as well as to remove the rest.

To him who often refined Drunk god powder, it would only take a few seconds for him to finish it.

Chen Xiang was in a rush, because the Yanlong furnace was emitting a weak red light when they were on the way here. The flames he was injecting were very strong, although the Yanlong furnace was often used to refine poisons, every time he finished refining, Chen Xiang would clear it clean and did not leave any poison.

Kong Bailing said: "Originally, I wanted to make the feather into powder too, but I do not know what to do. I have tried many times, but at most, I could only make sand, it was very difficult to make that invisible transparent powder."

When fighting with others, he found a good opportunity to quietly scatter it, but the other party did not discover it, and by the time he did, he had already inhaled a lot, which was the best way to poison them, Chen Xiang would frequently use this method, but only if there was no one else nearby and he wanted impenetrable.

"It will be very easy for me to teach you how to refine it in the future." Chen Xiang had a lot of experience, so he dared to say that it was easy, if it was any other Alchemist, they wouldn't be able to guarantee it. Forget about refining this strange poison, even refining normal poisonous plants would be extremely difficult for famous Alchemist.

Chen Xiang very quickly refined the thousand Peacock Needles into a small box of extremely thin, transparent powder. Once it was scattered, it would quickly merge with the air, but if one was a little more careful, it could be discovered, only when used secretly during an intense battle would it be hard to discover.

"It is indeed here."

The Saint that had rushed over and surrounded Chen Xiang, but they did not approach him. They were around three hundred meters away from him.

Chen Xiang was an existence similar to the Strong of Lord Stage s. He had already killed Jiang Shijian and a Hell Devil Envoy previously, so those who came to kill him now had no choice but to be cautious.

"The four of you are planning to kill me together, but Hell Devil Emperor is only offering a Divine Deity reward, how are you going to split the rewards?" Chen Xiang chuckled, he was extremely calm.

"Your bounty has already risen, now it has two Divine Deity s, of the four of us, each with half a chance, there is no need for you to worry." A very short middle-aged man said. Although he was only at the waist of others, no one dared to look down on his power and prestige. If he spoke now, the other three would probably listen to him.

Chen Xiang felt that it was unexpected, but after thinking about it carefully, it was normal for the Hell Devil Emperor to increase the bounty, because he had taken down a Hell Devil Envoy.

"So that's how it is." After Chen Xiang finished speaking, he suddenly disappeared.

Just then, Chen Xiang's Qi was very obvious, it suddenly disappeared, causing the four-man team to think that Chen Xiang had escaped. They were floating in the air, looking around and trying to stay alert, at the same time searching for traces of Chen Xiang.

Earlier, they had heard that Chen Xiang's ability to escape was top-notch, that he could even travel through space and not catch him. This caused them to be extremely disappointed, because it was not easy to meet Chen Xiang. They secretly regretted not learning the spatial sealing technique properly.

Chen Xiang had disappeared, but he was hiding in a space that was completely isolated from this place, which could be considered tyrannical space. If a normal person fell into this tyrannical space, they would need a very long time to find the right direction to return, but Chen Xiang who had mastered the laws of space, was able to come and go freely in all kinds of spaces, which also meant that his location was extremely accurate.

Seeing that the four were about to leave, Chen Xiang immediately used his spatial energy, creating a fist-sized space beside the four of them. Then, he sprayed a large amount of "Peacock Powder" that he had just refined.

In but an instant, these peacocks had surrounded the four of them. They knew that they had been attacked by some strange object, and that it was just a gust of cold wind.

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